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Win a Signed Copy of New Biography ‘Allen Klein: The Man Who Bailed Out the Beatles, Made the Stones, and Transformed Rock & Roll’ by Fred Goodman

allen klein biography beatles rolling stones

A veteran music journalist 'tells the full story of how the Beatles broke up, how the Stones achieved the greatest commercial success in rock history, and how the music business became what it is today.' Read More »

DVD Review: Strange Fruit – The Beatles’ Apple Records

The strange tale of Apple Records. Read More »

DVD Review: Strange Fruit: The Beatles’ Apple Records

Strange Fruit: The Beatles' Apple Records is a mixed bag of a documentary, much like its subject Read More »

Yoko Didn’t Break up the Beatles – Allen Klein Did

A music figure as significant as Michael Jackson just died. Many less tears will be shed and the internet will not be pushed to its limits. Read More »