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Blu-ray Review: Battleship

An insultingly bad board game adaptation that does have terrific special effects, but not much else. Read More »

TV Review: Falling Skies – “Mutiny” and “Eight Hours”

Falling Skies has some character problems, but is decent enough, and has an intriguing finale. Read More »

TV Review: Falling Skies – “Two-Hour Series Premiere”

Falling Skies is exciting, with a sprawling, interesting cast and great stories. Read More »

Movie Review: Battle: Los Angeles

Relentless and visceral. Read More »

Movie Review: Monsters

Aliens quarantined in Mexico. Read More »

Xbox Live Arcade Review: 0 Day Attack On Earth

Does 0 Day Attack on Earth compensate for its long-winded title with a fun gameplay experience? Read More »

DVD Review: Aliens in the Attic

Aliens invade and kids are our only hope? Are we doomed?!? Read More »

Revisiting V

V aired episode two last night. We're still liking it. Read More »

Noah Wyle and Steven Spielberg to Work on new TNT Series

A new post-alien invasion series finds Wyle in front of the camera and Spielberg executive producing. Read More »