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The New Black Opinion-Makers

Charming and smart

Black opinion-makers for this generation and the generation to come are carrying on the tradition of molding black public opinion for progress. Read More »

50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s Speech – Why the Dream Can No Longer Be Deferred

king 2 AP

It is necessary and compelling that the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was honored on the 50th anniversary of his famous speech, but now we have to go about continuing the process. Read More »

Art Reviews: Lyle Ashton Harris: Self/Portrait and as it is, as it could be: Expanding the Walls 2011 at The Studio Museum in Harlem

Like these two exhibits, the atmosphere and impact of the Studio Museum in Harlem are both personal and profound, intimate and iconic. Read More »

The Age of Opinion

Does opinion sell? No, I think what sells is the unpredictable nature of opinion. Read More »

MSNBC’s Black Agenda: Perms, Afros, and Ed Schultz

MSNBC's "Black Agenda” gave viewers clowns on parade and coonery at every turn. Read More »

This Is Not MLK’s Dream

Glenn Beck's tent revival was boring and Al Sharpton's hatefest was offensive. Read More »

Why Did It Take 10 Weeks to Bury Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson's evening funeral. Read More »