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Book Review: ‘Sting of the Drone’ by Richard A. Clarke


Richard A. Clarke didn't just pull this story out of thin air, he has a real life history with the U.S. government and the drone program. Read More »

Washington’s Kool-Aid Cups Runneth Over

A Obama Dumb 2 Scaled 350

Well, it finally happened. Both sides of the aisle in Washington have lost all perspective, not to mention what little, if any, common sense any of them might still retain. Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner have each astonishingly announced their support of Obama’s request to Congress to intervene in the Syrian civil war, a move that makes no sense and ... Read More »

Book Review: False Friends by Stephen Leather

Spider Shepherd is back fighting terrorists in England, while working undercover as a gun dealer on another case. Read More »

Book Review: Adios! (Book Two, Aloha Trilogy) by Stephen A. Enna and Dennis J. Wootten

Can a determined woman with two small children stop the most powerful Cartel in Mexico? Read More »

Could Yemen be the Next Somalia?

Now is the time for this intervention in Yemen, rather than waiting till we have an epic-scale humanitarian disaster. Read More »

Al-Qaeda Targeting Police and Security Forces in Iraq

Vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDS) are the weapons of choice in this week's Iraqi violence. Al-Qaeda is determined to rid Iraq of all American presence by the year's end. Read More »

New Information from WikiLeaks: bin Laden, The September 11 Attacks, and More

A readable summation of new information from just-released WikiLeaks documents. Read More »

For Yemen There Is No Alternative To Peace

For Yemen there is no real alternative to peace. This country has had enough conflict Read More »

What Matters to the People of Yemen

What matters to the people of Yemen: finding enough food to survive. Read More »

More Powerful Than Al Qaeda: Hunger in Yemen

For millions of Yemenis, food is what they need right now more than anything. Read More »