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Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust “Skepticism”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's pronouncements regarding the Shoah are conspiratorial and nasty. Read More »

Iran Unlikely to Return “Obama’s Christmas Present”

Iran brags of its possession of the US drone downed last week, and is not expected to return the plane. Tehran speculates that the United States might invade to recover the spy drone. Read More »

Israel Will Not Tolerate Iranian Provocation

Iran is moving warships, staging maneuvers, and provoking Israel and Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman. Read More »

Iran Hit by Sanctions, Cut Subsidies

Iran announced substantial cut in subsidies paid on energy and food items indicating the affect of international sanctions imposed by UNSC and EU. Read More »

Notes on the Convicted Iranian Adulteress

Notes on the case of Iranian Sakineh Ashtiani. Read More »

Ahmadinejad’s Enigmatic Statements are Well Based in Fact

Ahmadinejad's walkout at the U.N. General Assembly. Read More »

Obama’s Comments are Disgusting

When the Iranian president asked about responsibilities, the US president responded with profanities. Read More »

Ahmadinejad Sends Delegates Gasping!

The Iranian President may exhibit a mis-guided sense of humor Read More »

Ahmadinejad Has Been Lucid, Open, and Diplomatic

A review of the recent statements and remarks from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Read More »

Reviews in Brief: Atomic Jihad

Why Iran's Ahmadinejad wants the bomb and how we aren't dealing with it. Read More »