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Changing Perspectives: An Attitude and an Education That Helps Me Navigate the Publishing Industry

Where do we start building our writing career, and once launched, how do we juggle the many perspectives at play? Read More »

Book Review: Cork Town by Ty Hutchinson

A cover up that reaches to the top in Detroit politics. Read More »

Sharks, Dolphins, and Snails: What Type of Independent Author Are You?

Fortunes rise and fall like the endless swell of waves. Read More »

Indie: Publishing Rides the Waves

Even seasoned agents and traditional publishers are riding the indie publishing wave. Read More »

Book Review: No More Rejections: 50 Secrets to Writing a Manuscript that Sells by Alice Orr

Fight your fears with the practical knowledge and advice in No More Rejections to produce a manuscript that sells. Read More »

Book Review: Original Sin: A Sally Sin Adventure by Beth McMullen

Does motherhood preclude you being a spy, or vice versa. A fun tale of espionage. Read More »

Interview with Victoria Zackheim, Editor of He Said What? Women Write About Moments When Everything Changed

Victoria Zackheim discusses the release of the anthology He Said What? as well as other anthologies, and documentaries, she has developed Read More »

Book Review: Agent X by Noah Boyd

A suspenseful and adventurous spy thriller, featuring the Bricklayer. Read More »

The Ascent to The Banal: How Success Breaks The Bow and Weakens The Truth

Musicians Beware! The devil is closer than you think! Read More »