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Music Review: Marquis Hill – Sounds of the City

Hill is a great poet and musician, and will leave you with an indelible memory of Chicago. Read More »

Love Cannot Be Legislated

Dealing effectively with racism must involve thinking and action that transcend material considerations. Read More »

Gene Marks Is Right

Gene Marks was right in his essay "If I Were a poor Black Kid". Just not the way he imagined. Read More »

OWS: The Prospects

It’s my considered opinion that unless OWS becomes injected with a brand-new life force and spirit, it has pretty much exhausted itself by now. Read More »

Jobs are Freedom

The Martin Luther King Jr. memorial should inspire the nation to get Americans back to work. Read More »

I Know I’ve Been Changed

Baha'i Black Men's Gathering celebrates 25 years. Read More »

What to a Felon is the Fourth of July?

What would Frederick Douglass say about July 4th today? Read More »

Celebrating Black History Month: A Teacher’s Perspective

A teacher celebrates Black History Month with a hopeful attitude about building relationships with students. Read More »

Eminem – I Take My Hat Off!

Yes I would take my hat off for Eminem because from the lowest possible he came around, succeeded and dominated! Read More »

Book Review: Saving Savannah: The City and the Civil War by Jacqueline Jones

Savannah, like so much of America, needed to be saved — saved from itself. Read More »