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Is Germany’s Security Protected in Afghanistan?

Germany's Foreign Minister has invented a strange defense policy for his country during his visit to Afghanistan. Read More »

Japan Reviews Military Policy, Focus Shifts to China

Japan reviewed its national defence policy shifting the focus of military resources to counter increasing Chinese military might. Read More »

French President Woos India Against the United States

French President Sarkozy is encouraging India to stand as a global player against the US during his current India tour. Read More »

Wikileaks’ First Casualty: Canada’s Envoy Offers to Resign

The full impact of revelation of diplomatic cables between the US’ ambassadors and the state department is yet to unveil. Read More »

US and Its Allies on High Alert as WikiLeaks Releases another Set of Documents

The US is worried that Wikileaks is endangering lives of people associated with it while continuing Afghan war killing several more civilians. Read More »