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Supreme Court to Address Affirmative Action in Abigail Fisher v. University of Texas

Was Abigail Fisher denied admission because she is white? Read More »

Equality Beyond Measure: Reconsidering the Legacy of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action was initiated to level the field for women and minorities. Has it honestly lived up to its purpose? Read More »

Love Cannot Be Legislated

Dealing effectively with racism must involve thinking and action that transcend material considerations. Read More »

Return of the Race Card: Faux Bigotry Sinks To A New Low

The race card has been played countless times, but this has to be the worst hand yet. Read More »

Harry Reid and the Left’s Insulting Identity Politics

Senator Harry Reid's newly surfaced comments prove that the left is obsessed with identity politics. Read More »

Can a PC Nation Defend Itself?

The United States has a huge blind spot in the war on terror: political correctness. Is it fatal? Read More »

Here’s My Vote, Mr President — Take It

If you do one thing Mr. President, my vote is yours and it won't add a penny to the deficit! Read More »