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Self-Confidence is Key to Improving Affirmation Success

Finding a healthy relationship is one of the biggest needs people have when they begin affirmation work. Read More »

Moving Between Stillness and Abundance

Abundance can be overwhelming, and stillness can also be intimidating. Read More »

Meditation: Setting Goals and Intentions

Organize your life by setting goals correctly. Read More »

How to Construct Affirmations

"I will lose 20 pounds" won't cut it. Instead, reframe the intention in terms of deep meaning and motivation. Read More »

Book Review: Naked Fitness by Andrea Metcalf

Nothing new and different: The exercises could be more simple and effective, with diet tips the same as what you can find online for free. Read More »

Reviews in Brief: Get off the Couch, Potato! How to Lose Inches while Watching Oprah… by Kathi Casey

A great book for the seriously out of shape. In 30 days you will be off the couch and feeling fitter. Read More »