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Spelling, Part Two: It Don’t Mean a Thing

The reading brain actually works against the proofreading brain. But you can still improve your error-catching skills. Read More »

Beam Me Up, Lauren! Funny Or Die’s Lauren Palmigiano on Jim Beam’s “The Remake”

Booze, Jokes, Will Ferrell -- and a cool off-the-cuff chat. Bottoms up, people! Read More »

Truth, To Powerlessness

There's no need to ask for whom the writing on the video wall scrawls - it scrolls for thee. Read More »

Spelling, Part One: Spell Checker Wisdom

Your spell checker is your first line of defense against looking unprofessional. Read More »

Design and Belief

Faith, hope, or love -- which is the greatest of these to a designer? Read More »

Software Review: Adobe Master Collection – After Effects CS4 from Adobe Systems

Adobe After Effects CS4 is a must-have upgrade. Read More »

Men, Why Not Try Manly Venus This Year?

What's the real difference between men and women? Sometimes, just some clever marketing. Read More »

Globalizing Americana: Part 12 – American Arrogance

This series of articles will analyze how American culture is transmitted through the process of globalization. Read More »

Twisten.FM is Potentially the Hottest App on the Web Today for Indie Artists

National radio airplay is an often unreachable goal for any band and Twisten.FM has created a similar opportunity within Twitter. Read More »

How to Master The Denny Crane School of Online Publicity

Tips for entrepreneurs who want to take their online presence to the next level in slightly unconventional ways. Read More »