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Two Men Enter, One Man Leave!

First it was Arnold jumping into his Terminator boots again. Now, we have Mel tearing across the Outback in a new Mad Max movie. 2003 will be an 80’s icon fest! I didn’t see the original Mad Max until after the sequel–The Road Warrior. I remember zipping around central Maine with my juvenile deliquent pals in the Road Warrior mobile ... Read More »

In the Grip of 24

There was much pontificating and speculation that 24 was a one-time deal, that the novelty of a mystery-adventure TV show taken in real time, one hour at a time, had worn out its welcome last year. I had concerns of my own because serial TV has a very hard time holding my attention – I couldn’t even get it together ... Read More »


I have never (that I can recall) read any of the comic books this movie is based on, so I can say that I watched it with an unbiased mind, at least concerning the comparison of the characters as they are known to their fans, and the movie’s concepts of the characters. Though I did not think the movie was ... Read More »

The Magic of Harry Potter: Relationships

So we’re in the middle of that extended, sort of oblong, Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Other than the obligatory Thanksgiving eve night out (the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is often the biggest night of the year for bars, clubs, bistros, etc) and the Thursday stuff-fest itself, the rest of the weekend is pretty open-ended, which typically translates to shopping and movies ... Read More »

“I Love the Smell of Coppola In the Morning”

Apocalypse Now voted best film of the last 25 years by Brits: In a poll organized by the British Film Institute’s Sight & Sound magazine, the 1979 epic beat Martin Scorsese’s “Raging Bull” into second place and Ingmar Bergman’s “Fanny and Alexander” into third. “Apocalypse Now deserves its position for being a richly complex, madcap experiment in war film-making that ... Read More »

Spider-Man Breaks First Day Video Mark

DVD 80% of sales: Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment’s “Spider-Man” swung into action Friday on rental and retail shelves, selling an estimated 7 million combined VHS and DVD units its first day out and capturing the first-day-sales record, which had been held by Disney/Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.” with 4.5 million total units sold to consumers. CTHE’s top executives credited the record-breaking sales ... Read More »

I Spy

I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna sit here and spew a ton of geek-boy crap over the fact that this movie has only three things in common with the original TV series that bears its name (that’s one!). This is a surprisingly funny movie in which a white spy (there’s spying…that’s two!) gets paired with a black boxer ... Read More »