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“MacArthur Park Is Melting In the Dark…”

Richard Harris dies at 72. Read More »

Terry Gilliam to Tackle Grimm

Ex-Monty Python member and noted director Terry Gilliam has signed on to direct “Brothers Grimm”: Terry Gilliam is returning to the fantastical world of fairy tales and adventure that he explored in “Time Bandits” and “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen,” signing on to develop with an eye to direct “Brothers Grimm” for MGM and Mosaic Media Group. A spring production ... Read More »

Birds Of Lame

I do not get The WB. And I swear to God this isn’t comic geek talking. Last year was Smallville, now there’s Birds of Prey. Supposedly, these are the adventures of the grown-up offspring of Batman and Catwoman (how she has “superpowers'”, I do not know). Also, there is Oracle – the former (now paralyzed) Batgirl and Dinah – a ... Read More »

Bond Film Museum Exhibit to Open

London’s Science Museum has “Bond, James Bond” exhibit opening October 16: “We have 100 different things from the 20 Bond films so far, including at least one from every film,” Nicola Osmond Evans, a spokeswoman for the museum, said Friday. The exhibition, which will fill up two floors, will open just over a week after Saturday’s 40th anniversary of “Dr. ... Read More »

The Amazing Race

Around the World in 80 days meets fear factor, and Phil's hair will never be the same. Read More »

Changing Lanes Changing Endings

In his commentary, the director says he doesn't hate the tacked-on ending. I.e., he hates it. Read More »

The Tuxedo

We just got back from a free showing of the new Jackie Chan movie, The Tuxedo. Now, I must preface this with the fact that I love Jackie Chan. He’s funny and an amazing athlete (he’s almost 50 and still looks like a devilish 20-something…unless you get a real closeup). I’d be hard pressed to think of another actor that ... Read More »


Spider-Man is the best superhero movie of the past 20 years. It’s closest relative in the success of translating both the immense scale and intimate characterizations of the character is 1978’s Superman. When Superman was released, Christopher Reeve was an unknown who took that blank slate and brought Superman to life, his Clark Kent was a bumbling and stumbling fool ... Read More »

Better and Better

You know how some movies are better the second time you see them? Read More »