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Adobe Teases New Features at IBC in Amsterdam


At IBC – the International Broadcasting Convention – in Amsterdam, Adobe gave visitors a peek at new features coming to its software suite, with an emphasis on tools to facilitate collaboration. Read More »

New Software Newsflash: Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

The goal of the Spark suite is to give small businesses, marketing people, students, bloggers, and just about anyone else with a penchant to create stories a platform to do so that is easy and intuitive to use. Read More »

Adobe Does ‘Deadpool’ : And Remember Kids, Try This at Home

'Deadpool' is not your father's superhero movie, or, because of its R-rating, your kid's either. Director Tim Miller was true to the comic book character, who has been rude man out in the Marvel Universe for 25 years. Miller was obviously going for shock and edginess and he succeeded. But one thing not obvious is how this tale was put together. Traditionally, major movies have been assembled on big, dedicated editing hardware and software costing as much as a Prius. Although Deadpool couldn't have been put together on your father's PC, it probably could on your kid's. Adobe tools are bringing the power of Hollywood filmmaking to your home office. Read More »

New Software Spotlight: Adobe Post

Adobe Post

Take a photo and mix it with text and color to quickly and easily generate eye-catching visuals that you can send to email, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram. Read More »

Software Review – Corel ParticleShop

Corel ParticleShop

Use Painter-based Particle Brushes in Adobe Photoshop CC or Lightroom to create amazing painterly effects from within those applications. Read More »

Software Spotlight: Adobe Creative Cloud Workflow – August 2015

Adobe Creative Cloud

With all the new items that have come to Adobe Creative Cloud in 2015, you now have even better ways to improve your workflow. By mocking up your applications using Comp CC and with the addition of the new Artboards in Adobe Photoshop, you can really streamline your work before you hand it off to a developer. The same thing ... Read More »