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A Bridge Too Slow

Groupthink served Obama well on the campaign trail, but it could prove to be his Achilles heel when it comes to governing. Read More »

Be Politically Savvy to Protect Your Career

If you learn to be politically smart on the job, you will be more successful and able to influence others. Read More »

iPhone Application Review: Dub — No More Business Cards

Update your business cards to Web 2.0. Read More »

Read the Damned Bill Amendment: A (Truly) Modest Proposal for Good Government

Let's read aloud, shall we? Read More »

Good Grassroots Government In Action

Federal Economic Stimulus. Bailouts. Will they work? It all comes down to timely, smart, local implementation. Read More »

Book Review: The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly

The Dream Manager follows a simple theory that we can reach our own dreams if we help other people reach theirs. Read More »

Honesty Online: A Modest Proposal

Is it time for an ombudsman? Read More »

Bailout Rejected: World Doesn’t End

We have survived the financial crisis of 2008 without committing ourselves to a higher mountain of debt. Read More »

The Appraisal: One Source of Our Economic Woes

The current mess this country finds itself in regarding the entire financial industry has many culprits. Appraisals are one. Read More »

LA Times Blinded From Light Shed By Hugo Chavez

Los Angeles Times editors lambasted Hugo Chavez, failing to realize he was right. They were wrong. Read More »