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Are We Any Closer to Ending World Hunger, 15 Years After UN’s Millennium Development Goals?


Although the UN vowed in 2000 to take on this challenge, lofty goals established more than a decade ago have not yet been met, and nonprofit organizations continue to struggle to meet demand. Read More »

Halloween: Trick or Treat or Plumpy’nut

In addition to treats, why not have plumpy'nut added to each bag of candy? Read More »

Action Against Hunger in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

"We have honed a strategy that combines direct intervention on behalf of affected children with technical and logistical support for local actors." Read More »

Help Rhode Island Company Save Children From Deadly Malnutrition

If every corporation followed Edesia's lead and made a donation (whatever they can) to buy some plumpy'nut, millions of children's lives would be saved. Read More »