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Theater Review (Seattle): ‘Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play’

Photo by Chris Bennion

An intriguing premise gets spread thin in Anne Washburn’s comedy, which possesses perceptive and facile ideas in roughly equal measure. Read More »

Theater Review (Seattle): ‘Sound’ by Don Nguyen at Azeotrope

L to R: Lindsay W. Evans, Cheyenna Clearbrook, and Ryan Schlecht. Photo by Richard Nguyen Sloniker.

Like the deaf teenage girl at its center, Don Nguyen’s 'Sound' is caught between two worlds. Read More »

Theater Review (Seattle): ‘Waiting for Godot’ by Seattle Shakespeare Company

waiting for godot, seattle

Seattle’s ongoing Beckett Festival continues with Seattle Shakespeare’s production of Waiting for Godot, a cornerstone work in the Irish author’s oeuvre of tragicomic existentialist pondering. Director George Mount’s staging often opts for a more overtly comic tenor, and though one of the characterizations is a bit tiresome, this is an excellent showcase of Beckett’s structural and linguistic brilliance. Two of ... Read More »

Theater Review (Seattle): ‘Bethany’ at ACT Theatre

Emily Chisholm in 'Bethany.' Photo by Chris Bennion

It’s got a ripped-from-the-headlines storyline, but Laura Marks’ Bethany is anything but realistic, a fact that becomes increasingly clear as the play slides from something reasonably naturalistic into a fever-dream nightmare. Read More »

Theater Review (Seattle): ‘Tails of Wasps’ by New Century Theatre Company

Betsy Schwartz and Paul Morgan Stetler in 'Tails of Wasps.' Photo by Chris Bennion

An efficient, ruthless puncturing of male power fantasy. Read More »

Theater Review (Seattle): ‘Seattle Vice’ at ACT Theatre

The cast of 'Seattle Vice.' Photo by John Cornicello.

A cabaret/burlesque/variety show combo that purports to unveil the seedy history of Seattle in the ’60s. Read More »

Theatre Interview with Actress Jessica Skerritt

Jessica Skerritt (center) as Clio/Kira in Village Theatre's Xanadu. Photo by Mark Kitaoka

Skerritt sips an iced tea, speaking congenially as if across the table from a friend, as opposed to some goony reporter she's never met. Read More »

Theater Review (Seattle): ’25 Saints’ and ‘Red Light Winter’ by Azeotrope


25 Saints, a brisk no-intermission 90 minutes about meth cooks, opens with blood and fury and movement, and rarely lets up, pausing only for emotional carnage. Read More »

Theater Review (Seattle): ‘Sugar Daddies’ by Alan Ayckbourn at ACT Theatre

Emily Chisholm and Seán Griffin in 'Sugar Daddies.'
Photo by Chris Bennion.

Playful, with tantalizing hints of sinister undertones--A gift! Read More »

Theater Review (Seattle): ‘Rapture, Blister, Burn’ at ACT Theatre

Jeffrey Frace and Kirsten Potter in Rapture, Blister, Burn. Photo by Chris Bennion.

A frequently hilarious, often discomfiting look at the trials of feminism, unfulfilled expectations, and the gaps between what we want and what we really, really want. Read More »