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TV Review: ‘Warehouse 13′ – Series Finale


Warehouse 13 delivers an emotionally satisfying story, that, unfortunately, is as cheesy and shallow as much of the series was, rather than redeeming itself in the end. Read More »

TV Review: Warehouse 13 – “The 40th Floor”

Warehouse 13 makes some big, bold changes, and a couple of twists in "The 40th Floor." Read More »

TV Review: Warehouse 13 – “The New Guy”

Warehouse 13 returns with a new character, and resolution for Myka. Read More »

TV Review: Smallville – “Finale”

Smallville goes out with an appropriate epic mightiness, paying service to the most beloved characters. Read More »

TV Review: Fringe – “Amber 31422″

The third season of Fringe continues, spanning two universes. Shawn and Aaron Ashmore guest star. Read More »