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Theater Review (NYC Off-Broadway): ‘Summer Shorts’

Tanis Parenteau, W. Tre Davis, 'GLENBURN 12 WP, Vickie Ramirez, Summer Shorts 2015, 59E59th Theaters

From beginning to end the Summer Shorts Program Series A is awesome on many levels. The last play will resonates with drama and power. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC Off-Broadway): ‘Threesome’ by Yussef El Guindi

threesome plan off-broadway 59e59

'Threesome' begins as pure bedroom comedy, then slowly sours into muted seriousness, finally exploding into a cutting climax as secrets of sexual politics and terrible events of the recent past are revealed. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC-Off Broadway): ‘My Perfect Mind’ with Edward Petherbridge

Paul Hunter, Edward Petherbridge, Brits Off Broadway, 59E59th Theaters

The mind is mystery's plaything. The illustrious actor Edward Petherbridge has achieved the apex of his career with an engagement to act the title role of 'King Lear,' and when happens to stop him in his tracks, he cannot be counted out. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC-Off Broadway): ‘In My Father’s Words’ by Justin Young

Angus Peter Campbell, Garry Collins, IN MY FATHER'S WORDS, Brits Off Broadway, 59E59 Theaters

Lou is called to the police station to pick up his father who was wandering and lost. It is the first time he's seen him in 15 years for they are estranged. Unable to get Don placed in a nursing home, he is forced to take what appears to be an unqualified caretaker to care for Don while Lou is working. Turns out he couldn't have chosen better for she knows Gaelic and recognizes when his father is saying long lost words he had forgotten. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC Off-Broadway): Simon Callow in ‘Tuesdays at Tesco’s’ by Emmanuel Darley

Simon Callow in TUESDAYS AT TESCO’S, part of Brits Off Broadway at 59E59 Theaters. Photo by Carol Rosegg

Simon Callow's extravagant, finely polished, emotionally and comically transcendent performance is in New York until June 7. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC Off-Broadway): ‘Lonesome Traveler’ by James O’Neil Revives the Folk Music Revival

Sylvie Davidson, Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper, Justin Flagg and Matty Charles in LONESOME TRAVELER at 59E59 Theaters. Photo by Carol Rosegg

A cast of talented singer-actor-musicians recreate performances by a raft of artists and groups from the folk music revival of the 1950s and early '60s. Read More »

Opera Review (NYC): ‘Slow Dusk’ and ‘Markheim’ by Carlisle Floyd (the little OPERA theatre of ny)

Jeremy Milner and Scott Six in 'Markheim' (little OPERA theatre of ny). Photo by Tina Buckman

This spicy little production of two one-act operas provides a mini-survey of the the 'Susannah' composer's talents as he progressed from a gifted youngster to a mature artist with a sensibility very much his own. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘Don’t Wake Me’ by Rahila Gupta

Jaye Griffiths stars in 'Don't Wake : The Ballad of Nihal Armstrong, written by Rahila Gupta, directed by Guy Slater, part of Brits Off Broadway at 59E59 Theaters. Photo Carol Rosegg.

This loving memorial by an acclaimed British journalist of a mother for her son, nominated for two Off West End awards, is in New York until April 20. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘Day of the Dog’ by Daniel Damiano

L to R: Michelle Hand and Steve Isom in DAY OF THE DOG, written by Daniel Damiano, directed by Milton Zoth at 59E59 Theaters. Photo by Carol Rosegg.

A humorous and insightful look at how our relationships to others often form as a result of how we respond to our animals. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘I Can See Clearly Now (The Wheelchair on My Face)’ by Sonya Kelly

Sonya Kelly in the funny 'I Can See Clearly Now (The Wheelchair on my Face) at 59E59 Theaters

How do you see when you can't fathom what's 20 feet ahead of you? Sonya Kelly's riotous one-woman romp shows you how she did it. Read More »