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Book Review: David A. Peterson’s Receiving and Giving

Receiving and Giving by David A. Peterson

A look at "how blessings from God surround us everywhere we look." Read More »

Book Review: The American War by Don Meyer

Award-winning Vietnam war novel has supernatural twist. Read More »

Book Review: Healing the Hole in Your Heart by Judy Hoff

The stories of how 11 women overcame obstacles to know God and to find a better way to live. Read More »

Book Review: Fealty: Book Six of the Spirian Saga by Rowena Portch

Newest Spirian novel tells a tale of forbidden love. Read More »

Book Review: Discovering a Dynamic Marriage by Joy Evans Peterson

New book explores tools needed to build or fix your marriage. Read More »

Book Review: It’s NOT Meant to Be a Secret: God Wants to Speak to You by Nathan A. French

New book reveals that God still speaks when we listen. Read More »

Top Ten Movies of 2012

An attempt to pick the best that 2012 cinema has to offer. Read More »

Movie Review: Django Unchained

This stylish Western shows Quentin Tarantino at his best. Read More »

My 10 Favourite Recordings Of 2012

Here's a highly subjective Top 10 list of musical favourites for 2012. Read More »

Movie Review: The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey

The Phantom Menace of The Lord of the Rings Read More »