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An interview with Power Boxing Olympian Marlen Esparza

Marlen Esparza the United States first female Olympic Medalist for Boxing

In this enlightening conversation, Esparza talked about the release of her 'Power Boxing Workout' DVD from Acacia Lifestyle. Read More »

The Final Olympic Event: The Global Hunger Summit

This Sunday in London the starving peoples of the world are hoping the Olympic spirit can come to their aid. Read More »

Sudanese Runner Guor Marial, a Champion of Resiliency

No gold medal is needed – he's already the greatest of champions. Read More »

U.S. Sports Fans, This Is Not the Real 2012 Olympics

The Olympic Games we see on TV in the United States are not the real Olympics. Read More »

Olympic Flame and Chariots of Fire

In addition to the physical, there are mental and spiritual aspects of the 2012 Olympics. Read More »

The London Olympics Opening Ceremonies: A Brilliant Shot Across America’s Bow

The London Olympics' opening ceremonies are a reminder that America would be wise to heed. Read More »

2012 London Olympics: Danny Boyle’s “Isles of Wonder” an Anglophile’s Feast

The Olympics Opening Ceremonies a buffet of British history, literature and pop culture through Danny Boyle's unique vision. Read More »

2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies: IOC Ignores 40th Anniversary of Munich Massacre

Jacques Rogge's shameful cowardice is a black mark for the IOC and the 2012 Olympics. Read More »

Olympics Opening Ceremony: Sound and Fury Signifying Mostly Nothing

This is not Las Vegas; it's the Olympics. Too bad people have lost sight of that and what the games are supposed to be all about. Read More »

How Environmentally Friendly is the Olympic Torch?

Coming under fire for failing to live up to sustainability claims, what is the real environmental cost of the torch? Read More »