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Book Review: ‘Getting Up, Getting Over, Getting On: A Twelve Step Guide to Divorce Recovery’ by Micki McWade

Getting Up, Getting Over, Getting On: A Twelve Step Guide to Divorce Recovery by Micki McWade

Why didn't anyone think of this before? Read More »

Book Review: Low Hanging Fruit by Susan Johnson

New coming-of-age novel offers surprising story of one teenage girl’s struggles. Read More »

Book Review: Humanizing Psychiatrists by Niall McLaren, M.D.

Humanizing reveals psychiatry’s lack of rational basis and offers solutions. Read More »

Book Review: Innocent War (Behind an Immigrant’s Past Series, Book 1) by Susan Violante

Offerimg an Italian boy’s perspective on World War II, Innocent War adds to our understanding of the immigrant experience Read More »

Book Review: The Seventh Priest: Offering Day by D.A. Winstead

Offering ancient mysteries and embassy intrigue in Sudan, The Seventh Priest is modern day King Solomon’s Mines with a touch of The Da Vinci Code. Read More »

Movie Review: War Horse

Professional schmaltz from the always dependable Steven Spielberg Read More »

The Holiday Glamour of New York City

Watching the city that never sleeps during the holidays is delightful. Read More »

The Best Free iPad Apps of 2011

2011 is in the past, but the apps that the year gave us remain fresh in our mind and on top of the charts. Read More »

Recommended! My Favorite Reads Of 2011

I will gladly keep these volumes to read again and again for the pleasure they brought and the ideas they generated. Read More »

My Favourite Listens For 2011

In no particular order, here are my favourite 11 releases from the past 12 months. Read More »