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A Modest Refusal

Why voters see their democracy wrested from their grasp election after election. Read More »

Fellow Citizens, Now is the Time for Grace and Magnanimity

OR, What now Mergatroid? Read More »

Rand Paul Clarifies Position on Drugs

The Kentucky Senate race gets hotter with some bad reporting and questionable claims. Read More »

Immigration Reform: The Democrats’ 2010 Kryptonite?

An immigration overhaul could give Democrats, including Sen. Harry Reid himself, a big boost in November Read More »

Gumps For Presidents

Is the intellectual capacity of the average American proving to the world that "Stupid Is As Stupid Does"? Read More »

Introducing Pat Toomey, 2010 Senate Candidate for Pennsylvania

This morning I got to sit in on a brief telechat with Pat Toomey who is running for the Senate in Pennsylvania. Read More »