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Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and Robert Plant Outline Their Musical Paths on BBC Radio 2

Richards, Clapton, Plant may be getting older, but they are still ready to rock. Read More »

DVD Review: The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Collection

After 35 years, the Six Million Dollar Man still rocks! Read More »

Music Review: Kings Go Forth – The Outsiders Are Back

The Outsiders Are Back is an authentic and enjoyable trip back to the 70's Soul era. Read More »

An Interview With Eric Poole, Author of Where’s My Wand?: One Boy’s Magical Triumph Over Alienation and Shag Carpeting

"I can’t even look at a shag haircut without throwing up...if we did get shag carpeting, there would be a moratorium on avocado green plastic carpet rakes." Read More »

Book Review: Strange Days Indeed: The 1970s: The Golden Days of Paranoia by Francis Wheen

Were "apocalyptic dread and conspiratorial fever," not disco and platform shoes, the hallmark of the 1970s? Read More »

DVD Review: The Blank Generation

An example of how even during periods of great creative outbursts there are bound to be a few duds. Read More »

Movie Review: Black Dynamite

Bust out the afros and polyester: The '70s are back. Read More »

DVD Review: Genesis II

Gene Roddenberry's 1973 science fiction pilot offers an interesting look at the Star Trek creator's imaginative storytelling. Read More »

DVD Review: Vega$: The First Season, Volume 1

A sample of television from a bygone era. Read More »

Have the Democrats Jumped the Shark?

For Democrat leaders it's the 1970s all over again, while activists on the right just laugh about being called racists. Read More »