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Tacori, Verragio, Scott Kay, and the Top Engagement Rings of 2011

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It’s probably a no-brainer who the most popular engagement ring designers were in 2011 for any soon-to-be (or just-became) bride. The popular designers known as Tacori, Verragio, and Scott Kay have mastered not only the art of creating exquisite wedding jewelry but also of leaving women drooling over their advertisements.

Now that it’s 2012, the end of the world as we know it, let’s look back on last year and see what were the most desired engagement rings of 2011.

Veragio Engagement Rings

Verragio has done a fantastic job of creating over-the-top, one-of-a-kind engagement rings with a modern twist. Every Verragio ring is meticulously created in Verragio’s California design studio, and the company has been working this way for more than 35 years. Some of most popular rings from their collections include the 7069CU and the 7050R from the Insignia Collection.

Scott Kay Engagement Rings

Scott Kay is quickly becoming a source of some of the most desired engagement rings in the world. Known for his vintage-inspired modern design, Scott Kay is making a splash with his three-stone Crown Setting Collection. The entire collection has made it big!

Tacori Engagement Rings

Last, but certainly not least, are the engagement rings from Tacori. Founded by European native Haig Tacorian and his wife Gilda in 1969, Tacori has been said by many to be the most popular engagement ring designer in the world. It’s Tacori’s passion for detail and perfection that climaxes in a moment of euphoria when the treasure inside the blue Tacori box is exposed.

It’s difficult to say just which one or two Tacori rings were most popular in 2011. Tacori, with their trademarked crescent silhouette detail, has created two lovely styles that I’m extremely fond of: the Tacori HT2510 and the 2620RDMDP from the Dantella Collection.

I’m so excited to see the dazzling collections these three will introduce this year. Thank you Verragio, Scott Kay, and Tacori for another very lovely year.

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