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T2 Coming Out on High-Def DVD

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The first DVD for digital high-definition computer and television monitors:

    The two-disc DVD contains one standard DVD of hit 1991 Schwarzenegger movie, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” for playback in a normal DVD player.

    The second disc, however, contains a high-definition version of the movie to be played on a computer DVD ROM drive and high-end monitors.

    People who own home theater systems with the correct cabling and high-definition TV monitors, too, can view the special version of “T2.”

    “There are a lot of high-def capable systems out there, but not a lot of pre-recorded content to enjoy,” said Randy Wells, executive brand director for Artisan Home Entertainment. “When you see a great movie on DVD in high-def … you notice things you didn’t notice before.”

    ….the massive amounts of digital data needed to format a movie into a high-definition version had prohibited the making of high-def DVDs.

    Microsoft’s new Windows Media 9 software solved data compression issues, said Erin Cullen, product manager with Microsoft’s Windows Digital Media division.

    Cullen admitted the computer system requirement for playing the high-def DVD is high, but added that equipment prices are dropping quickly.

    ….Both the high-def and standard DVDs contain additional features including 16 minutes of additional film, director James Cameron’s commentary, and behind-the-scenes footage. [Reuters]

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  • Steve Rhodes

    Actually the 2 disc Standing in the Shadow of Motown DVD which came out last month also has a HD version.