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T-Shirt Hell Not Going Anywhere After All

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So it turns out the farewell message from T-Shirt Hell that I wrote about the other day was a big fat prank, joke, and publicity stunt, to say the least. They're not going anywhere, and just to further antagonize and demoralize their enemies, they're bringing back the worst of the worst among their humorous and/or offensive shirt designs.

These ones were previously removed from the site in response to an attempt on the site owner's life, as well as death threats leveled at other employees of the company. Now they're back, sure to raise ire with no holds barred, and it's no coincidence.

See, after the outpouring of support from loyal fans (100,000 shirts sold in three weeks during the faux goodbye), the owner realized the game is his to lose, and is actively encouraging people to come after them – people who, according to him, simply don't get the joke and violently and foolishly overreact.

As if the resurrected shirts weren't enough to stir up trouble, Megatron takes it one step further by starting a contest where people can predict the date, time, and method of his eventual murder at the hands of one of his fanatical detractors. Whoever guesses correctly (or plots accordingly) will supposedly win $50,000 and an urn with his ashes in it. Call him crazy, but the guy knows how to get attention.

As for why he pulled this bait and switch a full month and a half prior to a more appropriate target date (April Fool's Day), he called this his own sort of stimulus package, as it got "stingy Americans" to open their wallets and spend money in an economy where the smart move is to do the opposite. It certainly worked.

What now? Megatron has assured readers of the TSH newsletter that they and the site are not going anywhere, ever. They're back and bolder than ever, and will keep entertaining their fans and aggravating those who don't get it. He went so far as to say that they "wouldn't leave even if we had to resort to selling dead babies for food."

Creepy, but reassuring.

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  • Jordan Richardson

    Oh thank God! Now I don’t have to worry about not being able to find a classy shirt with a young girl sticking a flute in herself. Huzzah!

  • Cindy

    Oh look, a place for serial killers, sex slave owners, and their ilk to buy t-shirts…

    What will the free market come up with next?

    In your other article you call this fucked up shit, “the most controversially funny clothing”.

    And here you say:

    …people who, according to him, simply don’t get the joke and violently and foolishly overreact.

    I say he’s exaggerating. You could hardly call anyone who could possibly think these t-shirts are a joke–“people”.

  • Cindy

    Do the world a favor Mark, invest in a vasectomy.

  • “You could hardly call anyone who could possibly think these t-shirts are a joke–“people”.

    I also frown upon those whose sense of humor differs from mine. Like you. I look down upon you!

  • Cindy

    Somehow being left out of the deranged, psychopathic humor aficionados club isn’t going to hurt my feelings.

  • Cindy

    RE #2

    The t-shirt I referred to in #2.

  • Awesome!

    We love this site!

  • Cindy

    Irony is a useful thing. Bad taste isn’t really the issue. Shocking people can be effective.

    I just don’t like assholes.

  • Mark

    Cindy…I’m not really getting you. You start with a personal attack on the messenger (me) and end up practically siding with the site and just hating the owner by the end. Get your story straight.

  • Cindy


    I said I appreciate the tactics of irony, and even shock. For example, this is my favorite graffito. While I find that useful. I don’t find it funny.

    I can actually appreciate some of the messages on some of the shirts. It doesn’t make them funny. Based on that, and on the make-up of the site and it’s misogynistic overtones, etc. I have to say it’s accidental that a few messages work for me.

    However, while bad taste often disgusts or irks me–think Howard Stern–I am not going to campaign against it or try to suppress it. I am going to have an opinion about it though.

    Judging by the messages you find amusing, I’d be inclined to think you immune to such a simple thing as an ironic and witty ad hominem attack.