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Sylvester Stallone Admits Using Human Growth Hormone

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Sylvester Stallone has finally fessed up to what some of us have known for quite a while, in that he has been using HGH and testosterone to prepare for his physically demanding roles of Rocky and Rambo. Rather than his use his private label supplements that he sells to his fans to prepare for these roles, Stallone has credited a combination of prescription testosterone and HGH with adding 41-pounds to his 61-year old frame.

So right there we have a great example of the horrible side effects of these performance-enhancing drugs; HGH and testosterone have allowed the 61-year-old Stallone to make more of these movies. This is clearly the biggest and most dangerous public health risk posed by these PEDs.

Sly is a little late to the party since even those slowest on the uptake knew the actor was on the juice since he got busted in Australia carrying almost 50 vials of HGH last year. It’s funny how back then Stallone wrote to the court, “I made a terrible mistake,” and expressed his “deepest remorse” as he apologized.

Now he’s making public proclamations that everyone over 40 should consider using these drugs because they “increase your quality of life.”

If Stallone wants to use these drugs to look good so that he can do movies, and can find a physician willing to make the diagnosis, that’s his prerogative. After all, nobody wants to see a fat, paunchy, pasty senior citizen play an action hero. But you should know that the federal government has a very dim view of those who prescribe or promote HGH for anti-aging, age management or any other of the euphemisms that are used to justify HGH use outside of an extremely narrow definition.

This admission is noteworthy – and the public should pay attention – because Stallone’s use of these drugs serves to illustrate exactly how guys get to look the way Stallone looks. It’s not creatine or whey protein or androstendione that allow guys to put on, and add, pounds of muscle without adding fat. And it doesn’t matter if you’re 21, 41 or 61 years old.

It’s not three-hour strength training sessions or some secret knowledge possessed by celebrity personal trainers. Eating steamed veggies, grilled skinless chicken breasts, taking a “fat burner” supplement and/or doing Pilates or yoga doesn’t keep guys super lean and muscular.

Guys – and girls – get big and muscular on the action hero, American Gladiator, body builder scale by using steroids and human growth hormone.

Stallone owns a line of private label supplements that feature all the usual nonsense; fat burner, protein supplements, health enhancer, etc. Sly also pimps a supplement that is supposed to raise your body’s testosterone production.

This, of course, is all crap. Stallone raised his body’s testosterone levels by injecting himself with this steroid along with HGH.

Here’s where the problem is. Stallone is trading off of the appearance of this body to sell his snake oil to Joan and John Doe, and infer that these over-the-counter supplements will do for “us” what they’ve done for him. If there was ever a case of buyer beware, this is it.

Supplements or celebrity fitness regimes don’t build action hero bodies; steroids and HGH do the work. Stallone, or any other supplement huckster, can provide pictures and testimonials of their “success stories,” but these anecdotal marketing ploys are not proof of anything.

Stallone has shown us that the proof is in the pudding, and not the “high-protein pudding” he hawks on his site, but in the “steroid and HGH pudding” that he gets from his doctor.

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  • Robert M

    Stallone looks amazing for a man his age. PLEASE don’t discount the fact that BESIDES supplementing with testosterone and HGH, he (1) trains rigorously in the gym multiple times/week, (2) eats a super healthy, strict diet, (3) supplements with a lot of natural vitamins and (4) pays close attention to his sleep/recovery time. He’s DOES NOT just jab himself with needles and look that way . . . . he’s committed to maximizing the time he was given on earth to look and (more importantly) FEEL the best he could. Do some research on anti-aging drug regimes and please STOP the ignorance-infused hating.

  • Michael Heffez

    muscle and appearance? WHERE?? He looks horrible now! He looked much better in the early 80’s..now he’s fat, extremely overweight looking and anything but lean; if this product- hgh that’s being boasted in this article was designed to improve vascularity and physique, it appears to be doing anything but..

    • Ed Ward

      Sir, do you understand the definition of “fat, extremely overweight’ as you so describe Stallone? Either you’re out-of-touch with reality and or in need of a optometrist…?

      • Michael Heffez

        Perhaps I have exaggerated some however, he does not look too healthy. I think losing a few pounds would better his overall appearance and health.

        • Ed Ward

          Now you’re just talking about me 😉

  • roger gretz

    The article basically goes against every piece of nutritional research ever published. Exercises and a balanced diet can have a very strong effect on people’s overall health and physical appearance. Even on an anedoctal basis, natural bodybuilding competitions have contestants that look much more muscular and defined than most (or all) Hollywood stars, Stallone included.

    Of course steroids are very powerful and it is likely that a lot of celebrities used it. Yet, the generalizations do a disservice. A naive rader would believe in this non-scientific article and basically give up, eating bacon and pizza until an early death. This article is not only mistaken, but also dangerous.

  • klepp0906

    Ignorance is bliss. While their is no denying he uses the aforementioned, only an uneducated non trainer could ever assert the “compounds” do all the work. Lol.

    If anything is going to lead to overuse of such it’s that misinformation that you can take xxx and get big. I’m a semi pro bodybuilder who has been training almost 20 years now. I’m proud to say I know a substantial amount about nutrition and physiological health/muscular development.

    Steroids of any type don’t do any amount of the work for you. I have done several cycles and if anything you will train harder when your on cycle than off. This is because these things cost money and have trade offs and you want to obtain optimal results. If you think you can take some testosterone cyp and bench a few reps a few times a week and get big, you are sorely mistaken. The only weight you will gain is water weight and you will lose it, and more when you come off the compound .

    Once more, you have to train and eat just as hard, with or without steroids. All testosterone does is makes you a little stronger and allows you to recover a little easier. If you don’t use the added strength properly, you won’t gain. If you don’t eat right, you won’t gain.

    Stallone regardless of merits or shortcomings works his ass off to look like he does at his age. Unfortunately long term steroid use can cause heart issues due to thickening of the arteries and high protein intake can strain the kidneys. This is why you don’t see many bodybuilders make it beyond their late 70s.

    I digress.

  • Tbone77

    The person who wrote this article has zero idea about fitness or weight training! ZERO!…Whether a 60 year old plus Stallone used AAS or not his body is properly built from two things training and nutrition: FACT. The steriods and hgh he used help his body use the food that he ate and his body recover fron the training that he did better then say any other 60 plus year old…Sorry Article writer as humans age their bodies ability to maintain a normal level of hormones decreases: FACT…You fail to mention facts while on your soap box. I hope you read my comments, because it is people LIKE YOU that use the media to twist issues to be perceived negatively. I hope someday you dont NEED hormone replacement because maybe from your biased article Uncle Sam might make it illegal to be prescribed, because YOU know better. Maybe if Stallone doesnt use testerone replacement his natural testosterone will be around say 85 ng/dl (normal range 300-1200) so he needs it to stay normal. But you dont know anything about anything and didmt research hormones AT ALL. If you want to call someone out, do your homework first. Because otherwise you sound like a donkey.

    • klepp0906

      While I didn’t read past your first line, therefore can’t comment on the rest (sorry I’m cookin!) you certainly started out right :p

  • boob

    So truly give us our human rights and give us access to hgh. Legally. Why should some suit have a ‘dim view’ when hes 25% bodyfat and due for heart failure?!.

    • klepp0906

      Not sure what your getting at exactly, but if I’m interpreting correctly… It’s for the same reason they haven’t repealed the prohibition. (Ie the war on drugs). While they did part way, they repealed if for one drug they deem “ok” but don’t ya know the government can pick and choose cause they know what’s best.

      More to the point – doing so would be an admission of said incompetence.

      We are living in the past due to conservatives and bible thumpers.

  • Ptorx

    If he want s to do this let him. The guy is a legend and I love to see him in movies .. Also he doesn’t just pop a pill or inject then sit around and get buff.. He frickn works out hard. And wen your 60us it’s harder.. So he needs that edge. I’m not a user, but if I could afford and needed to I would..

    • klepp0906

      Yes. And at his age testosterone is prescribed by many doctors. HRT while has it’s side effects, is generally outweighed by the many benefits.

      To be clear for those that don’t know any different, while the testosterone prescribed by doctors for HRT is the same as what is taken by athletes.. It is a much smaller dose designed to essentially replace and supplement your levels to that of a normal healthy virile man.

  • shaikan

    What a poor and Biased article. You show your total ignorance on the topic by making absurd claims with absolutely no evidence or references to back up your statements. You use your own morals and world views as “given truth” while ignoring a massive body of research that has been accumulated thoughout many decades of serious research. I smell a lot of hate and mindless criticism in this article? Are you jealous at the achievements and physique Mr. Stallone possesses? It certainly looks like it.

  • Paul D Democritou

    Please try to take Test and HGH and look like Sly at his age… u seem to forget that YES they help (and alot since our production goes down) but it does NOT replace hard work and diet and will NOT give u these results without sweating blood and bullets. By the way I see no claim from Sly that his supplements will give u the results. Just to make things clear Im not a user but do understand them as I have studied them and also probably climb on board at 45-50 (Even though probably just the Test)!

    • boob

      You’ve never taken anything, ever. You put in the hours yes, but diet?? You and arnie can eat ANYTHING and get big without fat. Fact.

      • Paul D Democritou

        actually Im a fat boy going up and down throughout my life, I diet very strict (and fast) before shows. you can check my career photos and you will see the difference. thanks

  • Roadstar05

    Exactly what drugs does he take to gain muscle quickly?

  • Dr Dick

    This article wasted my time so much that I felt it necessary to waste more time by writing this compliment. In short, thanks for wasting my time.

  • papparotc

    The thing that most people fail to truly comprehend is that the supplement industry operates in a gray area. Not to say that most vitamins and other products aren’t safe, but the industry is open to anyone with a business license to make and sell concoctions, without oversight from a regulating body. There have been thousands of people killed and permanently damaged by them. Traces of anabolic steroids have been found in some. So, as with anything available in the free market, buyer beware.

  • tim bugbee

    Lots of roid rage in these comments.

  • jo 20

    You’re all fucking pussies get fucked

  • Jj1923

    Whoever wrote this your a jackass, it’s his decision to do steroids and HGH, who the fuck are you to judge someone’s own choice. You don’t know a thing about AAS or growth. Iv been using for over 10 years and perfectly healthy and sure as hell in better health and shape then u writing this. Learn about the gear and substances ur writing about because no matter how much juice u take, it will not work without BREAKING YOUR BALLS, eating like you could never

  • SlyDelvecio

    Yeah whatever The guy is 67 years old now and could easily pass as
    someone in their early 50’s and he’s in better shape now that he was for
    the last rocky a few years back. He should keep up what he’s doing and live the best
    quality life possible. After all you only live once so no point laying
    around and looking like Jack Nicholson or something. I admire him for
    keeping it up especially at his age. How many people can you find near 70 years old and look that good? Very Very few. I mean look at Arnold, he’s pretty
    much lost it all now.

    • Praveen Joshi

      Just because he looks younger than this age doesn’t necessarily means that usage of steroids or HGH is justified. The problem with fans is they will admire their heroes no matter how wrong they could be. Anabolic steroids or HGH is not at all the right thing to build a body, in fact long term usage leads to lot of health problems. These actors are not as athletic as any professional footballers, swimmers, or tennis players but they still possess such a lean mass, have you ever wondered why?. You live once so live naturally rather than injecting growth hormones and destroying your body.

      • Jeff S

        He’s an actor. I couldn’t care less what he uses.
        If he were an athlete I would feel differently.

  • ESTMarkus

    You shouldn’t disrespect anyone for using Testosterone, HGH or any steroid. It’s their own damn choice. And you make it seem as if steroids alone get you an amazing body while you do nothing. Stallone works harder than 99.9% of the population for his physique. Of course actors or athletes can’t go around saying I use steroids so they talk about all those supplements but gosh, get over it.

    • Timmy Suckmeister

      Yes…and “talking” about those supplements when you have a line of supplements yourself is tantamount to “FRAUD” when it wasn’t those supplements that got him into that type of condition. Nobody likes to be duped.

      • ESTMarkus

        That would change if the reputation of anabolic steroids changed. As long as they’re taboo and illegal, this supplement thing will continue.

    • jonny

      its cheating end of

      • Ryback [NB! Not really]

        Your opinion must be morally superior. Times change, morals change. People can do what they want, it’s their body.

    • Praveen Joshi

      There are lot of athletes who don’t dope and uses steroids and work their ass off much more than what Stallone can even dream of but still they don’t possess such amount of abs and leanness. Having your own body and doing whatever you want to do doesn’t proves that usage of HGH or Anabolic steroids is justified.

  • johnny musces england

    Hi my names johnny england . I started training with weights when i was 14. I went on to win numerouse bodybuilding contests.inc mr europe in 1970. I am now 65. I hav used steroids since i was 21. You are a complete idiot ? u have no idea wat it takes to develop a body like stallones,so clever dick if its so easy why arnt there a street full of arnolds walking around. Plonker.

    • subject smith

      it does take time to develop a physique like Stallone or Schwarzenegger,(or even Johnny England) yes, but steroids do give an unfair advantage over those not using them. Stallone uses them and hawks protein shakes etc. giving the impression that it’s achievable without the roids. If you take steroids and sit on your arse, you’ll put on more muscle than if you workout without steroids. You won’t get Schwarzenegger’s physique without YEARS of effort, steroids & working out, but without the steroids, you’d be hard pushed to EVER put on as much muscle as Schwarzenegger, or Stallone.

    • jonny

      you fucking cheater winning body building competitions on drugs.

      • Johnny England

        Jonny, Jonny. You called me a cheater, you know nothing about bodybuilding contests. How could I be cheating ! When everybody else was doing the same ? Anyway lets look at three guys about to start training, one his producing 30-40 mg of Testosterone naturally per day, (normal) the poor sod on the left 15-20, the freak on the right is doing 200-250, naturally ! Is that fair just because its natural for him ! The people who do the Testing know he exists ! so have to allow for Mr freaky ! so most athletes could take A 200mg shot of testosterone a week right up to their contest, and still and pass the test ! anyway as you hit the big 40. even freak’os level is dropping, I take a shot every 2 weeks, testosterone enanthate, I INJOY SEX. ! Have done this since reaching 50 ! I’M NOW 66, with an increase of over 1 inch on my penis, happy days Jonny. Anyway check out my novel on Amazon. ( THE DEVIL’S GAMETE.) 50% FACT 50%FICTION. You will learn a lot about STEROIDS.

  • johnny musces england

    Johnny muscles england

  • Paul

    Hey Einstein HGH and Testosterone alone don’t make you look like that . It’s also a matter of endless hours of weight & cardio training and a good diet . And the last time i checked tobacco and Alcohol has killed alot more people than Test & HGH

    • subject smith

      Scientific study, 40 guys. split into groups of 10 for 10 weeks. 1 group no exercise no steroids. 1 group exercise no steroids. 1 group steroids no exercise. 1 group steroids and exercise. Group 1 put on no muscle. Group 1 4 lbs of muscle. Group 3 7 lbs of muscle. Group 4 13 lbs of muscle. Steroids minus exercise almost twice as good as exercise. So you’re wrong. You have been sold a pup.

      • Try Reading

        Ummm, no he hasn’t been. He didn’t say exercies alone, he said exercise as well as steroids (which according to the study you just cited is over 3 times more effective). Essentially, you didn’t so much “sell” him, you proved his point for him.

        • subject smith

          The point the article makes is that the supplements he is selling, are not the real reason he has his physique. The reason he is able to maintain that physique is in no small part, due to taking steroids, human growth hormone, insulin, whatever it is. He doesn’t make money selling those because it would be illegal, but instead sells something akin to snake oil, in the form of protein shakes, which are neither necessary, nor sufficient to grow lots of muscle.

      • jon

        i have also heard this its true

  • paul

    Gud shit stalone, keep doing it you look great, and while ur at it tell me where I can get some HGH please I cud do with a leg up

  • craig

    i think Stallone is correct. Used judiciously, HGH and testosterone do improve the quality of life. I’m glad he’s the first to defend their use. Soon, all of us baby boomers will be exploiting hormone replacement therapy to improve our quality of life. These supplements can supplant the need for other medications with nasty side effects. I said, “USED JUDICIOUSLY”. I do agree that it’s dishonest to peddle OTC supplements alleging they’re responsible for one’s success. That, unfortunately, is common, if unforgivable. These celebrity muscleheads are still extraordinary people, in their training.

  • bEN

    You (the author) seems to be a little ignorant. Actually, very.

    How much scientifically, and through experience, do you know about HGH and Steroids?

    You state that HGH and Steroids do all the work!? Thats total bull.

    People using these chemicals have to work extremely hard to get to where they are. The HGH and Steroids simple allow a human to surpass his genetic limitations. There is no other way to do this. But you have to work very hard to get the gains. Anyone who claims there is is a liar, or trying to sell something.

    His supplements, he will need to take while on the HGH and Steroids, they are an important part of fuelling the body while on the gear. It’s nearly impossible to take in the calories required by eating alone.

    If he chooses top sell supplements, it should be up the the consumer to educate themselves on what they are buying. Otherwise they are just ignorant.

    People who really don’t know or understand a whole lot about these chemicals should just keep their opinions to themselves.

    I do not recommend their use, and never will. But you cannot find a sport in which the high level athletes are not using some form of chemical (illegal) help. Usually taken for recovery purposes rather than building excess amounts of muscle and size.

    It’s up to the individual, some people choose to make sacrifices in life.

  • Brian

    I think you meant Jane and John Doe not Joan

  • TY

    who gives a fuck. He is old he makes great movies. He kills his body for our enjoyment in these top action movies. He’s not a baseball player. Who cares. YOU DONT when you see his movies

  • juejejejejeej

    How can ya not know what’s up….every CK model lookin dude or muscle head in the gym would give ya the scoop in 5 secs….still does take a lot of work

  • Jealous much

    I have kept my body fat down around 6% weighing 190, without the use of anything. Not everyone has to use drugs to look like this, hence natural bodybuilding competitions.

    Sly’s extreme discipline for diet, and training, is what makes him look like he does, drugs will not just automatically make you look like this. He was putting in 4-5 hours a day in training which is obviously why you don’t look like this.

    If you are butthurt about his supplement line, don’t buy it, no one is forcing you to. If you are not a complete dolt, it would take all of 3 minutes to find out he’s using more than fat burners to look the way he does.

  • Md

    All drugs, medications & enhancers etc… have side effects People are in their own fantasy world if they think it doesn’t…but some people don’t think about the future outcome. It’s now that matters….then you die.

  • Allan

    He’ll die of organ failer earlier than most.

  • kevinprice891

    who gives a fuck what he uses there would be less fat fucks out there if the goverment let doctors percripe these drugs for those of us over 50!

  • Robbazkingofsweden

    Nothing wrong with Hormone replacement therapy, let the haters hate. Its just jealousy. Steroids are awesome and HGH is nothing short of amazing.

  • I have to admit Sly does look amazing for a guy his age, and also…he is absolutely not retarded.

    Also Sly does not use steroids, GH and steroids are not the exact same thing.

    Also screw the haters, Sly rocks and always will be awesome.

  • shane

    He looks amazing, better than most 20 yr olds! I say go for it Stallone!!!

  • morris

    if a person can look younger and feel younger and have a better quality of life why not as long as you monitor your blood levels under a doctor.

  • Irvine

    It’s really sad to see “Rocky” go down like this. In hindsight, perhaps he was always down, given the fact that he must be using the growth hormones since a long time. (Perhaps since Rocky 1)

    Are these really “Side effects of being an American” as depicted in “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”?

  • Gil

    sly has money and he works in an industry where looks get you jobs. Would you take Sly as serious in the last Rocky movie if he didn’t look the way he did? older people should probably take HGH, this will help with bone problems, sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Something to think about 🙂


    And for the moron who says that Testosterone and HG are not Anabolic Steroids, you are only HALF right. Testosterone is whats in MOST Anabolic Steroids. Hence the name Test E 250. Oops, did I let my syringe fall on the floor again??? My bad. So many people are idiots about the so called truth since they have google to give them ALL the FACTS


    It is hard to speak on this since most people have limited knowledge on these so called “performance enhancers”. Since I have already read a post on how DANGEROUS they are I can tell that this person seems to have zero information on these. When these are used moderately they are great for men over the age of 35. But do not think that you just take these items and that’s it. You still need the supplements that Stallone sells as well as dedication to dieting and lifting. There is more PROVEN science on a list of a hundred drugs that can and have killed people. ZERO people have died from the results of Steroids and HGH. Seriously, there is no proven medical link to any death and these two substances. I am sure someone will say…..”Well on the internet it says you can die and they are dangerous”, and I can also find a site that states that there are purple flying pigs. Go rent the independent film “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”

    Aspirins will kill you if you take the whole bottle at once, steroids WILL not.

  • XKawN916

    I like how a bunch of folks who have no idea what they’re talking about have such passionate opinions. Even the article it’s self is wrong and baseless. All the things this article said that wasn’t the reason he is as fit as he is like the diet, the workouts, the legal supplements, etc, etc are exactly why he is so fit. Even with steroids and HGH you need all those things and a dedication to match. Folks using such compounds use the protien powders, the fat burners, vitamins, fish oil caps and a whole lot more.

  • Pieter

    How could I get some of the good stuff!?

  • James Dean

    I am 52 yrs old and when I was 50 I was diagnosed with low T. Since I have been taking T every two weeks (shots) my musscle mass is back with a vengence! I feel better and my wife is not safe around me with her pants down. Did I mention I feel like a million bucks also? I can not imagine life without T-Shots now or just living like I did which really was not living. As far as I am concerned Sly you dog you! You knew the whole time!!!!!

  • abhi

    sylvester has always been on performance based steroids , everyone who does steroid cycles , eventually have low testosterone levels as well as hgh .so why are people raising fingers . if he can afford it , he can take it , whether movies or not .simple as that .Dun u dumb people get that its his life he needs it he takes it .THERE SO MAY PPL THERE U TAKE AND HAVE GOOD BODY STRUCTURES YET no body QUESTIONS THEM THEN Y HIM

  • lennendale

    Yea GH and steroids made Stallone, but I bet his system is healthier then any of you NATURAL people who blame your short cummings on they must be cheating. I guess botox and breast implants are perfectly safe with no side effects!

  • Darrin

    First of all hgh and testosterone are produced by the body and are not like taking rec drugs. As we age these hormones decrease. as you can see when someone ages they lose muscle tissue and their skin starts to sag, then there is bone loss. Most of these changes are due to the decline in hormones. So why not restore them to a normal range with perscription.
    Thats wrong? But when Chers daughter wanted to become a man and was put on testosterone so she could look like a man, no one said a thing! Sex change is ok but its wrong for a man to take male hormones to feel and look better is wrong! give me a break!

  • taller grow

    The researchers explained about this new finding that, “Tesamorelin“is a synthetic human growth hormone releasing factor GHRH (1-44) analogue with a trans-3-hexenoyl group added to the N-terminal to increase the half-life over that of native GHRH (1-44)”.

  • 8

    the guy who wrote this article obviously knows nothing about body building.
    yes, growth hormone and steroids will cause a person to gain large muscle mass at an unnaturally fast rate, BUT just because someone has large muscles does NOT mean they are on juice or other substances.
    Whey protein works if used right. Bulking up is possible through a structured protein intake in conjunction with a proper and effective workout routine. Genetics also play a huge role in the speed and level of results a person will attain.
    The author of this article is shortsighted and ignorant. “Guys – and girls – get big and muscular on the action hero, American Gladiator, body builder scale by using steroids and human growth hormone.” – if this guy blew some steam off in the gym then maybe he wouldn’t feel inclined to pass off his bitter and uneducated opinions as fact

  • as71

    anyone who knows anything about working out , without steroids and hgh the only thing is it just takes alot longer to get the body you want

    its very doubtful he used this stuff when he was in his teens 20’s and 30’s , anyone thinking that just correlates everything with everything with little to no thought

    and anyone abusing him for hgh and test , it basically brings his hormonal profile i would say to his 30’s , and if u think u can take that stuff and not workout 5-6 days a week and watch ur diet 24/7 and look like that (at freakin 61) , you just might know nothing about the subject and therefore should not post

  • Jonathan

    Even though he uses growth hormones as a 60 year old does not mean that the supplements that he sells will not work for a young man.
    When you reach 40 you have to start taking something that has a little more kick than just protien and thermogenic fat burners along with a good exercise regiment.
    You cant knock a 60 year old for wanting to gain back the natural testosterone and HGH that he looses as time goes on…those are the two main ingredients that make us men. I am sure that if Stallone could sell HGH and Test in his product line up he would. Those two products are very touchy products when it comes to selling them. GNC doesnt even sell a good quality test. They dont sell hgh at all. It is a hard product to get a liscense to sell. I have only found places outside of America that sell pure test and pure hgh. In America you can only get it as a presciption. If it is over the counter it is just a releaser or a homeopathic spray. Both very low levels of hgh but enough to stimulate your own natural production when you get older and need something to stimulate it.
    As a young person a thermogenic and a good whey protien along with some really good amino acids and a good excersis and weight routine will do just fine to have a good looking shape. Remember a lot of guys are big without taking more than that. They jsut train hard and along with being young they dont have a high body fat % anyway.

  • Guy

    The point is he is selling stuff that is safe to take and works however he himself was willing to take the risk and pursue a faster more dangerous route it not like he can sell people what he take because its dangerous. It’s like a nascar driver endorsing a malibu he says that its nice but he is not about to go race with it. I’m sure you don’t care though because you get a chance to try to knock a successful hard working person down a few pegs

  • I think in the last decade of life or so, HGH is probably a good thing. Sly started too young in my opinion. It will be interesting to watch how he fares health wise over the next 10 years or so.


  • It’s big hype rippling around for quite a while and the real scammers are health care professionals who prescribe HGH by knowing its harmful effects and HGH peddlers who go hide under dark clouds and popular icons like sly get caught in the cobweb of web dynamics. It’s upto one’s life how they want to live but people being more knowledgeable how they are falling over sly labels innocently ? buzzing words have such great impact since long time amd HGH labels has still more colors and feathers to it until another duping pills are discovered for sale.

  • Keith

    Stallone has inspired me for the last 25 years or so.

    I have never taken juice, dont know where to get it, but as a teenager who saw Rambo, First Blood Part 2, I wanted to work out. I have a flabby gut now, but still good shoudlers and arms. I am not good looking, but Stallone’s example of coming from nowhere and making it gave me motivation.

    I dont walk around complaining how I am not this, and I am not that… I go and try to do it. At he very least, working out for the last 25 years has kept me fit and healthy.

    And many of movies were just plain good, somewhat mindless, action films. They are just entertainment, not made to change the world.

  • Buck

    Everyone gets all up in arms over “steroids” without defining what kind of steroids we are talking about.

    Anabolic steroids are not produced naturally by our bodies. When bodybuilders use them to increase muscle mass, they are “cheating” the natural system.

    Testosterone IS produced by the human body, in diminishing amounts as we age. The medical community is divided about supplementation, because when abused it can be very dangerous. When administered properly, it can be beneficial. And NOT just to Hollywood stars – many “normal” everyday people use testosterone as prescribed by their doctor when they are over 50 or especially 60.

    Human Growth Hormone is also produced naturally in our bodies, diminishing with age. It is NOT a steroid. Again, medical community divided because without careful monitoring this hormone can be a dangerous supplement.

    And as many have pointed out, even with the aid of these substances, a person MUST train religiously to look like Stallone.

  • cj

    ur just a dick who has obviously got a problem wit stallone. you hav’nt said one good word about him. this piece of shit you have wrote is all negative about him and i think he deserves abit more credit. hgh and test BOOSTS your performance, yes. but without diet + training you would only see a small difference. Its all about training ,diet and rest. . . .in stallones case a help with a bit of hgh n test. so what if he takes it. alls he is saying is he is 60 and he feels good taking it. thats his opinion and if anyone wants to take it, then take it, if not then dont. and fuck the comment policy, your whole shit essay contradicts it!

  • Jordan H.

    (Like what, Scott? … Let’s put all this is perspective. What, like starred in a few action movies? Seriously, what’s he REALLY done apart from that?)

    ^^^^ you must be on RHGH (retarded Human Growth hormone)

    The Greatest Sports Films Of All Time on DVD

    Bananas on DVD (1971)

    The Lords Of Flatbush on DVD (1974)

    The Prisoner Of Second Avenue on DVD (1975)

    Cannonball on DVD (1976)

    Paradise Alley on DVD (1978)

    F.I.S.T. on DVD (1978)

    Rocky II on DVD (1979)

    Victory on DVD (1981)

    Nighthawks on DVD (1981)

    Rocky III on DVD (1982)

    Staying Alive on DVD (1983)

    Rocky IV on DVD (1985)

    Over The Top on DVD (1987)

    Rambo III on Blu-ray (1988)

    Lock Up on DVD (1989)

    Cobra (1986)/Tango & Cash on DVD (1989)

    Rocky V on DVD (1990)

    Oscar on DVD (1991)

    Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot on DVD (1992)

    Demolition Man on DVD (1993)

    Cliffhanger (Superbit) on DVD (1993)

    The Specialist on DVD (1994)

    Judge Dredd on DVD (1995)

    Assassins on DVD (1995)

    Daylight on DVD (1996)

    Cop Land on DVD (1997)

    Shark Tale (2004)/Antz on DVD (1998)

    Antz on DVD (1998)

    An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn on DVD (1998)

    Get Carter on DVD (2000)

    Driven on DVD (2001)

    Paul McCartney: Back In The U.S. on DVD (2002)

    Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over on DVD (2003)

    Shade on DVD (2003)

    Rocky Balboa (2006)


    NOT INCLUDING over 33 awards dating from 1977 – 2006

    I also can guarantee that you know nothing about the Tv/Film acting world, because if you did, you would understand that there is no FAIR. There are no rules or guidelines. Its just raw competition and what you do to prepare yourself is your own problem. I could go on and on but i doubt you’ll understand it, since you cant even understand that HGH use is natural and is just replenishing what your body natural dumps starting from age 20 to 50.

    Do your research on people, careers, and supplements before you talk outta your thick-headed asses


  • bfree

    If Stallone is using HGH and Testosterone, then he is merely replenshing these two substances as they diminish from his body with age. There is no medical proof that HGH or Testosterone, properly prescribed, will do anything but HELP you become MORE HEALTHY. If the rest of you want to die of old age prematurely, when a prescription could not only lenghthen your life, but also improve the overall quality of it, then that’s your business. In the reverse, it’s mine.

  • John

    First of all, Stallone was apologetic about bringing the hormones into Australia. He never said he “made a terrible mistake” about using them.

    Get your story straight.

  • Jg

    I see nothing but jealousy in this post, or whatever you want to call it.

    I will tell you why he is a legend. The man came from nothing with limitless drive. He then gives back by inspiring millions to strive for more than just setlling in life.

    Why dont you just lay off other people man. You are just showing that you have serious inner issues if you think its nice to go ott on something which has no bearing on your life what so ever…

  • Buck

    Do we all understand that taking Testosterone and/or HGH does NOT equate with taking anabolic steroids? It may have been pointed out in these comments but it bears repeating. Neither testosterone nor HGH – both of which are produced naturally by the human body – is an anabolic steroid (which are not found naturally in the human body). Taking these substances is not the same as being “on the juice” as the author erroneously claims.

  • James McFarlane

    There are supplements that can help – along with a proper diet and carefully structured exercise program. I’m 48 and built like a hard training 25 year old. That said, I know that eventually I’ll start to slow down. At this point however, apparently I’ve been dealt a good hand genetically.

    That said, the dangers of steroids and HGH have been grossly exaggerated. The only fair treatment I’ve seen lately has been in the documentary “Bigger, Faster, Stronger”. The drugs, when used properly, are a Godsend for the sick, injured, and those who are suffering from the inevitable drop off in hormone etc production that sets in after 40. Let Sly and others do what they want and make the drugs easier to obtain for cancer patients and others with life or death need.

    When I suffer a big fall off, maybe I’ll give them a whirl.

  • Virago

    First off, Sal, as a journalist, I would expect you to know the difference between “infer” and “imply”. You wrote “infer” and meant “imply”. Just as an FYI, “infer” means to draw a conclusion, while “imply” means to lead one to believe.

    Secondly, I applaud Stallone for doing whatever it takes to lead his life his way. He is truly, The Last Great Action Hero. I’m in complete agreement with Dylan Thomas, “Do not go gentle into that good night.” If he wants to go around again, I say, “Go for it, Sly!” Who cares about aging gracefully??? That’s just a myth perpetrated by those who want this generation out of their way. You don’t step aside for anyone, Sly…..not until you’re good and ready to do so. The man may be 61, but, for me, he can eat crackers in my bed anytime.

    Yo, Sly….Keep on punchin’, babe…..just keep on punchin’!

  • Mike

    Seriously..who gives a fuck if he used HGH. That’s his choice. The supplement part is not crap, with proper nutrition and training with plenty of rest supplements have been provin to work.

  • Cannonshop

    Ah…heheh…He’s still short. He should ask for his money back.

  • STM at the arse-hole end of the world

    “i dont think this is a big deal!!! its his life and he has done things that most people could never do!!!”

    Like what, Scott? … Let’s put all this is perspective. What, like starred in a few action movies? Seriously, what’s he REALLY done apart from that?

    Not much, except earn big money out of an industry that loves turning out total dross.

    The Rambo charcter in particular is great fantasy, but is it a great acheivement?

    At a pinch, I’d say Sly has done two good movies: the original Rambo (which wasn’t a bad bit of entertainment), and the original Rocky, even if they WERE Hollywooded up to within an inch of their lives. Granted, they did have their many millions of fans around the world.

    So that fact alone makes Stallone a poor role model when it comes to HGH, because if he were an athlete, he’d be metaphorically booted from pillar to post.

    I reckon we should all be happy for Sly benefitting from and living the American dream, and good luck to him. I can understand too why you’d want to keep your looks in an industry obsessed with youth and physical beauty.

    But growing old disgracefully ain’t a good look. Each to their own, but I don’t think his use of this stuff is something we should simply dismiss because Sly is “famous”.

    He at least deserves a slap over the wrist.

  • Scott

    i dont think this is a big deal!!! its his life and he has done things that most people could never do!!! he has a huge drive and if he is selling products that would benifit the body even if they will not make them look the way he does they are still going to benifit the body. aslong as you are working out!!!
    Sylvester Stallone is a legend and at the age of 61 i congradulate him on being able to exceed and improve the rambo character!!!

  • {E}

    hollywood has always abused drugs and cosmetic surgery – and will continue to do so – in the efforts to look young/stay young and work more.

    Thank you, and regardless people….. you have to be realistic; No matter what’s being said or how much some lames envy Sly. The millions that are pouring into his account are gonna keep coming (HGH or no HGH). Do what you Do Sly.

  • sal m

    when looking at the past 35+ years it clearly is keeping things in context to assume that great physical performances and physiques were aided/created by steroids and human growth hormone.

    when a guy like stallone abuses these substances to prepare for a movie at 60-years old all bets are off as far as giving a guy the benfit of the doubt. keep in mind that the goal of hgh/testosterone therapy is NOT to put 40 pounds of muscle on senior citizens or people with abnormally low hgh/test levels, but to bring their levels back to normal.

    hollywood has always abused drugs and cosmetic surgery – and will continue to do so – in the efforts to look young/stay young and work more.

  • Bateman2k8

    I agree that not admitting to taking growth hormone is not appropriate considering his line of supplements, HOWEVER, just because he uses them now to get a 60 year old frame ready for a big movie, doesnt mean he used them 20 years ago. I do not like how people take one thing and use to it attack everything else. Not all celebrities will use hormones, many millions of normal people who work out in gyms will not be using hormaones, yet get good results. It is down to diet and exercise and sometimes good genes that a good body is made, hormones etc will simply add to this. It seems like everyone has taken this point and used it to disprove diet and exercise do anything and that everyone who is big, must use steroids etc.
    I just wish people would think about things in context and at a larger scale.

  • you’re joking, right? a 61-year old guy doesn’t put on 40 pounds of muscle as a result of using vitamins and supplements and from working out. furthermore, he used testosterone and hgh, and test is a steroid. if sly was using clinically prescribed doses of either hgh or test he wouldn’t have put on that much weight.

  • HGH and steroids are NOT the same thing. Sly uses and endorses vits & supplements, healthy eating, etc. If others want to do what he does, fine. The results are amazing! Just look at him even at 61! WOW!! But let’s not forget that SLY DOES WORK OUT!! He doesn’t just sit around and let vits & supplements, etc. do all the work. It’s obvious that he WORKS at looking as good as he looks! He apologized for bringing HGH into Australia because he didn’t know it was illegal THERE. Otherwise, what would he have to apologize for?!? DUH!!

  • sal m

    Sly pimps his new supplement line in an article he wrote for muscle and fitness magazine.

    Here’s an excerpt from Sly:
    “In my view, it makes no difference if you’re an advanced fitness buff, or a beginner, reaching your goals is going to take more than empty promises. No one should ever follow the fitness advice, or buy health-related products, from anyone who can’t prove to me, they’ve stuck to a healthy diet long enough, to get lean, or have, otherwise, exercised with the intensity and dedication it takes to create a better body …
    That’s Why I Decided to Build a Health and Fitness Company That Would Speak to People Like You and Me.
    You’ll soon see that I’m not much different than you; we both want to build the best body we can, and enjoy health and vitality. Recently, I’ve put together a series of easy-to-use, educational DVD’s that will show you where I’m coming from and how to stop wasting valuable time and money on fad diets, ineffective exercise routines, and over-hyped supplements, as well as get you on the fast track to a lean, muscular body.”

  • Johnny E

    Where is it stated that Stallone uses instone supplements to prepare for a movie role like Rocky or the new Rambo?

    Is Harrison Ford driving a Lancia or is George Clooney only drinking Nespresso Coffee? Oh please! The marketing target groups are adults..
    People that are that dumb should buy those products and imagine that they are those celebrities.

  • myownmind

    He’s using what’s availble to him to create an edge in a competetive world. If he obtained them with a legitimate prescription and broke no laws, then what’s wrong with that?? Again…. I’m not endorsing illegal use of this stuff…but it sounds like he just wanted to do his JOB better so he could sell more tickets and hell, I liked the movie. Bravo Sly!!!

  • sal m

    incorrect! sly sells a line of nutritional supplements and has promoted these products as if they were/are responsible for developing his physique. this is not only unethical and hypocritical, but dishonest as well.

    this is the equivalent of a celebrity who has undergone extensive cosmetic facial surgery endorsing a facial creme and makeup, saying these products help her look her best.

    just because it happens in other areas doesn’t make what sly did less unethical, and because some people accept this lack if ethics and honesty doesn’t mean that everyone does/has to.

  • nicole

    Sly’s use of hormones to look good for his movie is no more unethical than the hours of plastic surgery that actors use to maintain their image.

  • Does this whole thing smack of mid-life crisis to anyone else? It might as well be a sports car. What better way to relive the glory days of your youth than to buy some HGH and make sequels? If HGH does become more accessible over time, I don’t think Sly is going to be the only one going this route. Just wait for the ultra-competitive softball or flag football leagues to break out. You think soccer moms are bad?

  • sal m

    good points…i agree with you.

    there’s no question that we’re headed towards a time when hgh therapy will be more widely accessible. in the us the fda has approved myriad studies to investigate hgh use for a wide-range of uses.

    you make a great point that if sly was receiving the normal clinical therapy doses he certainly wouldn’t have put on 40 pounds.

  • I believe the only flaw is in everyones perception of what Stallone has done wrong.

    (a) Everyones hormonal profile drops after 35 , that is a scientific fact we must live with. No amount of hard-core training and top of the line supplements will stop the downward slid , but can delay it.

    (b) If we are going to ask our bodies to operate at a higher level for longer periods with sometimes no retiring age , people are going to find hormone replacement an option. Anyone who thinks this will not soon be the norm is living in the dark ages and need a reality check.

    (c) What our attention should be on is did Sly ABUSE prescription HRT drugs for a movie part. Note: Proper HRT should only take you T-level to 35 max , 9< being low enought to ensure a prescription. I would say Sly was not on Doctors orders and was upping the level over 100+ to get that kind of size for his age. Putting himself and others at risk by promoting abuse is not ethical. And puts HRT under a dark cloud.

  • Who exactly is he competing with, Simon?

    The Rocky and Rambo franchises are Stallone brands. They require Stallone to appear in them as a musclebound hero.

    You could argue that it’s undignified for him to keep these two tired old series going, but an unfair advantage? Don’t see it.

  • “I’m not claiming that Hollywood is fair.”

    No, you’re claiming Stallone isn’t getting an unfair competitive advantage from HGH. Which he clearly is.

  • Wayne

    I’m glad Sly is finally telling it like it is.

    Yes! He’s right, and I back him 100%.

  • Jarod S

    So What? He told us what we already knew. I’ve followed his diet/fitness book to get back in shape and most everything he suggests showed the desired results. Honestly, if I were a 61-yr-old with a physically demanding lifestyle, I’d consider HGH and give life one good, final swift kick in the butt. I tried andro and norandro products when they were available over the counter: I can’t remember another time when I ever felt better. I wish they were still legal.

  • sal m

    no doubt, dreadful…sly’s body was prominently displayed in the lead up to rocky precisely because they knew people would want to see how good he could look. that’s part of the hype.

  • Right, because there’s no competition in the movie business. Do you really think the new Rocky movie would have made as much money if Stallone had weenie-arms and a beer gut? Do you think anybody would go see the new Rambo flick if he was played by Joe Don Baker?

    I’m not claiming that Hollywood is fair. (Miss Congeniality wouldn’t have been a hit with Rachel Dratch as the lead, either.) However, sports are supposed to be.

  • sal m

    i make mention that there is a very specific, legal use for hgh and provide a link to another item that i’ve written that discusses just how narrow this criteria is.

    when you consider how much research is being done with regard to finding other uses for hgh, i’m of the opinion that hgh therapy is/will be a viable option for all adults in the very near future.

  • ClaudeD

    I agree completely about the scam-ish nature of his pushing supplements that he himself finds don’t do what he says they do.

    You didn’t say so, but a reader might get the impression that any and all HGH or testosterone prescribed for seniors is illicit. There are reputable doctors that prescribe testosterone and (much more seldom) HGH to older patients whose natural hormone levels have dropped due to age or illness. It is a direct counter to the depression (usually mild) and lethargy that can result from reduced testosterone levels in men. I think it makes more sense than Prozac for a funk caused by a reduced level of testosterone. Having said that, it is prescribed in low doses, the levels are tested regularly, and the intent is definitely not to create freakazoids that look completely age-inappropriate.

  • Stallone is an actor, not an athlete. He’s not getting any kind of unfair competitive advantage by taking these hormones.

    Right, because there’s no competition in the movie business. Do you really think the new Rocky movie would have made as much money if Stallone had weenie-arms and a beer gut? Do you think anybody would go see the new Rambo flick if he was played by Joe Don Baker?

  • sal m

    the point is the marketing scam…i agree with the good doctor that sly’s not getting any unfair advantage from the sauce. i just think it stinks that he’s not happy with just making a fortune from his movies, but he has to scam people into buying his supplements as well.

  • Apart from the possible marketing scam, I’m not sure what the big deal is here. Stallone is an actor, not an athlete. He’s not getting any kind of unfair competitive advantage by taking these hormones.

    It’s his body. If he wants to bugger it up with chemicals, let him.

  • This kind of story really diminishes my faith in the medical profession. Athletes and action stars alike seem to have no problem obtaining performance enhancers from licensed doctors. The doctors know the serious health repercussions but still they prescribe them. I have a childhood friend who was prescribed HGH because his growth was stunted from an organ transplant, it truly is a miracle drug but this gross abuse is disgusting to say the least. Sly and the doctors who have helped him should be ashamed.