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I finally watched the whole movie last night.

It’s funny, I can read a book for hours, but it’s really hard for me to sit through a movie.

Anyway, it is so real. It could practically be a home movie of the dorky guys around here. all those actor wanna-bees. It was amazing to see MY NEIGHBORHOOD all over the screen. Holy crap! The dude was even wearing an In’N’Out shirt.
Man…If I’d seen it when i lived in alaska, I wouldn’t have believed any of it. But now that i’m HERE, every line is true. Who could ever believe that people could act like such idiots? You have to see it to believe it.

The whole thing was that the guys just needed to let go of their desperate clench on self-importance.

The guy couldn’t get over his girlfriend, but that wasn’t the main issue. He just had to get over himself. Him and the rest of the guys.

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    Me and my partner George are now having to to move from Big Meadow Road, after being discovered for being swingers. Our son david who is a builder by trade has bought us a new home [Personal contact info deleted] to cope with the embarrasing situation. The other couple [Personal contact info deleted] are also contemplating moving their home, after our son found out the truth one night. What our your thoughts [Edited]

  • Love the movie. Being from the area does help. the soundtrack is good too.

  • who?

    vegas baby….