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Suspected Weapon Will Only Give You Gas…

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It was thirty inches long and it was slipped into the middle school wrapped inside tin foil and a white t-shirt under the arm of an eighth grade student who had something to prove. He wanted a good grade in one of his classes and he felt this was the way to get it.

But that morning someone saw him walk into the building and thought something was amiss. They warned the school that they believed a weapon had been brought into the building. The school notified the police and a lockdown began as they searched high and low for the weapon wrapped in a t-shirt. During the search 75 students were pulled by parents who wanted to spare their children the possible effects of the suspected weapon. But search as they might, the police couldn’t locate the weapon and the lockdown was lifted.

As the students gathered and listened to an explanation of why they had been in lockdown, the boy realized that they were talking about him and the package he had brought into the school that morning. A package that had no deadly effects what so ever, unless of course you tried to eat it all by yourself. His package had contained a thirty inch long steak burrito created for an extra credit project.

All right, this morning I turned on my computer and went through the usual searching of the news items. I was not in the mood to comment on anything to serious. There are so many things in this world that need to be fixed and frankly this morning I wanted to laugh. Thankfully I came upon this story…

School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon – Yahoo! News

As a teacher, I understand the need to protect the children and myself from people who might feel it’s appropriate to harm someone. But I do think that maybe we are getting a little overly nervous here.

Could you imagine the looks on the faces of the police officers as they gazed down at the burrito? I admit the sheer gas factor of this concoction might be considered deadly, but I am pretty sure it wasn’t the type of weapon they were expecting.

Oh well, let’s laugh at ourselves and remember that life is nothing if not unpredictable.

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  • RJ

    What class was this project for? Explosive Diarrhea 101?

  • Home Ec? (Are many here old enough to remember when Home Economics classes roamed the earth?)

  • cheryl

    home ec, is now called intro to food and fashion,at least it is it at my daughter’s high school

  • Dawn

    I failed home ec in ninth grade. I would most likely fail today. Have I learned nothing of domestic skills in the last 20 years? I guess not.