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Suspect Motives: Single Mothers’ Paradox

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Some might say that it is ironic that the same people who condemn single mothers for choosing to have and raise their babies also condemn women who choose abortion. But there is no real irony there, just more evidence that the motives of such people are suspect.

People who truly respect life do not pass judgment when single women choose to keep their babies rather than having abortions, they applaud them for their courage and help them. People who sincerely care about the welfare of children do not question the morals of those children’s’ mothers’ simply because said mothers are not married, they offer assistance and support legislation that helps all single parents to better provide for their children. True charity sees the need, not the cause.

But the people who claim to respect life while at the same time setting up the social consequences of single motherhood and accusing single mothers in need of having a sense of entitlement in spite of having made “bad choices” cannot possibly respect life and care about the welfare of children, so what they really must be after is making procreation into a privilege for which people must qualify. And if that is not the motivation, what else could it possibly be?

Sure, they’re intimidating sometimes, sitting in their ivory towers or riding upon their high horses, pointing fingers, passing judgments and meting out social punishments. But no one should be afraid of them because people who are in the business of judging everyone else’s morals and family values actually have little to no concept of either — and when you keep this in mind, such people are easily dismissed as mere busybodies who have spent so much time and energy worrying about other peoples’ values and morals that they have ceased to reflect upon their own.

However, do not rush to judgment and condemnation as these people deserve pity rather than scorn, for they are truly lost souls. The lashing out at the way that some people live their lives is evidence of the torment such people suffer due to a lack of the true faith that is required to effectively deal with the temptations of freedom in contemporary society.

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  • well said and 100% accurate as always Margaret. I love the clock you linked to, I think I’ll get one!