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Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent: It Ain’t Over ‘til the Cat Lady Sings

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On April 11th of this year, a cheeky 47-year-old unemployed, single, cat lady who had cared for her dying mother took the stage on Britain’s Got Talent. Initially greeted by snickering and enough rolling of eyes to turn the building over, Susan Boyle blew away every cynical, judgmental, and painfully shallow audience member and judge when she gave an awe-inspiring and flawless voice to “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables.

BCT’s Amanda Holden called Ms. Boyle’s performance the “biggest wake up call.” It should also be a wake up call to every person who assumed Boyle’s appearance was any indication of her talent. More importantly, it is a wake up call for those around the world who have talent: it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what you do for a living, or that you don’t look like a supermodel. If you have talent and you take that talent outside your shower (backyard, studio, or local theater), grand things can happen.

Our looks-based society often confuses beauty with talent. Many of those who were seeing but hadn’t yet heard Ms. Boyle’s voice assumed the way she looked (which was, for the record, well-kept and nicely dressed) was a fair measure of her talent. It was unanimously decided — before she was even heard — there was no talent before them that night.

Such is the stigma that meets the voices, talents, skills, portfolios, educations, and resumes of some of the most hardworking and industrious individuals on the planet. Taken at face value and without benefit of even the slightest chance to prove themselves, many an unfortunate is cast aside and out the door; their potential contributions lost in a sea of rejection that simply cannot compete with the irregular measuring stick that is our myopic obsession with beauty and youth – until now.

My peers (women over the age of 40) know all too well what compelled Ms. Boyle to the stage despite any fear, reservation, or hesitation that may have accompanied her. Those women still in their childbearing years would do well to take note.

Many women have willingly given to, given up, and given their all to their families and jobs for several decades. While men in their forties often look back with lament and regret when they suddenly realize they aren’t 25-years-old anymore, women knew they weren’t 25 anymore as soon as they turned 26. Women in their forties often look back and soothe their aching dreams with what they’ve accomplished and done for their families and in their jobs. There is also, however, the need to look to the future for the fulfillment of dreams that have brewed for many years.

There is certainly something to be said for not waiting, but there is also something to be said for waiting until it matters more to try than to risk failure. Whatever it is you do, do it well, keep doing it, keep practicing it, and for crying out loud, keep your chin up no matter what is said or who says it. The weight of your dream may be difficult to carry, but it is the very same weight that will keep your dream in place once you have arrived.

Steve Martin once said, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” Susan Boyle eloquently and energetically drove that message home for many hopefuls in the world.

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Diana is a USMC (ret.) spouse, mother of three and a Wichita, Kansas native. She is back in the United States after 10 years in Germany. She is a contributing author to Holiday Writes. She hates liver & motivational speakers. She loves science & naps.
  • Jeannie Danna

    I can really relate to your article here on BC! Trying to ignore the sub-conversation of the other comments made, I would like to relate a personal experience if I may; my daughter saw me sitting in front of the computer around two months ago and was totally shocked! Not only was I web surfing at the ripe age of fifty-two but I was on my own Face book page. “That’s for young people she exclaimed!.” Really? This life belongs to all of us so hats off to Susan Boyle! It is not advancing an agenda to realize your dreams.

  • That’s a part of the down side I’ve mentioned above. Such an offer has nothing to do with Boyle. If they would offer her a million, they figure to make 50 times that. It would be a one and done affair in any event. The assholes would be counting their money as they kick Boyle back to Scotland. It’s great of course that this offer came from the good old US of A. We have more than our share of butt wipes.


  • Jet

    Speaking of immorality and Susan Boyle (just to veer back onto subject) this from New York Daily News!!!

    Homely British singing sensation Susan Boyle has been offered $1 million to make a porn flick.

    The plain Jane superstar with the spellbinding voice would have to lose her virginity on camera to earn the seven-figure payday from Los Angeles-based Kick Ass Films.

    “We want to get this movie shot and out while Susan has the world’s attention,” said Kick Ass boss Mark Kulkis. “Besides, after 47 years of virginity, I’m sure Susan is also anxious to get something cracking as soon as possible.”

    Boyle, who says she’s never been kissed let alone bedded, has taken the entire world by storm since she appeared on the American Idol-style TV show “Britain’s Got Talent.”

    A Web clip of her singing a tune from the Broadway hit “Les Miserables,” has received 100 million hits worldwide, more than five times President Obama’s historic victory speech.

    If Boyle accepts the offer, the porn company will fly her out to Tinseltown on – you guessed it – Virgin Airlines.

    Fans will also get a chance to choose the title for the raunchy film. It’s unclear who might play the leading man.

    Lord help us… and her

  • Jet

    I feel your pain Baritone, and backatcha 🙂

  • Jet,

    Well, I guess I won’t go into any detail in telling you about my having torn my rotator cuff in a fall. It would seem that, if you didn’t have bad luck, you wouldn’t have any at all.

    Sounds to me like you’ve had a cluster fuck of misfortune. I am truly sorry. No one should have to endure all that. I hope you can recover to some level of normalcy.

    The workman’s comp deal just goes to illustrate first: the ills of our current health system, and second: how no matter how bad things can be for someone, there’s always somebody out there waiting in the wings to throw salt in the wounds.

    Somehow, I don’t think Diana will mind too much. This puppy’s about ready to disappear anyhow. In any case it got pretty good play. Most of the stuff I’ve had published on the Cultural page rarely gets noticed at all. She can thank us politicos for much of the commentary on this thread.

    Again, I hope your situation improves. Take care.


  • Jet

    Since it got buried way down in the comments list, I want to repeat my apology to Diana for seemingly hijacking her article.

    It wasn’t intentional…

  • Jet

    Jan 23 Triple bypass surgery

    Mar 4 Lung infection requiring 900ccs of fluid to be drained from around my left lung.

    4 days later a missed blood vessel that was nicked in the draining operation, exploded and bled into my chest and I was rushed unconscious to the emergency room. I died twice there and had to be given CPR. I lost 1 1/2 my normal volume of blood, and they had to do an emergency thoracotomy (sic)-cut me open from left nipple to between my shoulder blades to drain blood that was going into chest instead of circulatory system and brain.

    Recovered late March, four days later taken nearly unconscious again, back to hospital with hemoglobin of less than 6.0-I had a double ulcer bleeding into my stomach.

    April first, Workman’s comp hearing to take away my benefits/checks because heart wasn’t part of original injury-I won the case.

    I was just informed they’re appealing. Workman’s comp won’t send out check till after appeal sometime next month, which means no money for rent and car payment next month… but they’ll send me a make-up check later-if I win again.

    …now why would I have an ulcer?

    All this can be found in my diary blog by following the links at my URL.

    By the way, thanks for asking, with apologies to Diana (sorry but they keep asking)

  • Jet,

    BTW – I kinda go in and out here so I missed your return. While it may be none of my business – and if so, that’s fine – but I was just wondering how you are doing? You obviously survived the knife. I caught one or two of your comments in which you alluded to your various ailments, but I didn’t get a sense from them of how it’s going for you.


  • I was an actor for a number of years, but I was a pushover. I threw in the towel far too easily. I have a 30 year old son in Germany attempting to make it in the world of opera. My other son is living in NYC working but also sending out his poetry and short stories; so far without success.

    When it comes down to it everything is in its own way hard. The problem with attempting to make it in the arts is that you not only have to be an exemplary writer, singer, actor, painter or whatever, you also must be a great salesperson, in a sense, the product being yourself.

    If Susan Boyle turned away from this opportunity for whatever reason, it would likely be the end of any chance she will ever have to put together anything resembling a singing career.

    Going through something like these talent contests is hardly an ideal road to success. Nevertheless, there are growing numbers of performers who are building careers due at least in part to their exposure on one of those programs. It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but it obviously works for some.


  • Jet

    A few though I really wasn’t into them, but mine are more Scarecrow and Mrs. King-ish.

    In mine a college student is kidnapped and ransomed in order to keep his lover from preventing a renagade Russian colonel from pulling the biggest con ever perpetrated on a mideastern country, in order to refinance the return of communism and prestige to Russia… with him in charge of course.

    Problem is, the student escapes and keeps the colonel busy chasing him long enough for the lover’s agency to trap the colonel.

    So impressed with their coordinated actions, the agency makes the lovers partners with the same agent number.

  • Jet, have you ever come across Joseph Hansen’s novels featuring Dave Brandstetter?

    Classic hard-boiled private eye novels, with all the sex (usually with beautiful blondes) which is de rigeur for the genre – except that the hero happens to be gay, and the blondes are male. First published in the 60s or early 70s, I believe.

  • Jet

    Try submitting a 500 page Spy Novel manuscript where the two heroes are gay Roger, then I’ll feel sorry for you.

  • “It’s doubtful that she had any acumen regarding the use of the internet for such purposes.”

    Forget about that. Even with acumen, lots of people just give up. Have you ever tried to peddle your manuscript with a literary agency or a publishing house? It’s such an upward climb, after a few tries you just say the hell with it.

  • In Susan’s case, I’d say it is pointedly true. Had she not made that appearance, she would still be unknown and unemployed. In her particular situation, it is likely that she had no idea how to approach anyone to launch a career.

    Under normal circumstances, what chance might she have had sending out demos or however people go about getting heard? It’s doubtful that she had any acumen regarding the use of the internet for such purposes.

    She chose what probably was the ONLY means by which she could gain notice. And, she did so rather spectacularly!

    My wife read that there are members of her family who have apparently stepped in to help her. She read that initially Boyle would answer her door when people came a knocking. Now, a large black man answers the door. His presence may be courtesy of Mr. Cowell.

    It’s anyone’s guess as to how this all will work out. The skepticism is not without merit. Her future is not without peril. It’s her life. It’s hardly our place to judge or second guess. It could be a great and wild ride for her. In any case, Pandora’s box has been opened. Now all we can do is watch – and, perhaps listen.


  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “That’s rather naive of you. Would you walk away from such an opportunity in order to “honor your talent?””

    That seems to be the point though. Why bother trying to win some 15 minute contest when she could accept a smaller label’s offer on her own terms,eek out a decent long lasting career and not have to revamp herself just to please people like Amanda that really have no clue about talent in the first place.

    The misconception about the music world is that you have to be on TV or the Radio to have a successful career. Well, it isn’t true at all!

  • Clarence,

    That’s rather naive of you. Would you walk away from such an opportunity in order to “honor your talent?”

    This woman is middle aged, single and unemployed. This IS her moment. Just as I’ve indicated, the risks are high, but I’d jump on that bandwagon in a heartbeat. There is no doubt a lot about that I wouldn’t like. But your statement is like those who say that winning the lottery is bad – that people shouldn’t take the money. It’s like anything else in life – it’s what one does with opportunity that counts. Most of us never have such. Some people piss away these things. But some do quite well.


  • Jet

    This could end up with the tag line “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.” All of us in our youth at one time or another have closed our eyes with headphones on and lipsynced or played air guitar or keyboard, while singing to a hairbrush or empty curled hand to our favorite song, pretending we were on stage to the adoring throngs of an imaginary audience on its feet or surrounded by a symphony orchestra in a recording studio.

    Susan got her fantasy, and at least was brave enough to face it with her eyes wide open so she’d remember every moment.

    According to articles I’ve read, it’s in the contract that all contestants are not permitted to get an agent or sign any recording contracts for the duration of the season they’ve performed in, whether they were eliminated from the competition or not. More cynical people will see that and think Simon is a talent predator, but actually he’s protecting his investment in the series and it’s a strong and smart business move.

    Good going Susan-don’t let them change you too much, but change will come-like it or not.

  • I think the best way for Susan Boyle to honor her talent and all others who don’t dress up to showcase is to reject any record offers that come her way. What pisses me off is that I am pretty sure that the producers/staff of the show knew how well this would play out, and how the ratings of BGT would shoot up after this. It’s still manipulation in the strictest sense of the word. Don’t give them the benefit, Susan!

  • Well, I just didn’t see the negative reaction at all. All I pointed to was the difference in people’s perception and that perhaps – just perhaps – people’s philosophy may influence how they view particular instances, that’s all; an innocuous observation, I’d say, for which I got my head chopped off. But let’s forget it. It’s over and done with.


  • Roger,

    Perhaps I didn’t delineate my comment properly. Initially – before Boyle began singing – much of the reaction was derisive – Simon in particular as well as a number of audience members who rolled their eyes shaking their heads.

    It was only after she began singing that the tone changed dramatically. And, I do believe that the response after Boyle sang was genuine and hearfelt.

    But please, don’t point a finger at me because you and Cindy got into a shouting match. You chose to take exception to something Cindy wrote and took off with it. She defended her comment. You could have let it drop, but you continued to pound away at it. I just didn’t think it was worth all that effort.


  • Jet, it’s clear to me that Amanda says “inlopaster skitrich.” To which Susan responds with “clomonter eggscratch.” It’s both touching and revealing all at once, don’t you think? 🙂

    Actually, I think Amanda says “(something) privilege” restating with emphasis what she said before. Susan may be mouthing back the same words. – That’s just a guess, though. Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter, does it? I bet if you played it back for Susan or Amanda neither of them would have a clue either.

    I will say though, that whatever one thinks of Amanda Holden, she is heartbreakingly pretty which rather makes the point of much of this discourse.

    The “Britain’s Got Talent” website has short bios of the three judges. Amanda is said to have victimized herself through appearing on too much bad Brit TV. I know nothing of her, having never seen her prior to viewing Susan’s audition piece.

    It appears that Amanda may be a very pretty face sporting little in the way of talent. Yet she has managed some success. Susan will never appear on the cover of Cosmo or Elle, but she might make it on the cover of Time or People. Certainly she’ll make it on the cover of any number of Brit rags.

    This sudden fame is a seriously double edged sword. She is in the throes of a notoriety high. But she also has people standing on her doorstep as she steps out to go to market wanting her autograph.

    I would guess that this will ultimately subside, but her life will never be what it was. Hopefully, on balance it will be good for her. The odds may not be good, but I’ll keep my metaphorical fingers crossed for her.


  • B-man.

    In #9 on Joanne’s thread, you write:

    The panel’s response to Ms. Boyle was perhaps the most genuine I’ve ever seen likely owing to how delightfully unexpected her performance was.

    Now, in #15, after Cindy’s tirade, I hear this:

    In watching one does have to deal with a certain amount of disgust regarding how many of the people are humiliated.

    Now, I view this as a change of position, or at least not sticking to your guns in the instance of Susan Boyle.

    I don’t believe I wear my feelings on my sleeve. We’re all entitled to our perceptions. But I am not going to stand for other people telling me I am not entitled to mine, especially when I haven’t denied them to right to theirs. So your vacillation did in fact brought about a nasty spat. Re-read that thread if you doubt what I’m saying.

    But that’s OK. No hard feelings.

  • Jet

    Sorry Chris, too much morphine this evening.

  • Jet

    Well I guess that pretty much makes me useless to this conversation Rich, I’m the king of “Who Cares”

  • Personally, I thought Amanda said “instant riches”, then I thought, “who cares?”

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus


    Are you ok, man?? @ 5:50, Amanda says something retarded (like Paula Abdul would say) like “Instant British”(trying to be all poignant and shit) but Susan was saying,”Thank you very much”.
    You have to watch Susan lips and ignore that useless judge.

    Unfortunately, she has a real passion & talent that that fucking douche Simon is gonna kill.

  • Jet

    Calling ALL Brits, before I lose my sanity, will one of you PLEASE tell me what the hell Amanda and Susan are saying together???????????

    go to #46, read the description and click the link, go to the time stamp and tell me what the bloody hell they’re saying…PLEEEEEEEEASE.

    Instant British?
    Inspired British?
    Inward British?
    Inch by British?
    In honor British?


  • All too often music, and yes, the entire entertainment industry, ARE about looks. Paul Newman wouldn’t have been Paul Newman without those baby blues.

    Boyle may be already sewn up by Simon. I think when they audition they have to pretty much sign their careers if not their lives away. The future for her could be dicey whether she’s successful or not.

    Roger, I’m not sure what you are talking about. I wasn’t taking sides. As I saw it, the initial response to her by Simon and Piers as well as most of the audience was derision. However, I don’t agree with Piers or Amanda’s statements that “everyone” was laughing at her or against her. Certainly some were, but most, I believe, withheld judgment.

    I think what we saw in all the judges faces as she sang was honest delight. Considering how bad most of the auditioners are at these cattle calls, to have her come out there and do what she did was for the judges and the rest of us as well a magical moment.

    Roger, I think you wear your feelings a bit too far down on your sleeve. I am more or less in the same boat with the likes of Cindy and Dread and others who primarily come from the left side of the aisle, but we have all gone at each other from time to time. I don’t hold any ill will for that, and neither, I think, do they. We all recognize that the issues we confront whether its a Scottish songstress or Obama’s Afghanistan policy, there are few blacks and whites, that it’s mostly all over the spectrum with a lot of room for disagreement.

    In any event, I didn’t change horses, I simply acknowledged that both sides were to some degree correct.


  • Not just music, Brian. The entire entertainment industry. And the publishing one, too.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “Isn’t it a pity, B-man? Talent like that and still not making it. It almost want you give up.”

    I guess it depends on your definition of “making it”.

    When I was in High School I often dreamed of Rock Stardom but,nowadays, I see how these contracts can ruin a person’s career. They get put under such stress & pressure to release material that will “sell”. I think Susan should take this opportunity to bail out of the contest and ship her own demo around. She could make quite a bit of money based on her music alone. She doesn’t need a make-over just to please all the shallow morons that had to be in a large crowd in order to understand her talent.

    Music isn’t about looks and if people can’t accept her for who she is then they don’t deserve to hear her sing. Fuck, I really do hate the music business…Fucking scumbags!

  • Jet

    We got the short straw after the sports section.

  • Jordan Richardson

    What the hell are all you politics people doing mucking up the music section?


  • But did she actually try to be noticed at 25? I find it hard to believe that no one gave her a chance if they had actually heard her…

  • Jet,

    You’re right, it does sound like ‘instant British’.

    I dunno – I’ve never heard the expression before. It must be a catchphrase used on the show, although since it started its run after I moved to the US and I’ve never watched it, I couldn’t tell you for sure.

  • It’s amazing, though, Jet and B-man, that none have encouraged her. She sang for almost ten years in the church choir. It should be evident to everyone concerned that her talent surpassed everyone else. What’s wrong with people?

    B-man, I do have a beef with you, sort of. First, you’ve seen no problem to speak of with how she was being treated. And this has been my perception (and still is) all along. And then, when Cindy jumped in with her usual tirade, you changed horse in the midstream. Consequently, I became the lone ranger, the villain.

  • Jet

    The youngest of nine children, Boyle suffered oxygen deprivation during birth, resulting in learning disabilities. “I come from a musical family,” she says. “It has always been there, from my father down. Singing is always something I have done. It has been in my blood since I was 12 and took part in school productions and shows.”

    She attended Edinburgh Acting School and has appeared in the Edinburgh Fringe. She recorded a charity CD of Cry Me a River in 1999, of which 1,000 copies were pressed. She also had a previous brush with television, appearing on Michael Barrymore’s ITV show My Kind of People, but unlike others – such as Charlotte Church, who were plucked to stardom after appearances on other shows – nobody came knocking for Boyle.

    “I did My Kind of People for fun,” she says. “I also sang locally but things had quietened down.”

    Boyle decided to audition for Britain’s Got Talent after taking some time away from singing to care for her mother, who died in 2007 aged 91. Paul Potts, the mobile-phone salesman who won the first series of Britain’s Got Talent and went on to become a global opera star, was her inspiration.

    “I had a bit of a rest after my mum died, but I had seen Britain’s Got Talent on TV and thought I would have a go,” she says. “Paul Potts was really good. He was an inspiration to a lot of people and I thought I would take my chances.”

    She attended the Glasgow audition in October, before being sent for a second audition in front of Cowell and his fellow judges – actor Amanda Holden and former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan – and a live audience. “I was very nervous,” she admits

  • Well, let’s not give up on Susan just yet. While I believe that Simon and the others were genuinely moved by Boyle’s performance, there was also a glint of dollar (or pound) signs in Simon’s eyes. I’m sure every effort will be made to market her. She may not have a long shelf life, but given some effort, care and a bit of luck, she might stick long enough to realize at least part of her dream. She’s probably not destined to be the next Christine Aguilera or or even the next Elaine Page. But she may find a niche that will provide her an audience and an income. Afterall, she’s got the pipes.


  • B-man,

    Some more on Susan.

  • “She may, in the end be a hard sell.”

    Isn’t it a pity, B-man? Talent like that and still not making it. It almost want you give up.

  • Jet

    Chris, Doc, Amanda says what a privilege it was and at the 5:50 mark, they both say something that sounds like "instand British" together, Amanda saying it, Susan mouthing it at the same time,

    Click here

  • Jet

    On the Utube after her performance Amanda says it to her and the camera shows Susan mouthing the words silently at the same time Amanda says it.

  • Yeah… say what?

  • I’ve never heard that myself, Jet.

  • Jet

    What does it mean when the English say “Instant British” to each other simultaneously?

  • This is an article I posted at my indyboomer blog yesterday:

    I’ve got to write about Susan Boyle. I imagine that about everybody on the planet has heard about her by now and that at least half of the world’s denizens have watched at least one of the gazillion YouTube videos of her performance on Brits Got Talent. If we’re not all tired of hearing about her yet, I suppose many will be in short order. No matter.

    I have watched her performance maybe a couple dozen times since I first heard of her on CNN’s AC360 a couple of nights ago. I fell in love with Susan the moment she walked out on stage, but I must admit, I honestly did not expect what followed when she began singing. It was a moment. A moment to behold. Everybody in the theatre and those who were watching the program live on Brit TV were treated to something special. That totally unexpected moment of victory for the underdog.

    It’s not only that she nailed the song, that she made it her own, that she could well have been Fontyn for those 2 or 3 minutes. “The Moment” came in the wake of her opening phrase and the responses from the 3 judges and then the entire audience. It was that magic moment that few of us ever have the opportunity, the privilege, to witness.

    Some complain that those who prejudged her simply from her looks – her heavily browed face, her rather frizzy hair, her weight, her age, her “cheekiness” – were despicable. And so they were. And so most of us were. That’s often the way of it.

    Nevertheless, a star was born. What next? It may be that she will not be able to live up to expectations now. How can she top that first moment? It is likely that she can’t. She may well wind up winning the competition, but where she goes from there is anybody’s guess. Ultimately, the glow may dim. She may, in the end be a hard sell. This sudden attention may tear her life apart. Fame has its really bad side as most of us know.

    I truly hope not. I hope that someone will step in if need be to help her cope with the changes that have already begun in her life. I hope somebody kisses her.

    I tear up every time I watch. I sing enough myself that I can relate to what she did, to what it takes to pull off that kind of performance.

    Ms. Boyle, I’m pulling for you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you have more great moments that you can share with the rest of us. Thank you. It was a joy.

    And, for your further listening enjoyment and more of Ms. Boyle’s vocal acumen click on
    . It’s a YouTube audio only recording. She may not be a “one hit wonder.”


  • mirawa

    Susan,Dump the Jerks.. We Love You in the US.

  • Jet

    All you have to do is go to the yahoo page and click the envelope beside my name!

  • I can’t seem to do it, Jet, so I just posted a comment to one of your pieces, listing my email. In case you don’t get it, visit my own website (through my URL) and click on the “Contact me” column on the Navigation Bar on top.

  • Well, the former must have been inspired by “EastEnders” or some other such thing.

  • Jet

    That brings us to the British hit “Black Adder” speaking of attractive actors.

  • Talking about “unattractive” actors, I have run into a gem of a movie, All or Nothing. It is a must-see.

  • Well, In Britain, not looking like Kim Kardashian has traditionally not been a barrier to success.

    For example, have a look at the actors in this clip – which is from one of our biggest-ever hit sitcoms.

  • Jet

    It’s comparable to Jim Nabor’s “Gomer Pyle” southern twang to his incredible professional voice.

  • Jet

    The problems are psychological Doc as much as physical, Workman’s comp has deprived me of not only my shrink, but a powerful antidepressant called Cymbalta.

    Rather than make an ass of myself overreacting to things like I did about the Forum closing I elected to lurk in the shadows….

  • Jet

    After reading a few articles on Ms. Boyle, it turns out she’s a little “slow” from a birth defect, which would explain her behavior before she sang (Hula hoop hips without the hula hoop).

    She’s been singing in her church choir for 12 years and because of her looks never before thought she had a chance in hell of becoming famous.

    BOY was she wrong!

  • It is amazing, isn’t it? Such a talent undiscovered. It’s a shame.

  • And

    [pretending he hasn’t read the preceding few comments]

    JET!!! Good to see you back. How’ve you been? Allow me to raise a glass (oh bugger it, it’s almost empty, time to open another bottle) to you, my friend.

  • I’m just wondering where Ms Boyle has been hiding all these years.

  • Jet

    Roger, rather than drag it through the mud here (which wouldn’t be fair to Diana) click my URL and follow the link to my on-line blog diary, or go to the Yahoo writer’s board and you can e-mail me from there.


  • You didn’t answer me, Jet. You’re not doing as well as expected? If you like that I’d rather email you, I will.

  • Funny you say that. Doug Hunter made a funny reference to Bigfoot sightings on another thread.

  • Jet

    I wonder where I can find a Suss-quatch hunter at this time of night?

  • But seriously now, I miss you on that site. It’s getting to be too rambunctious over there, people just argue for the argument’s sake, forgetting the larger picture. The list of people with whom I can truly open up and feel they’re at least sympathetic to what I’m saying shrinks daily.

  • Jet

    Death to all of the unreasonable fools who dare oppose Roger. I shall send my minians to smite them, and Susan Boyle* to hit a high note and leave their ears ringing forever.

    *in an attempt to veer back onto subject…

  • No problemo. You should read some of the comments on that thread – the one corresponding to Joanne’s latest piece, starting with Baritone’s #2. It’s almost f ..ng surreal.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Sorry, Roger. I guess I got confused and assumed your comment on this article actually related to this article and not what was going on “elsewhere.”

  • No, at my site. But I’m OK. I staved off the attack dogs. It’s heaven (for now) in Paradise.

    But I’m sorry to hear that. Aren’t you fully recovered? And what do you mean about not “being welcome”? This is news to me.

  • Jet

    With the ulcer and heart conditions, I’ve been trying to “Stay out of the fray”… you needed help here or at your site?

    I’m still a friend, I just haven’t felt very welcome around here lately. 🙂

  • Jordan,

    This was a comment in passing. You’ll see that the reference I made is to what transpired elsewhere. I haven’t accused the author or none of the commenters of anything, just related my experience. OK?

  • Jordan Richardson

    I really fail to see why every occasion must be used to advance the feminist agenda.

    Where are you seeing this? This article is about how people get judged by their looks, which is reality whether we like it or not, and how Susan Boyle knocked them all on their asses. I guess if you call that an “agenda,” so be it. But this article has NOTHING to do with feminism at all.

    Looks do have nothing to do with it; that’s the point.

  • Hey, Jet,

    What are you doing here? I needed your help, and desperately, against vicious attack dogs on my site, but you weren’t around. What else are friends for?

  • should be “head”

  • I really fail to see why every occasion must be used to advance the feminist agenda. Talent is rare and it comes in all forms. Looks have nothing to do with it.

    I got my get literally bashed for suggesting on the Politics site that I saw nothing inappropriate in the response of the panelists, considering the kind of show it was.

    Well, I suppose if someone has an agenda, then every occasion will serve. But somehow, in the process, I feel it’s a great disservice to the performing artists herself, like Susan. She’s jus t being used for whatever reason.

    I’m willing to bet that Ms Boyle didn’t feel she was being discriminated against in the slightest.

  • stephen j. schulke

    only god & susan could

  • Jet

    My jaw dropped and I wept.

  • Dan

    Rush Limbaugh raved about this lady on his radio show today. And now this.

    I’ve got to check this out.

  • chelc

    I ran across the clip of her on the web and was blown away also!! I will be keeping track of her and hope she does well. I have read other articles ,(TMZ),that have already tried to rain on her parade and i’m saddened. Why can’t she just be the wonderful singer she is? Im sure she’s been sheltered from what i’ve read and the rest will come. Hopefully someone will take her under their wing to help “enhance” her, but not change her which seems like happens so much anymore. We dont need another plastic person in the world…. Good Luck Ms. Boyle!

  • Here’s why I think we love Susan.

  • duane

    Yeah! Right on the money, Diana.

  • STM

    Yeah, it was pretty good wasn’t it?

    Susan Boyle rocks.

  • Shawn

    Ms. Hartman: Your words perfectly and eloquently hit the mark. I must confess that I, too, rolled my eyes when she first came on stage. I thought it was going to be like American Idol, where they make fun of people for “entertainment” purposes. When she opened her mouth and that first beautiful note flew out, I found myself ashamed and not liking myself very much. Wake up call, indeed!

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Great Article!

    I always love it when shallow people get their socks knocked off by someone with real talent. Unfortunately, our country has been over run by people who may look pretty but need all the studio magic they can get their hands on to release a fricken CD. For someone of 47 y/o to still have an immaculate voice is such a tremendous gift and she shouldn’t waste her time on this craptastic show. She should be spreading a demo around!! She most definitely could gain success on her own terms without having to sign one of their ridiculous contracts which will make her spurn out some Top 40 garbage!

    Susan Boyle, You are a fantastic vocalist! Please, get a lawyer before dealing with these trendy, people-exploiting scumbags!

  • jjstyx

    Very well written article.

  • Lloyd

    It is truly amazing, how this lady changes the expression of the audience. It is a lesson we should learn, beauty is not only external but it is within us. This is a lady that shift the earth may be a degree or two.

  • David Smith

    I am normally NOT a fan of any reality show or talent show. I happened to catch this segment of “Britian’s Got Talent” on ABC News here in the ‘States’. Miss Boyle’s voice is truely a gift from God. I can only hope that the Angels in Heaven took note as they now have some Earthly competition! This is one “Idol” I WILL follow.