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Survivor Palau – Final Results

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In a dramatic season finale, Tom Westman, Fire Fighter and family man, ended up as the winning contestant in the 2005 version of Survivor, a popular reality TV show.

In the last immunity challenge between the final three contestants, Ian decided to step down from the torturous buoy platform, giving Tom a win (after almost 12 hours of non stop endurance competition) in order to regain the trust and respect of his game-long, close alliance partner.

Katie had dropped out of the endurance competition after just three hours, but Tom and Ian showed incredible fortitude in their quest for the big pot of gold.

In the lead up to the final vote of the jury, Katie took some hard shots from her former tribe members for her laziness and ill humor during the course of the 40 day survival contest. Despite personal hard feelings from one juror (Coby), the seven member jury had no trouble awarding the title and $1 million check to Tom for his superior performance.

Tom dominated the physical challenges, played the game in a civilized manner, and made the right strategic decisions that ultimately led to his victory in the show.

Best Line – Mississippi Steel Worker James Miller “Ahm kinda ‘mbarassed to have mah ass whupped by a homosessual”

Best Physique – Male – Ibrahim Rahman – this man was the best positive example of Islam ever seen on television. Gentle, soft spoken, reverent, and built like a Greek god. I was sorry to see him go, weeks before the show concluded.

Best Physique – Female – A toss up between Ashlee Ashby and final four contestant Jennifer Lyon. Both were visually pleasant, and strong contestants.

Best Tattoos – Angie Jakusz – Somewhat freaky, eloquent, sweet, VERY pierced, and a woman you ended up rooting for once you got past the first impression.

Congratulations Tom Westman!

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    I read an offhand comment somewhere else about making a “Survivor-Iraq” season. That might get my attention.

    Ibrahim Rahman, in light if another recent thread, good thing for him he wasn’t a Saudi contestant.

  • Tristan

    I think I’m going to apply to be on survivor…..

    Maybe we here at BlogCritics could put together our OWN version of Survivor and take over the TV ratings~~!!!!

  • Bennett

    “good thing for him he wasn’t a Saudi contestant”

    SFC SKI, I don’t get this comment. I must hhave missed something. Please explain!


    If I knew how to post links, I’d link it. Short vrsion, A Saudi Arabian male took part in an American Idol-type game show, and was condemned by a bunch of clerics.

  • Bennett

    Who listens to Clerics? Critics we listen too (BC anyway). ;-]

    Ibrahim was awesome. When Mississippi Cracker James (said affectionately) got up in his face after a difficult day of competition, Ibrahim displayed unusual patience and tranquility. Admirable to the core.



    anyone who can remain calm in tight situations is to be admired.

  • Tristan

    Bennett: Great article and awesome pix~~~

    I was hoping to see one of that dark curly-haired girl–the one Koby named his new adopted daughter after !!!!

    What a FOX !

  • Bennett

    Thanks Tristan. Click the Survivor link to see ALL of the cast members. Next time around I’ll provide ongoing commentary. Stay tuned! :-]

  • Tristan

    Thanks Bennett~~~

    JANU~~!!! yummm…

    great pix there of her on the site too!!!


    Jan-eeeewwwwwwwwwww. Lanky, Skanky, and and Cranky.

    And Katy looked way better on the island than at the recap show. She should have stayed there another month and she woulda been Yowza!

  • Bennett

    Janu had some rough times on the island. Her “weepy” phase was hard to take.

    Bricklayer kinda nails her pretty good.

    Amazing how different the cast looks once they gat back to civilization (and shampoo, makeup, & pizza).


    Also the Survivor diet had the tattooed girl coming into her own. The sunshine and lack of fatty foods were doing her good. Last night she had the severe mall goth vibe going. Very over processed, glum and humorless. Too dowdy. Like a boring Wiccan librarian.

  • I thought Janu was creeepy!

    And what’s the point of having shrimps like Caryn in Survivor at all? She totally wimped out at all the physical challenges.

    In fact, don’t you think too many challenges are geared towards the men? It kind of makes the outcomes predictable (Ian and Tom, Ian and Tom.)

  • Did Miller really say that?

  • Bennett

    “Like a boring Wiccan librarian.”

    LOL! Very good analogy Bricklayer.

    Triniman, I’ve only seen three Survivor series, and the women have done well in the physical challenges. The skinny ones can be surprising. But the strong and athletic women tend to get voted off in the first few rounds…. I’d have loved to have a few more weeks of watching Ashley *compete*. ;-]

    This series had a higher percentage of Lame women on it.

    Eric, Yep, he did. Unabashed. Followed it up with “Well, I know them boys go and work out in the gym.”

    Funny as shit, I swear.