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Survivor Nicaragua: A Portrait of Epic Stupidity and A Disgrace to Chess Itself

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We all know Survivor is a game, and that it is not nor should it ever be considered real life. We also know that in some games you use your life skills and experiences to the test and then your instincts soon follow. If someone is starving out in the middle of an island, with no rescue coming, hanging with a bunch of strangers that you’ve never met in your life, one is bound to do some crazy things.

This is the 21st installment of the popular reality television series, and there have been plenty of memorable characters, and others not so memorable. We choose to love these characters because they come alive in our living rooms every week, and they either make us scream at the television or want to kiss it.

There also have been some evil characters; Boston Rob in All Stars, Todd in China, and most recently Russell in Samoa and Heroes Vs. Villains. They pale in comparison to Matthew, also known as “Sash,” in this season’s Survivor Nicaragua. He might seem laid back and a sweetheart, especially to his female brethren, but in actuality, in confessional and behind the scenes, the man known as “Sash” not only knows what he’s doing and how to play the game of Survivor, but one can tell he has done his homework and then some.

He might go down as the mastermind of one of the dumbest moves in the show’s history. We have seen those before; Colby in Australia picking Tina instead of Keith and then going on to lose, James going to tribal council and trusting his alliance too much to play one of the two hidden idols he had in his pocket and getting voted out, and my personal favorite, Erik in Micronesia giving in to the female temptresses on the island and giving up his immunity necklace to a rival in trouble.

There have been plenty of wrongdoings and silly mistakes made on the show, but that is also what is part of the appeal of Survivor: wondering who the next “Bush” will be. All the memories have been great, but none top what the man known as “Sash” did as recent as tonight. He made rival castaway Marty give up his immunity idol not only to look loyal, but also so that the idol could be flushed out. Now, not only did Marty give in to the head games of “Sash,” but “Sash” now controls the game and is the most dangerous player.

Brilliant “Sash” just brilliant. Penguin clap to you my friend, and if I had a special type of trophy I would definitely give it to you. I am a Survivor fan, but just because of Marty’s stupidity, this season of Survivor will go down as not only a portrait of epic stupidity, but a disgrace to the game of chess itself due to nearly everyone on the island being unable to play the game other than “Sash”. Hopefully there are more stupid moves and brilliant moves, for that is what adds to the appeal of the single greatest reality television show ever.

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  • Danny Vollmer

    and it wasn’t Brenda’s plan, it was Sash’s, when they were talking in the tent to Fabio asking what he wants to do and he told them, Sash then brought up the two options, but was just talking, but Brenda wanted to put it into action but it was Sash’s plan to begin with.

  • Danny Vollmer

    the show isn’t even over yet, i bet he makes it to the end and WILL be in the same discussion when he screws over Brenda. That editing was an omen of what was to come, when he slipped at Tribal.

  • Danny Vollmer

    I love how no matter what opinion i put down you have a problem with…Oh well, doesn’t matter…

  • Is this a another satire or are we watching two different shows?

    Sash doesn’t belong in a discussion with Rob and Russell. And how is he the mastermind exactly? It was Brenda’s plan to have Marty give up his idol, which wasn’t necessarily a dumb move on Marty’s part. If he hadn’t turned it over, they would have flushed it out because they had the numbers. Sure, he took an unnecessary risk, but he would have been in the same place he is now.