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Survivor: Best and Worst Seasons of the Show

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Survivor has been the longest running active television show in the United States at the moment. It has lasted longer than Mash, and Cheers. It has millions of viewers each week, and has provided enough drama over its tenure to make William Shakespeare cringe in his grave.

I mean you have everything: hot women in bathing suits producing cat fights, grown men topless walking around the beach, disabled characters, macho alpha males trying to impress the masses, and the older bossy person annoying everyone. You have every category, and then some, to please everyone in the audience and make each person around the world relate to each one of the characters on the screen. 

Some think they are actors, others think they really are suffering, we will never know because the audience never sees what is happening off camera, so it is left to our imagination. Now I will provide you with what I feel are the best and worst seasons of the show.

We will start with the worst. Now everyone probably agrees with this, but the fifth installment, Survivor Thailand should rank atop everyone’s list as the worst of all time, simply because of the cast. The winner was a used car salesman and former soft core pornography actor. That, by itself should tell you just what they were thinking when they cast people for that show. Plus, it was really not entertaining and predictable. The best part about that show was the choking scene with skater Rob and racist Clay. Survivor Thailand, the worst season of Survivor ever.

Others include, the fifteenth installment Survivor China, once again, awful cast and stupid game play with the double idols, and the nineteenth installment Survivor Samoa, before they even premiered the show on television, the trailers alone told the story of how Russell would go far. Survivor Samoa was a victim of bad press and over hype and they made it too obvious that there would only be one type of character and that gave you the impression that the rest of the cast would be uninteresting, which they ended up being.

Honorable mention for the worst seasons include, Survivor Fiji with Yau Man getting robbed and Survivor Marquesas with Boston Rob getting eliminated early.

On to the best, and how fitting because you should save the best for last anyway right? Survivor Borneo, the very first season will always go down as the best season ever simply because not only was it the first season, but it set the standard for what american reality television would come to be, which is interesting and cutting edge. I mean everyone knows the sequels of any movie do not even come close to the original.

Others include Survivor Africa with Lex and Survivor Amazon with Rob Cesternino. By default Survivor Borneo goes down as the best season ever, but in my opinion and in my heart Survivor All Stars with Rob and Amber, will always be the best season due to the emergence of one Boston Rob. He not only dominated but showed everyone that he is the best Survivor of all time. Due to the fact that he lost in Marquesas and lose in Heroes Versus Villains, they do not even come close to be considered on the top of any Best of lists. When you like someone, you dislike someone just as much and that would be Rupert for me, he does nothing for me and any season where he gets the most camera time goes down the list with the exception of All Stars because that was and i’m quoting Jeff Probst himself, “Rob’s season.”

With all of this said, I am happy with my picks of the best and worst, not everyone will agree and most will not agree, but this is simply opinion and opinion only. Lets recap shall we? Worst seasons ever include; Survivors Thailand, Fiji, Samoa, and China. Best seasons ever include; Survivors Borneo, Africa, Amazon, and All Stars.

 Honorable mention for the best goes to Fans Versus Favorites and Australia. Honorable mention for the worst goes to Marquesas, Heroes Versus Villains and Pearl Islands. Now it is your turn, feel free to comment about what you feel are the best and worst seasons of Survivor. Do you agree with me? Real fans apply only.

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    Great article but terrible grammar. Can’t argue with the selections, but I lost some of your points in your sentance structure.