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Surprise Surprise. Ashton Kutcher bombs at Box Office

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Ashton Kutcher’s new film “My Boss’s Daughter” opened this weekend as a true Box Office disaster. Opening on over 2200 screens, Boss’s Daughter could only manage to pull in 5 million bucks. Good money says it doesn’t reach 10.

This shouldn’t surprise anybody. Ashton Kutcher is not an actor. He’s not a movie star. He’s a B grade sit-com regular, that’s it. How on earth this guy gets so much props from the pop-media had been a complete mystery to me. And yet, there he is on the cover of just about every magazine I see. Personally, I think this is proof that the “Mystic Order of Stone Cutters” really does exist and is pulling the strings or our little world. How else can one explain it?

Much like J Lo, Kutcher has achieved huge movie star status, without really doing anything that has earned him the title. The man is dating Demi Moore, and for that, every male on the planet should solute him and wish to be him… but they certainly aren’t paying money to go to a theater to see him.

Ashton is already signed up to appear in no less than 4 more films already in production/pre-production, and I’ll go on record right now and tell you that they will all 1) suck, and 2) make no money. There, my little rant for the day is now done. You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives.

More Kutcher-mania here.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Though I have to admit I have only seen “Dude” of his films, I have a more positive view of Kutcher. I have no idea where he will end up, but remember Michael Keaton began much the same way and with the same lightweight rep (both have manic energy), as did Keanu Reeves, who isn’t Brando but has had a varied and successful career.

  • This weekend was kind of weak overall for new theater releases. Medallion with Jackie Chan maybe being the only halfway interesting release.

    We have Dude Where’s My Car on DVD, but haven’t seen Ketcher’s other movies and doubtfully will pay to see his newest flick. Think that I’ll wait for the DVD and maybe catch it there.

  • I can understand your point Eric, I mean, no one knows what this young actor MAY turn into. However, comparing him to Keaton just isn’t fair. Remember, before Batman Keaton already had a long string of box office and critic successes under his belt. Beatlejuice, Clean and Sober, Mr. Mom, Night Shift, Johnny Dangerously and a couple of others. People were upset with his casting as Batmen initially because Keaton was too small and primarily known as a comedic actor, not because they were worried that he couldn’t act at all.

    Comparing him to Reeves is perhaps more appropriate. But even Reeves somewhat established himself as a semi-respectable actor well before he was hailed as a “big movie star” because of The Matrix. Films like Speed, Much Ado About Nothing, The Devil’s Advocate and even Johnny Mnemonic earned Reeves some degree of respectability before he was a mega-star.

    What does Ashton Kutcher list on his reume? Dude Where’s My Car, Just Married and That 70’s Show?!?! I agree with you that it is POSSIBLE that Kutcher could make a decent career for himself given some time. My point is just that he currently does not deserve or merit the status the pop-media is currently giving him. And unlike Keaton and Reeves, I see nothing in his previous work that suggests he ready for a major role like Superman. Just my two cents worth.

    PS. Thanks for covering my back and putting those Amazon links up for me.

  • Eric Olsen

    No prob, and you’re probably right, just sticking up for the kid a bit.

  • Sheryl Kutcher

    I want to know about his surname.

    Kutcher is not a common surname and all the Kutcher’s in South Africa are related. I want to know how he got the surname. Perhaps we are related somehow as I do not know anyone with the surname that are not family.