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Surly In A Hurry

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So here I am in Salt Lake City, home of the world’s largest Mormon (I am sure that is true, but no I haven’t really checked.) Not too far from the Temple downtown is a small, mom and pop Indian food joint called “Curry In A Hurry.” Well, I walk into this joint for the first time in my life because I hear from a few IT peers that they have the best curry on this side of town.

One of the proprietors of this place – we shall call her Sushma – was standing behind the register with a perturbed look on her face. I figured after I said hello, flashed my Hollywood smile and began to order she would brighten up (or at least fake it for my benefit). I couldn’t have been more wrong. By the looks of her, Sushma has had a continuous string of bad days since about April 3, 1965 or so. My questions about the menu were met with mostly monosyllabic grunts and finger-pointing at the menu. Never a smile, never a friendly gesture of any kind.

How was the food, you ask? Well, I had the tandoori chicken, curry potatoes and rice with more curry sauce. The food was passable, reasonably tasty but not as complex as I am used to in a good curry sauce. I will probably be researching other Indian food joints in town before I go back.

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  • Wow glad you vtened! That sounds awful! If I were you I’d gather up my gumption and confront him tell him you don’t understand why he feels the need to comment on everything you eat, and that it makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable and harassed. Harassment, indeed! Ugh! If you can’t say all that to him, just tell him you wish he would stop commenting on your food.