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Suresh Joachim: Who is this man?

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Well Suresh Joachim did the unthinkable, or every man’s dream, he watched TV… non-stop … 69 hours and 48 minutes, that’s a lot of television, and all on ABC too. As I read this story and all about this recent feat, I dug deeper into his past, to see the other odd records this man has broken.

He stood on one foot for over 76 hours at one point, just think of that. I tried this myself and felt the strain after a few short minutes, not to mention I just got bored.

His next random record: Carrying a 10lb brick a certain distance. He didn’t just walk around the block, the man walked 78 miles. Also on the list, an 84-hour drumming marathon, a prolonged dance marathon – this guy is weird.

Though it does provide exactly what he wants, and that’s attention. He is, after all, trying to end poverty and hunger, and the best way to do that is to make sure people hear your message, no matter how weird you get it out there. A stunt, or theatrical event gets people to wonder why you are doing what you are doing.

Then there are the people who balance glasses on their chin, stack bowling balls, or freeze themselves in ice cubes in Times Square, they’re just spotlight seekers.

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  • Christine

    I wish I had time like that on my hands! I can’t imagine doing any one activity for so long. I guess Suresh Joachim doesn’t have ADD.

  • No, but it seems like he could use his time in a more productive way, don’t ya think?

  • Alistair

    Brilliant! Fundraising and breaking records all in one. I believe that this is a much cooler way to make people aware then by just blindly making donations.

    What’s going to be next?