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Supreme Court Justice’s Wife Launches Conservative Movement Linked to Tea Party

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According to the Los Angeles Times, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, told Tea Party leaders in Washington, "I am an ordinary citizen from Omaha, Nebraska, who just may have the chance to preserve liberty along with you and other people like you." Apparently, Mrs. Thomas went on to count herself among those energized into action by President Obama's "hard-left agenda."

Mrs. Thomas is energized all right! So much so, that in January she launched a non-profit, conservative, tea-party-linked movement –– Liberty Central –– whose mission includes "activating informed American patriots who are seeking knowledge of the core founding principles and passionate about preserving freedom and liberty.” LibertyCentral.org will serve the big tent of the conservative movement by using a three-prong approach: education, motivation, and activism. Back in February, Mrs. Thomas (wearing her Liberty Central sweatshirt), had a pleasant interview with Ed Morrissey at CPAC, highlighting her focus and Liberty Centrals' "five core founding principles" –– limited government, personal responsibility, individual liberty, national security, and free enterprise. Mrs. Thomas also described the Tea Party as "new citizen activists," something she is very excited about and wants to be part of.

While the author of Sunday's LA Times article, Kathleen Hennessey, does point out that experts don't deem Mrs. Thomas' work as a violation of ethical rules, noting that “under judicial rules, judges must curb political activity, but a spouse is free to engage,” her tone and tag line paint a different slant. Ms. Hennessy projects that Mrs. Thomas’ activism “is likely to test notions of political impartiality for the court." Andy McCarthy of the National Review quickly fired back, calling Hennessey’s piece a "hit job on Ginni Thomas" and documented the blatant double standard of the left-wing media and their on-going "war" against Conservatives (especially women).

Where was the left-wing media's "conflict of interest" outcry when Mrs. Obama, who was armed with a task force and got a State of the Union "shout out" –– unlike our Supreme Court who were humiliated with a “shout down” –– launched her Let's Move Campaign ? Did they miss the fact that the controversial left-wing group, SEIU, has been caught with their greedy hands in the "childhood obesity cookie jar?” Who by the way, lobby’s for and benefits from proposed legislation, who just happens to have strong and direct ties to Mrs. Obama's husband –– our President. Hmmm.

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  • ‘Where was the left-wing media’s “conflict of interest” outcry when Mrs. Obama, who was armed with a task force and got a State of the Union “shout out”‘

    Where is the right-wing’s “conflict of interest” outcry now? It cuts both ways, Christine.

    For the record, I don’t have a problem with Mrs Thomas’s activism.

  • Yes, Dr. D, it does “cut both ways”: sad for journalism and our country.

  • She’s entitled to do what she likes but it just feeds into the notion many have that tea parties are examples of astroturfing, so it’s a very poor PR decision on her part and does anyone really believe she’s an “ordinary citizen”? what a load of hooey!

    I read the LA Times article. How is it a “hit piece”? Even McCarthy doesn’t give an example, just states that it is. Can you name another SCJ spouse who has done something of a similar nature?

    “the big tent of the conservative movement”

    this line made me laugh because it sounds like either PR or someone speaking who is uninformed.

  • Ryan Sorba from the Young Americans for Freedom made clear at CPAC he doesn’t want gays in the tent

  • John Wilson

    Well, at least Mrs. Thomas has resolved any doubts anyone had about whether the Thomases are a Hard Right family or not.

  • El, that is the longest comment from you I have seen. I am impressed.

  • I just wonder if any of the left-wing media will dare, since she has aligned herself with the Tea Party, call “Ginni” a racist!

  • Christine,

    I wouldn’t call Obama hard-left, and here we go union bashing again.

    However, you do make a good case here, now I’m all for term limits for the Supreme Court.

    🙂 Nite, Christine, I’m too tired to make a point…

  • El, by the way, Ryan Sorba was “booed” (is that a real word) at CPAC.

  • Christine, if your impressed by that, you might want to move around to others portions of the site. I’ll take your dismissive remark to me you have no answer to my questions.

    Since she’s married to a black man, I am guessing the racist remark might not be used too often.

    Was Sorba booed by every single person in attendance? Please cite. Also, aren’t TP conservatives attempting to purge moderates out of office? Doesn’t really sound like a big tent

  • El, I was just making a joke, no harm intended. Sorry!

    I don’t know how many booed Sorba, but in my opinion he was a disgrace. However, not all Tea Party people are racist and against the gays.

    Not sure how big Ginni’s tent will be, so will keep a watch.

  • The longer I am on Blogcritics, the more I am convinced there are left-wing trolls whos entire day revolves around hitting conservative-minded blog posts looking for a fight. El clearly needs to try some chamomile tea and realize, hey, this country ain’t all that bad and conservatives aren’t going to destroy the country, tie everyone up, dunk them under water in the name of Jesus, force them to go to church and burn women who get abortions at the stake in the public square. Jannie really REALLY tries hard to bring conservatives to her side, I have seen her make 11 comments on a conservatives BC post, starting at 3am. I wonder how many conservatives she has “Saved”?

  • Would you like a little cyanide with your tea?

    It’s not the ones who are “catapulting the propaganda” that are disconnected from reality – they know damned well what they are doing – it’s all those pathetic white people who are swallowing this garbage whole! And let’s face some sobering truths, shall we? Other than a small handful of blubbering Uncle Toms, they’re almost entirely white. The disconnect between reality and delusion in this country is widespread and appalling. That would partially explain the political careers of people like Jeff Sessions and Michele Bachmann. People like them are only able to advance because of the stampeding ignorance of their constituents. In the land of the brain-dead, the half-wit is king.

    Tom Degan
    Goshen NY

  • Jamison,

    This is not an exclusive conservative site and it’s not even an exclusively American site.

    BTW, you might want to check out my article, Jamison, you could probably learn a thing or two from this Liberal if you could open your mind.

    :)Have a nice day!

  • You forgot the bowl of oatmeal.

  • I switched to Wheaties…if that comment was for me?

  • Now, I’m sure that wasn’t for me! satire goes over my head

  • good morning Roger. :)you sound feisty!

  • Baronius

    Tom, there’s nothing wrong with being white. There’s nothing wrong with being black, either. You seem to have something against both.

    And why do liberals divide conservatives into the schemers at the top and the dupes at the bottom? It’s a very common theme. I guess that conservatives do the same thing, to a degree, talking about the innocent liberal duped by the hard-left ideologue, but in that narrative it’s a matter of ideology, not class.

  • Doris Jude Porter

    It is a shame that America Supreme Justice Court Clearance Thomas wife is siding with interest groups. Supreme Court Justice Clearance Thomas voted on giving voting right and funding political canidate to corporations and his wife Ginni Thomas join the tea party movement to support GOPS agenda. America have been hyjacked by an unjust system.

  • Doris Jude Porter

    Conflict of interest Of Justice when the Supreme courts members Clearance Thomas wife supporting tea party agenda to divide America.

  • I wonder if he’s known as ‘Clearance’ Thomas because of his habit of making a beeline straight for the endcaps at Target?


  • Christine, your comments on the Left wing are spot on and I have no quarrel with what you maintain. However — there’s got to be a separation between SCOTUS and POTUS. I find Mrs. Thomas’ connection to the Tea Party movement troubling. There’s too much politicking going on concerning SCOTUS especially in light of their recent controversial decision. I’m not very enthusiastic about the Roberts’ court especially where Justices Thomas and Roberts are concerned. In my mind, Clarence Thomas is to the Supreme Court what Michael Steele is to the GOP. Out of respect for the position Chief Justice Roberts holds, I will refrain from a tirade. Let’s just say that what you see on the surface with Mr. Chief Justice is not necessarily what you get.

    I’ve got issues with the way the Left treats this Court. Regardless of ideology, there must be respect for the Court and its unique role in Federal governance. The extremes on both sides of the aisle use their self-righteous indignation as justification for their assault on SCOTUS. The Left has been merciless and the louder they get in their defiance, the stronger my support for the Justices becomes.

    I want to be fair here. I have the same issue with the extreme Right. They have used their own bully pulpit to steer their vision of SCOTUS. They used their influence on White Houses past to unduly influence Presidents into nominating Justices who are sympathetic to their Crusade– and this is very dangerous.

    I had a discussion this week with an attorney who spends a lot of time in Washington. This attorney’s specialty is the import/export of food. The attorney lamented the recent SCOTUS decision which I immediately challenged. In presenting my case, I explained that I thought the decision was completely logical based upon the confines of our Constitution. And, as such, what SCOTUS did was place the ball squarely in the Congressional domain where it properly belongs. The attorney agreed with a caveat. You see, there’s a lot of frustration in Washington — even among lobbyists. From Federal employees in the trenches to lobbyists on the Hill, everyone feels as if they are stuck in a vise. Washington is completely paralyzed in the health care debate — so much so that it has had a horrific impact on legislation which remains bogged down committees with little chance of getting a fair hearing.

    Mrs. Thomas is entitled to her political opinions in private. But once those opinions spill out into the public domain, in my mind what she accomplishes is demonstrating she has no respect or regard for the position which her husband holds.

    The partner of a Supreme Court Justice has a different role than that of the First Lady. Mrs. Obama is a political figure with license to do that which she must to advance the agenda of her husband — the President. The nine justices have enough to contend with in the toxic atmosphere of Washington. Mrs. Thomas contributes to the increased volatility toward SCOTUS and in doing so has diminished her husband’s role as one of the “good guys”. To be perfectly honest with you, if I were in Clarence Thomas’ robes and my wife became part of a political movement — I would file for a divorce or step down from the Bench.

  • Silas,

    The Court is part of that toxic atmosphere, and If you want to clean one house then you have to clean all the others.

    Term limits for the Supreme Court will end this corruption of power.

    :)Where’s my Lobster?

  • “the big tent of the conservative movement”

    The contemporary conservative movement is far from a big tent. As a matter of fact it is a myopic, destructive force in the American political forum — identical to the extreme Left wing. True conservatives support gay marriage, the right of self determination and a level playing field for all citizens regardless of societal status including a woman’s right to choose her own reproductive freedom. The Far Right is a Judeo-Christian movement which has more in common with Muslim extremists than the founders of this land.

    Extremism in politics is dangerous and counterproductive. If the United States is to survive, it’s time for a real national conversation. I’m convinced now, more so than ever, that it is time for an Article V Convention which establishes a parliamentary system of government.

    I’m also convinced that my position on term limits was wrong. After the last 4 days, I’ve come to understand that term limits would only make the Washington circus worse and will soon explain why.

  • The Court is part of that toxic atmosphere, and If you want to clean one house then you have to clean all the others.

    With all due respect I disagree. Regardless of who occupies SCOTUS, in institution in and of itself deserves higher respect than that afforded to the Legislative and Executive branches.

    Term limits for the Supreme Court will end this corruption of power.

    I’m going to immerse myself in the term limit debate soon, Jeannie. And when I am done presenting my case for why my position has been completely wrong, you will see that there is merit to the alternative to term limits.

    :)Where’s my Lobster?

    I’m all lobstered out. I’ve had more seafood in three days to cover my Roman Catholic fish on Friday obligation for the next four Lenten seasons.

  • Good point, Jeannie.

    All you’ve got to look at is the recent decision of SCOTUS to allow corporate interests (and money) to influence the outcome of the elections.

    Silas does appear to suffer from a kind of political schizophrenia. On the one hand, he condemns some of our political institutions for being corrupt to the core; on the other, he appears to be upholding the idea of the sanctity of the Supreme Court.

    The whole house has got to be cleaned, not just parts of it. It’s all infested with termites.

  • Silas,

    True conservatives support gay marriage, the right of self determination and a level playing field for all citizens regardless of societal status including a woman’s right to choose her own reproductive freedom.

    Really? That’s not how many of the members in my family think.

  • Listen to Roger, he’s right. 🙂

  • Roman Catholic fish on Friday

    That came from Cleopatra and the her physician , he wanted her to eat more iodine so she declared eating fish as a law. The Romans and the Catholic church followed afterward.


  • Silas,


    there is merit to the alternative to term limits.

    Are you saying there should not be limits?

    That is what has led to this complacency in the first place, true?

  • Silas does appear to suffer from a kind of political schizophrenia. On the one hand, he condemns some of our political institutions for being corrupt to the core; on the other, he appears to be upholding the idea of the sanctity of the Supreme Court.

    It’s not political schizophrenia. It is placing the issue back in the Legislative branch where it rightfully belongs. I’m troubled by the SCOTUS decision, Roger. But when reading the decision and the dissenting opinion, what I see here is that SCOTUS has laid the foundation for reform. On the surface the decision may seem to favor large corporations but opens the door for members of Congress to legislate — a novel idea whose time has come.

    Are you saying there should not be limits?

    I was a devout supporter of term limits until this week. It’s not about term limits, Jeannie, it’s about the redistribution of how power is bestowed upon members. The current seniority system is the problem not term limits. And I will be explaining this change in course very soon.

  • Silas,

    Without limits on all of them, they have become the unbreakable power that is now hurting all of us. Do you see this?

  • Silas,

    Is this going to be your topic on, Thursday?

  • That’s a novel concept, Silas, laying out the foundations for change by means of reaction.

    It’s like saying that Roe vs Wade or Brown vs Board of Education need to be overturned in order to purify them.

    But I’m always open to an alternative view, so I’m ready to listen.

  • Yes and no, Jeannie. Term limits for SCOTUS is out of the question — doing so defangs the Judicial Branch. If anything, we need to redefine the process for judicial selection.

    For years I was convinced term limits were the way to go in Congress. I was wrong. Two attorneys and 3 “liaisons” between Congress and industry convinced me that it usually takes two terms before a member of Congress understands the process in Washington and up to a full term for a Senator. Their case was compelling especially since they wove into the debate that it is less about term limits and more about the procedures used in dispensing “power” to member. We need to be less focused on seniority and more focused on redistribution of authority among Congressional members.

  • Is this going to be your topic on, Thursday?

    It will be part of the agenda, Jannie. I learned a lot this week. Having listened to perspectives from around the globe and from Federal officials, I got a real understanding of the frustration almost everyone has with Congress. People are less focused on President Obama’s agenda than we think. Most are of the opinion that Democrats and Republicans are trying to take the attention away from themselves, focusing in the Obamagenda. The President’s own party is willing to make their leader the sacrificial lamb in an effort to hold on to their own offices. If I were the President, I would be pissed off and sounding a call to arms by the Independents in America. Barack Obama needs to concentrate on being President not Campaign 2012.

  • I’m not in favour of term limits as a general rule. I take the view that if your congressperson starts getting complacent, or corrupt, or stops caring about doing his or her job well after a few terms too many, and you keep re-electing them, then you have the congressperson you deserve.

    On the other hand, you can have a situation where an elected official is really good at their job and, because of term limits, can’t be re-elected. That happened recently in Chile, whose immensely popular president Michelle Bachelet was prohibited from running for re-election because of Chile’s (understandable, admittedly) single-term law. Opinion polls showed she would have won in a landslide.

  • You’re right, Dr Dread. And in speaking to a Chilean this week, he expressed the same sentiment especially in light of the aftermath of the earthquake. On the surface, Congressional term limits did seem attractive until I came to understand just how complicated things have become in Washington. It was an eye opening experience which taught me that the volatility in Congress is generated by the members themselves in their desperate quest to hold the reins of political power.

    In a conversation with an entrenched Democrat “operative” I learned that even Democrats who are not members of Congress are frustrated by the number of back room deals which occur on an hourly basis by Democrats themselves. She indicated to me that this “back room” mentality is the direct result of Watergate. What totally blew me away was the opinion expressed by a few lifelong Democrats which agreed with many issues raised by the Tea Partiers. And while they agree, they won’t express their views publicly due to the nasty image portrayed. So maybe we need a “gourmet” tea party movement which is less immersed in the politics of bullshit and more focused on the politics of reform.

    Ironically, two business people, one from Denmark and one from Illinois expressed the same opinion. They said that Watergate was the tipping point in Washington. The level of distrust and downright hostility has exponentially grown in the years following. As small business people, they feel the poisonous environment in Washington is impacting every facet of life in the United States and big business has capitalized on it.

    So while the rest of us were debating ethics reform in the Watergate aftermath, lobbyists seized the opportunity to play on the political insecurities of Congress. They injected millions of dollars in feeding the paranoia bringing divisive political discourse to new heights.

    Under the current system our Congress is destined to fail every session. So, we are faced with making some tough decisions. Do we advance the cause of an Article V Convention which redefines the role of Federal Government in our lives? Or do we take the system and install regulatory reform which opens up the elections process? Tough questions. Tough decisions.

  • John Wilson

    “7 – Christine

    I just wonder if any of the left-wing media will dare, since she has aligned herself with the Tea Party, call “Ginni” a racist!”

    I don’t know. Is she?

  • Baronius writes:

    “There’s nothing wrong with being black, either.”


    There’s nothing wrong with being black SINCE the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Act of 1966.

    Coincidentally, all of those measures were opposed by most White Conservatives in America.

    Christine, as for Ginni Thomas being a “racist” or not, I can’t answer that question because I don’t know her, but the assertion that having sex with somebody of a different race innoculates you from being a racist just doesn’t jive with history.

    Take the Loving v. Virginia SCOTUS decision from 1967, which kept the Thomas Marriage from being a FELONY in the South.
    What did American Whites think about interracial marriage back then?

    “A Gallup Poll indicated in 1965 that 42 percent of Northern whites supported bans on inter-racial marriage, as did 72 percent of southern whites.”

    Yet the SCOTUS decision was unanimous.