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Support should be a logical response

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As we head into the 48 hour deadline that our President has give Saddam and his sons, it is important that we remember that the choices that our government has made have not been easy, and that while it was fine to display anti-war demonstrations when we weren’t sure about the future, it is no longer an appropriate response.

America is one of, if not the best places on Earth to live. It is almost funny to look at some of our country’s complaints compared to others in the world. I mean, “to latte or not to latte?” compared to “will I have a chemical bomb dropped on my house by my leader?”–come on folks.

We as a people need to support our commander. Our president–who, whether you voted for him or not, is still our president–has many difficult choices ahead of him that will affect our nation. If you support him, he may never know your name or your address even that you are alive, but the bottom line is, in exchange for all of the freedoms that we have in this country, the least we can do is show support for our leaders.

I have a friend that is a waitress and she was at her job last night, taking food to a table in the bar and while our president was on TV people were screaming “turn him off” and “I didn’t vote for him”. That is ridiculous. I didn’t vote for Clinton, but it still made me sad to see all of the problems that befell his administration. Why? We are to support the office of president no matter if we like the man in the office or not.

So, as our country heads into war, whether you are religious or not, when you feel the urge to criticize–resist. Instead, pray for the man who is making the choices that would give us ulcers if they were put on our shoulders. In 2004, if you aren’t happy with the way this all pans out, vote for somebody else. Until 2004, be a REAL American, and support your president. If you can’t I am sure France and Germany and all of their anti-American sentiments would be happy to welcome you with open arms.

Jeff Petermann

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  • Jeff,

    When you say, “in exchange for all of the freedoms that we have in this country, the least we can do is show support for our leaders,” I have to wonder if you understand the Framers’ conception of the word “freedom” when they created a Constitution to protect it.

    That “freedom” is precisely the freedom NOT to “show support for our leaders.” That freedom is meaningless if there is ever a condition under which support is mandatory.

    Under your logic, a President could wage war that 99.9% of the country opposes, and we–including you–would be obligated to support him. Is war some kind of a magical support-creating potion?

    I fear we may have leaders who believe it is.

  • mike

    “War is the health of the State.” Randolph Bourne

  • Jeff Petermann

    Seriously, would everyone but Amber please go and become legal French citizens. We don’t want you here in the US. I never said to shoot people who don’t agree with the war–I simply said, now that the elected officials have decided to go, we should support them. I think it is a fair trade. I am glad my post has sparked some comments though.

  • this is all crap.

    is there some goddamn united states citizen rulebook that i’ve neglected to read? aside from the constitution, that is?

  • Jeff, I agree with you.

  • This is deeply flawed thinking and not logical at all.

    You’re saying that it’s only okay to oppose war until it is declared and then all debate and contrary thought must stop? That freedom of speech should be voluntarily surrendered until the next election? If you’re saying that support for a leader should be automatic rather than earned, based on his autocratic whim rather than presenting a convincing case, then you’re not talking about any sort of freedom or democracy that I’ve ever heard of.

    Saddam can be crushed and Iraq liberated without anyone having to get heavy-handed about stiffling all descenting voices, boycotting all bluegrass lite bands who make a wishcrack during a performance and not buying brie.

  • mike

    I agree. We must all support our Great Leader in this time of crisis. We must all have the same thoughts of deference to the central power. The government-especially George W Bush, the greatest President in the history of the world-has only our best interests at heart, and would never lie to us about anything. I trust our leaders completely.

    The United States is the greatest, freest society in the world, and we should show our gratitude by not speaking our mind, or engaging in any dissent.

    All must march single file with their hands straight out, chanting, “Our fate is in your wise hands, o Great Leader. You are the light that never goes out.”

    Everyone must pledge allegiance to the First Amendment, or they will be shot.