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Support Charity: Buy The Humble Indie Bundle

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Okay this story is more than just awesome, it's why a lot of people love independent game developers. The Humble Indie Bundle brings together five indie games, which have a combined retail value of $80. Now $80 for five games is a pretty good deal regardless but what the developers are letting you do is name the price for the entire bundle. That's right you can be one of those guys who pays five cents for five games or completely awesome and even pay more than the retail (one guy has paid $500). Really it's up to you.



Now this sort of deal isn't new to the indie market as the developers of World of Goo, a game available in the bundle, allowed gamers to pay what they wanted for the game for their 1st Birthday sale. What the bundle does differently is it allows gamers to choose how much of their contribution goes back to the developers and how much goes to charity. That's right, freaking charities! By buying some games you can support the charities Child's Play and Electric Frontier Foundation and, well, now you have no excuses for not buying these games. 

The Bundle offers gamers World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD and Penumbra: Overtrue. It's a great pack for a great cause which doesn't discriminate between Mac, Linux and Windows users and even allows you to send the bundle as a gift to a friend. You'll need to hurry over to the website though as this bundle is only available for another six days, as of writing. If you need further convincing of the awesomeness of this cause, which has already seen over $150,000 contributed, then check out this hilarious little rap video made by the team behind the bundle. It even features encouragement from the Governator.

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