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Supernova Week Six Josh and Jill Went Up the Hill

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Not to fetch a pail of water, instead both met elimination. They did receive a nifty consolation prize, a shiny new Gibson guitar to take with them. This week the top ten were presented with new Gibson guitars in congratulations for making it this far in the competition. The remaining fortunate eight will accompany the guys to "Viva!" Las Vegas.

The night's trend in pairs began with encore performances. Magni sang his second encore and Lukas finally and deservedly scores an encore spot. Magni's solo performance of Live's "The Dolphin's Cry", further boosted my growing respect an admiration for him. Thinking enough to fly his family in from Iceland,  Supernova speaks volumes regarding their opinion of his talent. Lukas Rossi's performance of "Creep" by Radiohead fit him like the fishnet gloves he wore; it was some of the best singing of the competition. I had read the man has an amazing voice, this week he let it fly; he had great timing with the competition tightening.

Dilana is proving she knows how to play this game; she took The Who song, "Won't Get Fooled Again" with Gilby on guitar, scoring big points with Supernova. Combined with her overall attitude, the consistently great performances she continues to deliver, keeps her high in the rankings.

Dilana deserves the number one spot this week by virtue of her showmanship, drive, attitude with the other contestants, and presence with Supernova; Janis Joplin vocals don't hurt her either. Her confidence and ease at performing with Gilby Clark on "Won't Get Fooled Again" made her seem a natural fit for the band.

The Iceman Cometh! I am loving this guy. My opinion continues to increase. Initially I thought, yeah, bald rocker guy, been there, seen that; but I hadn't seen This Bald Rocker Guy! Magni-ficient fits him, he is really, really good. It doesn't matter what song he chooses, he owns it. I love his voice, "Magni-fied" vocal power, complete with great tone. Performing "The Dolphin's Cry" by Live with just his guitar was amazing in the power he could emanate with such subtlety. That baby boy of his, who looks very much like the "Gerber" baby, in attendance, doesn't hurt him either.

Lukas regains some ground in this competition as he actually sings Radiohead's "Creep", and did it beautifully. He really powered up his vocals. Dilana suggested Lukas take this tune and it fit him completely. Dilana gave him advice musically; let me provide some regarding his look. Next week I’d love to see him perform sans make-up – that will get him more attention than anything. Let's talk hair, time for the skunk hairdo to go; I think solid black would work much better for him. The fishnet gloves though, worked for me in a strange way, an interesting touch, and probably interesting to touch.

Singing Freddy Mercury is a daunting task, but Storm pulled it off. She gave us "We Are the Champions" by Queen, in her performance, she had me thinking she’d do Queen more service than their current singer, Paul Rogers. Brian May, Deacon, Roger Taylor, you guys watching this show? Someone give them a 'heads up'.

Star did a good job with Rolling Stones, "Painted Black". He changed it up this week, entering the stage from the audience. His vocals were good, intense, wrapped the song up well. I was just taken by surprise during the performance when he flipped the hairy hoodie from his head, then revealed Rocky Raccoon make-up. Theatrical, and I'm not saying it was bad, just more distracting than awe-inspiring. I had to go on-line to see if anyone was marketing hairy hoodies. This may have been what landed Ryan in the bottom three.

Toby whipped out a megaphone in his performance (actually Zayra handed it to him, draped in an Aussie flag) of "Burning Down the House" by the Talking Heads. He had a good start with this song, but overall just didn't do it for me, I had him pegged for bottom three, but his fans from "Down Under" kept him from going under.

Patrice did the John Lennon tune "Instant Karma" giving it an alt-rock twist, but frankly I was bored with it. I thought she'd land in the bottom three this week too, but she skimmed out of it. I bet she's glad she didn't wear the hairy hoodie.

Looking like she was ready for Broadway, or trying to show off the new design for "Oscar", the golden award adored by Hollywood, my darling fellow Dallasite, Zayra, strutted out in a shiny gold catsuit, big black boots and top hat. I'm sure she did not disappoint "All the Young Dudes", the name of the David Bowie song she selected this week. Sadly, hers were the worst vocals of the night, but the golden outfit must have blinded the voting audience and she danced clear of the bottom three.

"Mother, Mother" by Tracy Bonham was the "mother" of a song that sent Jill packing. She performed better than Zayra. I was getting weary of her propensity to shriek the lyrics, and how every song she sang was sounding the same.

I thought Josh, too, was much better than Zayra. The guy has talent, just not for this band. Working against Josh, he had adopted the fatal annoying head wobble that got Phil Ritchie axed, so it was inevitable. Word to the wise – don't do the head wobble, it is annoying and Supernova really hate it.



Dana Andrews – Eliminated.

Phil Ritchie – Eliminated.

Jenny Galt – Eliminated.

Chris Pierson – Eliminated.

Matt Hoffer – Eliminated.

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  • Rob

    Okay, Magni finally got me this week. His performance was outstanding. I see him in the top three, but I still see the Lukas-Dilana showdown for the big prize. The guys seem to love those two and they really play into their hands well. I liked Patrice a lot more after this week as well, but I don’t see her in the top 5. I was happy to see Jill go so I didn’t have to hear her scream through another song. The funny thing is, Mother Mother is a song that should have suited Jill to a tee, but her scream went to a whimper. I thought Jason summed up her performance best by saying she sacrificed some vocal for stage show. Josh was Josh, good but not great. Zayra was as eccentric as usual. I can’t believe she’s still in this thing.

  • Rob, I had held back about Magni but he sealed the deal with me this week, he was stunning. I really am loving this guy.

    Regarding Zayra, it’s all about the ratings and she’s bringing in ratings. It’s making good TV. I think if Zayra is as smart as I think she is she’ll change her approach this week. I caught her act in Deep Ellum a few times (in Dallas). She can really sing the right material. Seriously, I liked what I heard from her there, that, or I had one too many shots of Jack Daniels. My advice to Z., do something like you did at the Gypsy Tea Room.

    It was predictable Jill should go but I was surprised at the double whammy with Josh going too, alhough he was never right for this band.

    Should Zayra do what she needs to; Patrice will exit next. I don’t see Toby hanging a lot longer either. Should Ryan, pull another hairy hoodie, he’ll be out soon too.

    So far top three looking like Dilana, Lukas and Magni, with the Iceman bringing it.

  • Amber Watson

    Lukas Rossi won the compettition, and I have to say, he deserved it. I love him to death, and I have met him three times. Dilana, go crawl into a hole and die!