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Supernatural: “Monster Movie” Preview and News

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It’s another week of eager anticipation for a new episode and to check in on this very busy Supernatural fandom, so I’ll just get right to it.

First, I have three clips this week for this Thursday’s episode, “Monster Movie.” If you notice everything is in black and white, you’re correct! This was originally supposed to be episode three, but I think bumping it a few weeks worked very well for pushing the heavy mythology of the other episodes. It’s perfect timing now for a comedic break. Here’s the official CW summary:

Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) investigate several murders at Oktoberfest. The first victim was found with bite marks on her neck, much like a vampire would leave, while the second victim has wounds that look like a werewolf attack. After a mummy rises from his crypt, Dean determines that a shape-shifter demon is terrorizing the town as iconic monsters from the old Hollywood movies. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Ben Edlund.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

As a bonus, Warner Brothers send out a bonus clip, called “Supernatural Surprise.” The entire clip is slated to air at the end of “Yellow Fever” on October 23, but in the meantime, we get teasers. Another “clue” will be available on Friday.

Surprise Clip

Fundraising Update

Lindsay Warren and Heather Vitas from Support Supernatural have some great news to report on their fundraiser. They have met their goals! A few months ago when the campaign was kicked off they named four charities to be recipients of collected donations. The goal was set at $750 per charity. As of today, they have raised $837 for Doctors Without Borders and $847 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital to be donated in honor of Jensen Ackles, and $871 for People of The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and $765 for The Human Society of The United States to be donated in honor of Jared Padalecki and his two dogs, Harley and Sadie.


“We could not be more thankful or more overwhelmed with the response of Supernatural fans,” said Heather. Lindsay added, “We are so appreciative of every donation – no matter the amount. Everyone has been giving what they can afford and we could not ask for more.”

Donations will still be accepted at their site until November 1. Congratulations Lindsay and Heather and to all those that contributed and helped with the efforts. I’m honored to say I’ll be there to see the presentation at Creation Entertainment’s Salute To Supernatural in Rosemont, Illinois on November 16. It’s truly remarkable to see what fans can do, and I think Jensen and Jared will agree after the presentation.


I now have compelling proof that Supernatural fans are the most loyal and most passionate. The big news sweeping the fandom recently has been season four ratings (the US ones anyway). All across the board, they’ve improved. Overall live ratings are up 12% when comparing the first four episodes of last year versus this year. When DVR+7 ratings are factored in (only the first two weeks have been reported) that number goes up to 18%. The best improvement though is in demo numbers. For the 18-49 age group, Supernatural is up 20%. Considering Supernatural goes against Grey’s Anatomy, which is usually the top rated juggernaut in the 18-49 demographic, any increases are remarkable. Most shows are showing declines.

The improved ratings and positive buzz for the show have happened with little promotion from The CW and no show of faith (or even acknowledgment) from the network president, Dawn Ostroff. Warner Brothers publicity earns kudos for working with TV critics and bloggers to spread positive buzz, but most of the credit goes to the fans. Through actively encouraging friends and family to watch, by spreading Internet buzz by voting in polls and leaving comments, and by partaking in all sorts of promotional efforts in the name of the show, Supernatural manages to succeed.

Even though ratings have always been a threat to this show, the big worry going into this season was if Supernatural would have a network to air on after season four. The CW is in trouble financially and this year pinned its hopes on 90210 as the show to save the network. While that show has done well, it’s hardly been a savior thus far. Despite the massive ratings for the show’s premiere, 90210 has settled the last several weeks in the 3 to 3.1 million viewers range. Their demo numbers are strong, but aren’t as strong as America’s Top Model or Gossip Girl. 90210 in the overall ratings for the network ranks sixth right now, but the DVR ratings are often at the top of the time shifted percentage rankings.

The good news is Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and Supernatural are all showing strong gains over last year and 90210 is doing better in its timeslot than last year’s show, Beauty and The Geek. While overall ratings are down for The CW because of the loss of Smackdown, ratings are up in the 18-49 and 18-34 categories, which is the market The CW is gunning for. Advertising sales are up 8.5% over last year, but I noticed that just by the increased number of ads while watching Supernatural. Last year there were so many promos and cutaways to my local affiliate I didn’t think anyone was advertising. Whether or not these promising increases are enough to please the parent companies remains to be seen.

However, the 2009 ad sales forecast because of the weakening economy is bleak, so any gains earned this fall may be erased. The slump is affecting all networks and cable, so it remains to be seen if The CW’s niche will be enough to keep advertising steady. Also, despite all the promotional efforts for their teen programming, Smallville is still the CW’s number one scripted show, and is battling neck and neck with America’s Top Model as the highest rated show. Both are the only two programs pulling overall ratings over 4 million.

This is where the Supernatural fans truly have earned their due though. Q ratings, which measure the emotional attachment of viewers to shows on the broadcast networks, were released late last month. Of the top twenty shows listed with the highest emotional attachment, Supernatural was the only CW show to make the list and it came in at number eight. The presence of Supernatural on that list proves that a show doesn’t have to be highly rated to earn a loyal audience and be successful anymore. Q ratings are measured because in today’s age of various media platforms available to watch a show, the viewer has become their own programmer and doesn’t necessarily follow timeslots. A higher emotional attachment is important to networks and media buyers, because it helps predict what kind of a following a show will get.

So, what does all this mumbo jumbo of facts and figures really boil down to? All good news for our show. Pat yourself on the back, fans, because it’s all of you who are making this show succeed. Sure, a very awesome season four is helping, but no one would know about it if it wasn't for the fans talking all about it.

Considering the season is only four episodes in, there’s still much work to be done. Ratings are always highest in the fall, so the goal now is to keep them consistent through the rest of the season. I get messages from people all the time telling me how they turned on friends and family to the show and most of these stories have a common thread. The new recruit had never heard of Supernatural before or even The CW. That was my story, too.

I got a friend to become a regular viewer by issuing the four episode challenge. I challenged her to watch the first four episodes of the series. If she wasn’t hooked, it might not be the show for her. She got hooked after the pilot. I also started writing this column to spread the word and some have confessed they’ve started watching after reading my praises.

I’m asking for everyone out there to share below how you’ve gotten people to watch Supernatural. Sharing experiences will not only help others with ideas to get people they know to watch, but it’s also fun to read. Don’t be shy, you’re among many friends here.

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  • Alice, thank you for including Heather and I in your blog. I really, really appreciate it. 🙂

    I recruited a couple fans by letting them borrow my 1st season on DVD. I watched the pilot with my good friend and then told her to check out a few more episodes. She did…she liked them…and then got her hubby into the show!

  • Beth

    Hi Alice. I’ve gotten 3 couples I know to watch Supernatural over this summer. The first was through the DVDs. I’d gotten them hooked on LOST, so when I gave them the most recent DVD set of LOST, I replaced the bonus disc with the Supernatural S1 Disc 1. It took them a while (read, there was absolutely nothing else on) to watch the disc, but once they did they liked it! The second couple was pretty easy, I just suggested the show and gave them the S1 DVDs. They’ve been DVRing this season until they catch up. The third couple got hooked because they came with me to Comic Con and saw my enthusiasm for the show and witnessed the panel. I think they really liked seeing the characters (Eric, Jared, and Jensen) behind the show. They jumped right into S4 and are loving it!

  • Patty

    I guess I was “aware” of Supernatural when it first came on the air but I was a CSI girl at the time. Then, last summer, I ready something on Ducky Does TV about Supernatural and decided to give it a try. I watch Nightshifter. Then next day I went out and bought S1. Two weeks later, I bought S2 and set S1 off to my best friend in OK. And there is started. She sent me back my DVD’s and went and bought her own copies. And got her mom hooked. And her boyfriend. And her sister and niece. I loaned S1 to a woman that works for me. And she went out and bought her own copies. And got her sister and son watching. This truly is a great show and all it takes is one episode.

    Now only a little over a year into my obsession, I own all the DVDs and way too many coffee mugs and trading cards and books and magazines…you get the idea.

    This is the best show on TV and I am addicted to TV. I own tons of TV on DVD but I can honestly say, Supernatural is the show I fall back on when I want something to watch. I have watched most episodes 10+ times and I honestly see no end to my viewing.

    PS I really love your column!

  • vichi

    Hi Alice,
    Iloev your column too. And one of the reasons I watched SPN, was your column:) I’m proud to be a SPN fan and I do lobby for the show everytime I can. This month I have a friend staying at me and every night we see 2-3 episodes of SPN. I already saw them more than 10 times (I watch them with every friend )but anything for a cause. The first episode she saw was Lazarus Rising, she didn’t even knew about this show before, and she loved it. Than she asked me to see more episodes and the pilot, because she wanted to know how all started:) She saw the pilot after In the beginning(she was blown away by In the beginning) and it was so simple for her to understand everything:) From that time we watch SPN togheter and we invite more friends:)

  • elle2

    Hi, I started watching in Feb. during the writer’s strike and was hooked. Immediately got the S1 and S2 DVDS [and now have S3]
    Through emails with a long distance buddy I mentioned my new fascination with Supernatural and how it had all the elements I look for, strong buddy/buddy relationship, clever and sophisticated writing, intriguing plots that actually go somewhere and resolve as well as set up new directions, characters that grow and develop, learn and evolve, heck, I even pay attention to the directing, lighting and set design as well as music, things I never paid attention to before, but this show is so good that I can’t help but pay attention….needless to say, she got hooked and managed to see all episodes from Pilot to the S3 finale prior to the 9/18 premier, now she’s got her mom hooked as well.

  • I’ve gotten quite a few of my friends and relatives turned on to the show. I’m told I can be very enthusiastic and persuading. lol. Mostly I just nag at them to watch the first season with me until they do. Perhaps not the best method, but whatever works right?