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Supernatural: “I Know What You Did Last Summer” Preview and News

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This Thursday (November 13) and next Thursday (November 20) we'll get a two-parter that Sera Gamble said in a recent interview would be “epic”. I’m not sure what that necessarily means, but I can’t wait to find out. Here are two clips from Thursday night’s first part, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

Salute To Supernatural

This weekend is the big “Salute To Supernatural” convention put on by Creation Entertainment at the Wyndham Chicago O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois. Guests include Richard Speight Jr. (The Trickster), Gabriel Tigerman (Andy), and Steve Carlson on Friday; Samantha Smith (Mary), Chad Lindberg (Ash), and Charles Malik Whitfield (Agent Henriksen) on Saturday; and the grand event, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on Sunday. Jensen only does a couple of these a year, so this will be a big event.

Since Chicago just happens to be within reasonable driving distance from Columbus, I’ll be attending this year. I’ll be taking on the most boring drive in the US for the sake of this show, but I have the entire Chris Isaak catalog loaded on my iPod to get me through it. This is my first convention for any fandom, let alone Supernatural, so I’m going in with no idea what to expect. I’ll be submitting daily reports here for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I want to ask Jared the question that Sera Gamble couldn’t answer in my interview with her when I pointed out her well known ability to torture Sam’s character (heck, she even killed him!). “Do you cringe every time you see Sera Gamble’s name on a script?” I’m sure I’ve got a snowball’s chance in you know what of getting the question asked and answered, but I’ll try.


Charity News

Thanks to a lot of generous people, Support Supernatural’s campaign wrapped on November 1 a huge success. A presentation will be made to Jensen and Jared on Sunday at the convention. Below are the final totals:

  • St. Jude's Children's Hospital: $1,365
  • Doctors Without Borders: $1,210
  • P.E.T.A.: $1,225
  • The Humane Society of the United States: $1,200

That’s $5,000 for those doing the math, which exceeded their expectations. The original goal was $500 a charity. Congratulations, Lindsay and Heather. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to be there and witness the final part of their hard work on Sunday.

Also at the con all weekend will be Fandom Rocks. They will have a booth and will do a presentation on stage. They have kicked off their fourth campaign, and the charities chosen this time are the Investigations Fund of The Humane Society of the United States and Children For Tomorrow. All those who donate $4 or more will be eligible for a prize package drawing which includes, among other things, the season three DVD, the 2009 Supernatural calendar, The Book of Monsters, and all three Supernatural novels. Info about the drive can be found at their website.

Mass Insanity

The online fandom has been embroiled in some mass insanity over the last few weeks and I’m not sure what’s going on. Anything that sparks debate and chatter is good for this show, but some things are getting out of control. First was the whole “Dean is a dick” controversy from “Yellow Fever” that got so bad Eric Kripke put out a statement about it. That ended up being only the beginning. The next week the fan bashing continued over “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester” because the show twisted some facts about Samhain, Wiccan and Pagan culture. People were spewing hate on the boards, vehemently offended, even though this show has taken liberties from day one.

Now a huge blowup is happening over weird fan over-speculation that even got its own article on BuddyTV. Is Sam a rapist? Huh? The debate comes from small suggestions from various episodes that Sam and Ruby had sex. Considering Ruby is possessing an innocent victim, that would make Sam a rapist. That one just caused me to throw my hands up in the air. I haven’t said a word about this so far, so I’ll just give my opinion now. The debate is ridiculous. Remember “Trust In Kripke?” Yeah, I know, people have trust issues.

But it doesn’t end there. Again on BuddyTV they decided to speak out over the Sam vs. Dean debate. There’s a debate? Apparently Sam fans are pitted against Dean fans and there’s plenty of verbal sparring going on between them. In some places, it’s getting downright nasty. Considering this has been going on since the first season, it’s nothing new. I’m going to put this issue to rest now. BOTH brothers are flawed. BOTH brothers have issues. BOTH brothers bring equal weight to this show and one isn’t better than the other. Feel better? Yeah, I’m sure I put a lid on that one.

The most ridiculous story came to me just a couple of days ago. Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby Singer, issued a statement on his MySpace page because of a thread on a well known hate-spewing site (you know which one I’m talking about). Apparently there’s an entire fan grouping that’s sick of Bobby and doesn’t mind saying so. So he makes a statement saying that he’s busy with another series in development (Harpers Island) and there are no plans to bring back Bobby anytime soon. He hasn’t worked on Supernatural since “Yellow Fever”.

I’m not sure what makes me sadder, the fan behavior or no Bobby. I won’t name names, but it’s kind of obvious just by skimming a few threads and reading a few comments which forums are out of control with negativity. This is not a negative fandom, so I’m not sure what’s going on other than a few people are trying to ruin our fan experience. I recall this time last year I stepped away from the House online fandom, in which I was a very active participant, because my love for the show was killed by their new changes. I didn’t want to ruin the experience for those that still loved the show, so it was better to walk away than vent my frustrations. There is only one forum these days that isn’t killing my Supernatural fan experience. Thank you, Supernatural.TV for sparking debate, offering constructive opinions, not allowing bad attacks and excessive whining and making me feel welcome.

Okay, enough whining and negativity from me! I’m going back to my happy fan world. This weekend is going to be exciting, the next two episodes are going to be exciting, and then we go into a hiatus with a lot to ponder. I love this show!

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About Alice Jester

  • Hi Alice,

    It was great meeting you at the convention this weekend. Thanks for your continued support of Supernatural and Fandom Rocks!


  • freefalling

    Oh and one other for Jensen…damn…forgot this one before I posted:

    If you could sit down for a beer with Dean Winchester, what are the top 3 things that you would want to ask him?

    Thank you!


  • freefalling

    Hi there – love your comments and wish I was going to the convention as well. If you get to ask them some questions would you ask them mine?

    Both of these questions are for both of them:

    1. What proportion of Sam’s feelings for Dean are brotherly and what proportion are because Dean replaced his mother?

    2. Do you think John knew that Mary was a hunter and if so, does that make it better or worse?

    Thank you!

  • Every fandom has extreme opinions, and they often get more attention than they deserve. I wish BuddyTV and other websites weren’t highlighting this negative part of the SPN fandom so much lately. It gives too much attention to an overly vocal minority portion of the fandom.

    Enjoy the convention Alice! I hope you get your question answered. Fan conventions are alot of fun. I haven’t been to a Supernatural fan convention yet, but I’ve been to Dragon*Con twice and it was tons of fun (and met some SPN fans at a panel who were all very nice and interesting). I’d love to see Jared and Jensen at Dragon*Con sometime; they’d attract tons of new watchers to the show.

    Safe travels! I look forward to hearing about your experiences in Chicago.

  • S

    I love your writing and look forward to it each week.
    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is so sick of the hate being spewed on various websites.
    All of it is pathetic and I’m sure it puts a lot of people off the show. They read these stupid comments and think danger! Way too much to take!
    I love bobby, I love both brothers equally. Sera Gamble has written some fantastic episodes and generally, this show just rocks!

  • Cindi

    Hey, Alice.

    It’s been a bit ugly out there, lately, and increasingly hard to ignore. A friend and I were talking about the “rapist” debate last night, and I used the same word. Rediculous. It all is, and it seems to originate from the same snarky site. It just takes a few morons to stir the pot. Shame on them.

    In defense of BuddyTV, I thought that they were trying to show how these thoughtless comments can hurt the actors and all of those involved in the show, and in turn, the fandom itself. I feel so bad for Jim Beaver, and my blood is STILL boiling that Mr. K felt the need to address the “dick” issue. Sigh.

    I agree with Teller; I regularly read (and recommend) you and Sylvia for your insightful and well articulated thoughts. The rest, I just skim.

    Have a blast at the con!

  • Huppy

    Have lots of fun at the convention, Alice!

    I always enjoy reading your blog; you are a voice of reason among all the (Internet) insanity.

  • Teller

    I can’t stand fan negativity. When I see things like the “Sam is a rapist” theory or some of the stuff people say about Jensen on lj and other places, it makes me sad. I don’t know why, maybe its human nature, but people can’t seem to be happy with something for an extended period, they have to start nitpicking and making problems and controversy where there aren’t any. Frankly, it is disappointing. Your blog and Sylvia Bond’s Supernatural article on pinkraygun are the only supernatural fansites I visit regularly. The other sites just get too crazy.

  • Tigershire

    Hi Alice,
    This is the downside to the internet. On one side we get fantastic blogs like yours and then on the other, we get this crazy talk that folks wouldn’t utter if it weren’t for the anomymity of the world wide web.

    Some people need to take the old saying “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” closer to heart. Will all the crap going on in the world that is being jammed down our throats, why do we have to be subject to this level of negativity over our entertainment.

    Makes me shake my head. But like others who have posted here, I just avoid reading and posting to those sites/threads. If more folks did that, perhaps these nay sayers would go away?? OK, maybe not but the flurry of attention wouldn’t be there and the minorty would be just that, a very very small minority.

    Have a fantastic time at the event. I too am very jealous that you get to go. Thankfully so many folks take video now I will at least get to experience it after the fact.


  • Have a great time at the con, Alice! I’ll be envying you and watching for your reports!

    I’m right there with you on all the fandom wank; that’s precisely why I don’t hang out in any forums (well, that and working full-time in a pretty demanding job …). Jim Beaver mentioned at Eyecon that his commitment to Harpers Island would likely curtail his ability to be in Supernatural for a while, but he also noted that he’d likely be back after shooting on HI wrapped in January. I’m hoping he realizes how very much the majority of us appreciate him and downright love Bobby; he wasn’t hurting for positive feedback at Eyecon, that’s for sure!

    I hope you get the answer to your question about whether the boys cower in fear whenever they see Sera’s name on a script – I’d love to see their reaction! There are two things I’m dying to know myself, and haven’t had the opportunity to ask. One is whether, despite shooting for them being work and time off being precious, either of the boys has hung around set after his day was over or when he wasn’t even on the call sheet in order to watch a scene being shot, and if so, what scene was involved and why it prompted that response. I remember the boys mentioning once hanging around to watch JDM shooting his confrontation with Fred Lehne as Azazel in In My Time of Dying; I’d be curious to know whether anything else has tempted them the same way, or if bed and time off sang a more irresistible siren song.

    The other thing I’d love to ask is how much of their performances now arise almost spontaneously out of their ability to internalize the characters of Sam and Dean, and how much is deliberately and consciously chosen in terms of how to deliver a line, react to a line, or physically move to convey emotion. Both of them seem so very natural and real in the way they come across as their characters that I as a viewer can’t see them acting, and that is positively dynamite!!

    Anyway, have a great drive and a delightful time, and SHARE! *grin*

    Thanks, Alice!

  • kate

    If you get a chance pass on our love for Bobby- and that we’ll miss him and our thanks at an intelligent show well written, well directed and incredibly well acted.
    I’m Irish so the mispronunciation of Samhain was irritating but to be honest that isn’t unusual in American shows so I just live with it. Anyone truly getting their knickers in a twist about it or the representation of the religion needs to get a life. I celebrate the old Irish festivals and don’t expect TV shows to get it right anyway. They don’t get Christianity right every week either. Who cares? Really?

    Enjoy the convention – I’m green with envy.

  • Alice, thank you for the very nice plug about our fundraiser results. 🙂

    And I’m totally with you. I trust in Kripke and I love Bobby!!!!!

  • elle2


    Have a wonderful time at the convention, I’ll be waiting for your daily reports!

    As for all the blowups and arguments…GRRRRRR. They drive me nuts.

    I love your assessment and completely agree, both boys are flawed, funny, brave, unique, annoying, loveable and important, no darn it, integral to the story.

    RE: Bobby….I miss him already! Blech to all those who think he’s there too much (and the whole Japanese speaking thing??? some people just live to complain)

    Re: Sam as rapist, I’ve heard rumors of the uproar but avoid those threads, I trust Kripke. He and several of the writers indicated they were enjoying the opportunity to write a character who had hid rock bottom (and I’m suspecting that’s our beloved Sammy) and if what is suggested is true, I’m not going to hate him, I’m not going to think it’s character assasination. I’m not going to condone it or anything but it will show the depths of his agony over Dean’s death and his complete loss of direction and moral compass and that is something that is real and possible based on where his character has been headed especially in S3. Still, In Kripke I Trust (for all things Supernatural that is 🙂

    Dean a Dick…I already posted on that so I won’t comment more. (for those who didn’t read my comments, I loved the Sam/Dean interplay and completely caught on via Lilith that there was more to that story…me thinks tonight or next week will reveal some if not all)

    Only 13.75 hours ’til tonight’s episode (yep, I’m counting) so I guess we’ll know more then.

    Alice, have a great time and yes, Supernatural.tv is pretty good. A few threads get crazy but I haven’t felt the need to plead with a moderator to check it and maybe curtail it…although after tonight, who knows.


    Give Kripke and company a great big thanks from me.

  • Christine

    Thank you yahoo alerts! lol. I never would of stumbled across your blog way back when if you hadn’t come up under keyword supernatural. Since then I have to share them all with anyone and everyone. You’ve become my favorite tell it like it is blogger on the show that got me to get cable back after 5 years of living happily without it. As a 35 yr old mom of 5 it’s nice to hear intelligent, unbiased views on the show and our whacky and mostly loveable fandom. Can’t wait to hear all about the convention.

  • vichi

    wow, I really envy you but I am happy for you:)! You go to the convention:) I can’t wait to read your reports, i’ll be expecting it!I really like Sera Gamble’s writing, I mean, I can only remember the angst and the trouble the boys get in when she write an episode but I can’t wait to see ep 10, written by master Kripke himself( Dean’s monologue from AHBL2 was awesome).

    Thanks again for your time Alice, I’ll be right here waiting for your reports:)

  • Kat

    Thanks for the blog I love that you love Supernatural as much as all of us fans do. And personally I’m not a fan of Sarah Gamble’s writing but we’ll see.