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Supernatural: How A Show Manages To Succeed Despite Its Network

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Building a following for a TV show in its third season isn’t easy — especially if the show is part of a paranormal genre containing a mythology arc that has been slowly developing since season one. Another obstacle would be if it’s on a low-rated network that many people have either never heard of, or forgot was there. So, when a hidden gem that fits into both categories exists, it’s up to loyal fans to get the word out. So far, that has been the main key to this show’s success.

I’ll admit, this time last year I heard of the CW, but never thought to give it a try. After all, it was a network that aired soapy teen dramas and bad reality shows. In September, while hopelessly flipping through the channels of endless reruns, I stumbled upon a show I’d never heard of, and on that network I chose to ignore. I saw a scene where two brothers were facing the epic battle of their lives and how they dealt with the emotional ramifications afterward in front of one really cool car (I’m a bit of a car buff, being raised in Detroit). I had no idea what was happening, but the chemistry between these two actors instantly sucked me in.

Once I got the name of the show, Supernatural, I rented the first few episodes on DVD from Netflix and was so impressed I went out and bought the first two seasons. Considering my previous love of sci-fi shows like The X-Files and Star Trek, I don’t know how I missed it. My husband and I went through six thrilling and entertaining weeks of getting to know this show’s history on DVD. It’s easily one of the best television series I’ve ever seen. I launched a full scale investigation as to why I’d never heard of this show before now. The results were revealing, but not that all surprising given today’s state of network television. First, go to any website that gives the brief synopsis of the show. The general concept doesn’t sell it. Read this one from Yahoo TV:

Though he wants nothing to do with his family's paranormal investigation business, a Stanford junior pairs up with his estranged brother on a road trip from the Bay Area to Los Angeles when their father goes missing. Along the way, they encounter mysterious people and situations from American myths and legends.

Doesn’t sound very exciting does it? Another X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Roswell, Everwood, etc ripoff, right? All anyone has to do is watch the pilot to realize this show’s main feature isn't really about hunting the paranormal. That’s just the backdrop. The show turns out to be a compelling family drama about the relationship between these two brothers and their very damaged lives as sons of a demon hunter. The main actors, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, have huge chemistry and sell the brother act extremely well. On top of that, it turns out the show’s writing is top notch, offering a brilliant mixture of witty dialogue, action, paranormal lore, humor, and many heartwarming moments between two brothers who have seen a lot of crap in their young lives. The directing is great also considering they snagged Kim Manners, an X-Files alum and Robert Singer, who has a long and impressive resume as director and producer of a variety of shows in this genre.

The show also celebrates the great American road trip. These brothers criss-cross the US hunting supernatural phenomenon in a black 1967 Chevy Impala (the unofficial third main cast member), finding adventures in just about any Godforsaken spot in the country. Another unofficial cast member, the hideously decorated and delightfully tacky motel rooms they stay in each week. My favorite is the Schlitz themed room in Milwaukee. Second place, the hunting lodge in Michigan (I've actually stayed in a few of those).

So why have so few people heard of Supernatural? My investigation found the other big reason.

The CW. To give a brief history, the CW was formed in 2006 by merging the UPN (United Paramount Network) and WB (Warner Brothers) networks. Both networks were formed in 1995 for the same purpose, to target younger audiences and to build a catalog of shows the studios could sell for syndication (and later DVD sets and iTunes). In the eleven years of their existence UPN reported losses of $1 billion, while the WB reported $700 million. These studios chose to fold their networks and create a new one in a joint partnership in hopes of cutting losses and building a stronger network with less overlap and competition for a smaller segment of the total audience.

In its second year, the CW has gotten off to a rough start. Ratings in the 18-34 demographic are down 21 percent, while ratings in the 18-49 demo are down 50 percent. The expected losses this year are in the $50 million range. When UPN and the WB started back in 1995, there wasn’t competition with over 250 cable channels for original programming, as well as other platforms such as iTunes, DVRs, and the Internet. Despite all that, the CW was formed with notion it could find an audience.

When the CW was formed, they started with a lineup of established shows with set production contracts, so that left them little money for expenditures like promotion. In the second season, a few of those expensive established shows like Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars are gone and have been replaced by three new critically acclaimed scripted shows, Gossip Girl, Reaper, and Aliens in America, but there is still only a small amount of money available for promotion. Most of the budget goes to promoting these new shows and cheaper reality series, so the older shows must thrive by word of mouth from the fans.

Believe it or not, many CW shows have been getting a good audience, but it’s in a way the network doesn’t want to see. The primary target demographic for the CW is the 18 to 34 age range. In the advent of DVRs, online streaming, and iTunes, this age group doesn’t turn on the TV at the scheduled times and instead watches their shows when they want at the click of a button. CW shows usually rank higher in DVR time shifted percentages and iTunes downloads. That’s great for the shows, but bad for networks that want to attract advertisers.

Despite all the efforts to build up the new shows, the top three rated scripted shows are Smallville, Supernatural, and One Tree Hill, all leftovers from the WB. Smallville is in its seventh season and creatively is in decline, and many are surprised One Tree Hill has made it this long, thanks to a season five creative surge. Of all the existing scripted shows, only Supernatural and Gossip Girl seem to be shows that can bring the network steady viewers beyond the next season. Supernatural is a weird fit for the CW, and it often is perceived not to get a lot of support from the top ranking people at the network. For one, their viewing audience skews higher, more in the 18 to 49 range, which isn’t as appealing to advertisers. The show also airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m., going against shows like Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, The Office, and for right now, Lost. To a show trying to find an audience, that slot is often labeled the “time slot of death”.

However, despite its network, the show thrives. Supernatural pulls in a consistent three million viewers every new episode, and around two million with repeats. The numbers for their repeats beat many of the existing CW shows first run numbers. All this happens in the so called “time slot of death”. Three million once upon a time at the WB would have gotten the show canceled, but at the CW, it’s a bona fide hit. Supernatural also does very well for Warner Brothers television, who owns the show. It’s proving to be very popular Internationally and is syndicated right now in almost fifty countries. In many of those markets it gets consistently good ratings. For example, Supernatural is one of the top shows in Russia right now, where unofficial reports have the ratings there higher than the US. It’s also a big hit in many Asian countries and Australia, and does well in bigger countries like Germany, Italy, and England. The DVD sales have been strong, as well as the iTunes downloads.

So why is this show holding its own in this time of declining ratings for all networks? Supernatural is the type of show that because of its cult status doesn’t attract casual viewers, and the people who do watch are extremely loyal. The rabid and active online community promotes the show in huge ways that the network couldn’t possibly do. For example, recently new episodes of Lost, which is a similar genre show, were scheduled to air opposite new Supernatural episodes. The fans launched an online campaign urging people to watch Supernatural live and tape Lost. The message was, “Don’t let Supernatural get lost.” A network can’t beg for that type of publicity. It seemed to work too, as the most recent episode pulled a season high in both key demographics.

Studios like Warner Brothers like having cult shows in their catalog because the fans assure the show sells well on DVD, can go for years in syndication, and the studio can make a lot of money on fan conventions and merchandising. Fans will keep buzz alive with a cult show for years. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, and The X-Files are prime examples of how a cult show will last long beyond the last episode. The latter has even ventured into feature films, with a new one due to shoot soon.

Finding this show by mere accident has given me a huge lesson in TV viewing habits. I can’t turn on the TV every evening now and check the TV guide to see what’s on. I need to seek out shows in other ways, via Internet buzz, Netflix rentals, iTunes, or just checking out episodes on websites. TV viewing habits are changing, and my choices are no longer limited. I found a hidden gem, so I challenge people out there to do the same and forget about the bad reality TV that has been dominant of late. Oh, and give Supernatural a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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About Alice Jester

  • Freebird

    Hi Alice,
    got linked to your article from TWFB.
    Loved it, it’s such a well written and intelligent article. I’m so happy for you that the Js read it, too, and appreciated it, that’s so cool!
    It’s a shame that such a good show needs mouth-to-mouth propaganda, while many crappy shows get expensive promotion.
    I got 1 of my friends into watching it, and she got more friends into it, it was a snowball effect – starting from me *proud geeky grin*. I’m in Croatia and we got the first 2 seasons in a ridiculous deadly time slot-of-non-resurrective-death – non of my friends even took the pity of trying to get just a glimpse of it (the aforesaid mentioned friends live in New York).
    Keep up the good work, Alice, and I’ll (and many others) keep reading!
    All the best, Lara

  • Zane

    Watched the show since the pilot, love how it plays out and follows the ways of the bible. Adding the angels and corruption to the mix is even better

  • Sarah

    I’ve been wondering for years why the CW doesn’t support this show. In all my years of TV watching, I’ve never been captivated by a show in this way – and I hate horror! But sadly I fall in that despised age range – the 40s – shudder! Thanks for this intelligent commentary.

  • Sandy

    I just read this from the link in the Salute to Supernatural con report. I totally agree with your comments Alice and Haven above (as Im from NZ too!) I discovered my passion for Supernatural after buying season 1 here in NZ. After putting it on my dvd shelf, it stayed there untouched for a year cause I forgot about it! We finally watched it on a rainy afternoon with nothing else on and Im hooked!! I dont know why our network hasnt aired season 2 & 3. Money maybe? *shrug* Good to read from Haven that they FINALLY will ….. (not that Im fussed since I already own S2 & S3 plus watch S4 episodes online). I kinda disagree about the fan momentum comment though since we only have a small amount of ‘free to air’ tv channels, Im sure the fans of Supernatural will remember. Hmmm…maybe TVNZ need to repeat first.

  • Haven

    This article has been bookmarked on my computer for months and after reading it for the tenth time I finally felt I should really comment. What is rather sad is that, here in New Zealand, replace the name ‘The CW’ with ‘TV2’ and Supernatural still gets shunned. Poor advertising and a two year gap between the season one finale and season two (which will apparently start at the end of this year) means that fan momentum in NZ was never built either.
    It’s a crime and I mourn for Supernatural. Yet here down under I will valiantly continue to spread the word about this awesome show, just like you.

  • rainy

    hi all, thanks you for a great article. I will try to convince people to watch Supernatural by letting them borrow my season 1 and 2 dvd but all the people that I know don’t have that rating box thing. It suck that good show like supernatural and jensen ackles don’t get the recognition they deserve

  • MCM

    Ms. Jester, thank YOU in advance for your plans to write more articles on this amazing show, and i definitely look forward to reading them!

  • Alex

    Thanks so much for promoting the show like this! I’ve loved this show since the beginning, and when it ends, I want to see it end because it’s Kripke’s choice, not because it gets canceled! I’m one of those people who doesn’t really even like TV, and the only one in my house is a 20″ with a pair of rabbit ears on top that you have to constantly manipulate for a good picture. Regardless, I always tune in for Supernatural, and I’m just happy that I don’t need cable to watch my favorite show. Thanks again!


    Thanks so much for this article! You said what I have longed to put into words for quite some time!
    I hope the big dogs at CW are out there reading this and listening.

  • Jason

    Thanks so much for the article. Well done! It’s really nice to see new people finding this gem of a show. Admittedly, I had no desire to watch SN when I first heard the synopsis. I’d seen and loved Buffy and X-Files, but SN sounded like some kind of mixture of both. I’d also, most unfortunately, seen the season of Smallville in which Jensen guest-starred. It was painful to watch.

    My friend Kim kept telling me that it was great, but I’d been unimpressed by the little I’d heard of it. Finally, one day while flipping through channels I happened upon a scene with two guys I recognized having it out. I was glued to the screen. I then saw Jensen show up and knew what it was. I couldn’t turn away from the screen. It was Nightmare during season 1, when Sam (Jared P) was trying to help Max (Brendan Fletcher) cope with the lot in life he’d been dealt, to help sooth the pain that consumed Max’s life, and help him find a better outlet for his rage. SN is now my only appointment tv.

  • Alice Jester

    I’m so late to the party here to send my complete gratitude for all the wonderful responses to this article, not only here, but on supernatural.tv, televisionwithoutpity, livejournal, and even the CW lounge (plus any others I missed). This fandom is truly incredible!

    What gets me the most is all the different countries represented through these comments. It more than supported my point that Supernatural is an International phenomenon, and I’m thrilled to see it.

    I’m not sure if anyone is reading these comments by now, but I’d like to write more articles about Supernatural in the future, especially when the show comes off hiatus. Hopefully this idea will be met with approval.

  • Thank you so much for this brilliant review! I noticed a comment up there that said your article had been chosen for syndication — congrats! It’s well-deserved.

    I didn’t know about Supernatural until the beginning of the second season, and have been hooked (read: obsessed) ever since. I can’t even express how wonderful this show is. And coming from a girl that’s not really a TV watcher? I think that’s saying a lot.

    And to R.B., the Shakespeare expert? ENGLISH NERDS REPRESENT! When I’m spreading the Supernatural gospel, I tend to be preaching to fellow English students. I’ve found that the show appeals most to them — go figure!

  • R.B.

    Excellent article. It’s gratifying to read a critic who gives “Supernatural” the respect it deserves. I’m a university professior and a Shakespeare specialist, so I tell myself I know great drama when I see it. And I see it in “Supernatural.” Realistic, imaginative, complex, intelligent, simple, sophisticated, sexy, silly, sad, and endlessly fascinating, this is television’s greatest secret treasure. (Shakespeare would have loved it!)

  • Angelica

    That is a wonderful article. I didn’t have any idea about Supernatural either until late in the first season. If it hadn’t been for my mom insisting that I sit and watch the show, I would’ve never seen great television. Finally by season 2, I got how great it was. This year, I even bought both season 1 and season 2 and I watch them almost every day.

    This show is amazing and like you said, has some of the best writing that is on television. And sadly, it’s the only show I watch on the CW. I used to watch Smallville but I haven’t seen that show since season 3.

    Great article!!!!

  • natasha cook

    hi i first encounterd superantural in the middle of the night bout 3 years ago id missed a few n started on epp 5 bloody mary i cudent sleep n tuned in 2 itv bout 11 n it was just starting n ill always give a show 3 mins 2 impress me if it looks bad then ill hunt 4 sumthin better but i watched the 1st 3 mins n thought it was origanaly a scery film i love scery films n then wen sam n dean arrived i was like wow sex gods av landed which instantly got me wantin 2 no more bout it so in the advert i crept downsters stole the tv mag fliked through n found it there was hardly any description to it at all but cos id seen enuff 2 no that this show ad everything i wanted i was instantly a fan i joined all the fan sites n get dailey emails tellin me wats goin on im thrilled were gettin a season 4 it made my day wen i recived that email i am a bit concerned as 2 wat will happen 2 dean iv bin doin sum reserch n carnt as of yet find a way of gettin him out of his demon deal i only hope that the writers have sumthing up there sleeve to save him n i also hope that they kill off ruby aswell cos shes dun nuthin but lie 2 sam all the way through season 3 n i dont like it im from england so am a bit behind u guys but im glad to see theres even more fans i didnt no bout cos i sighned everyday to the save supernatural campain n recruted over 500 new ppl to the show i cudent loose my fave show just cos of rateings iv also stpped ppl from watchin the new show reeper as iv hear its fightin for supernaturals timeslot in america nover hear both shows r on diferant channels so it doesnt realy matter but i dont want the producers thinkin we like it more than supernatural cos we dont it might b funny but its nuthin compared 2 the performance we get from sam n dean n lets not forget mr winchester he was great 2 even though hes dead now n ellen n bobby and yes the impala one sexy ass car so ppl great to recive ur letter it does supernatural proud so keep it up n i look forword to readin many more I LOVE SUPERNATURAL xXx

  • Aquilo

    welcome to the supernatural community! It’s a good thing what you did right here, it’s true that the show is having a tough time but with loyalty and a little advertising, we can make it through!

  • louis

    Wow! Great article! I, too, am a big Supernatural buff—and I have to say, what really reeled me in is how good Jared and Jensen are in pulling off the Sam and Dean roles. I often think they are underrated. Go J2! Second, of course, would be the storylines. Supernatural’s lucky to have such amazing writers who come up with something funny, sad, and exciting all at the same time! And the directors, of course…Everything about SN is 1st rate…

  • Thank you so much!

  • Tammecka Hackett

    What an awesome and inspiring article! Glad you discovered Supernatural and decided to share it with the fans and others who have not heard of it… who hopefully by your well-put article alone should be encouraged to tune in to the show! Unfortunately, the show isn’t well promoted and within a teen network so many people don’t know about it. Thank you for becoming a fan of the show and joining the rest of us in spreading the word about the best show out there! =)

  • gg

    Thank you for the wonderful article, and I’m happy you’re enjoying Supernatural! I’ve been watching since the Pilot episode and am continually impressed with the show’s quality.

  • I’m one of those who has been watching Supernatural from the beginning. Of course, my main reason for watching was Jensen Ackles – I’ve admired his acting (and, admittedly, his looks) for years now, ever since he was on Days of Our Lives. I didn’t really expect Supernatural to be all that good – definitely not this absolutely awesome – but I figured I’d watch for the hot guys.

    In my opinion, the first half or even arguably the first two-thirds of the first season is a bit uneven. You have some really great episodes (Pilot, Skin, Faith) and some more mediocre episodes (Hook Man, Bugs). And then some that fall in-between. It was a good show – definitely better than I’d hoped/expected, but it wasn’t *fabulous*.

    When my class schedule got crazy near the end of the first season, I taped the episodes with plans to watch later. When I finally pulled out my tapes in early August, I was amazed. The writers (and actors and directors, etc.) had all hit their stride and were producing fabulous episodes week after week.

    In some sense, I’m glad that I had delayed watching those episodes – less time to wait before the Season One cliffhanger was resolved. However, since then, I’ve never been able to wait more than a few hours to watch a new episode of Supernatural.

    Like it’s been said a number of times before, welcome to the fandom. I always love it when new people join our ranks, and I love hearing their stories of how they got hooked on the show. It’s a fabulous show, and like you said, the emotional drama sometimes outweighs the supernatural drama. With two (main) leads, it’s a safe bet that Sam and Dean will eventually get out of whatever spot they’ve gotten themselves into. But what sort of shape will they be in emotionally, when all is said and done? That’s what really drives the show, if you ask me.

    Thanks for a fabulous post!

  • Tiny

    Excellent piece!! It was actually my UNCLE (who was like 40 something), introduced me to Supernatural. He kept asking me if I watched Supernatural and I said NO!.. And then I finally gave it a go.. and I have been addicted to it ever since! Sure, the boys are hot, but the story just keeps getting better. You’ve got to admit, shows in the same genre like Lost and Heroes, they just got lost somehow, and you are still waiting for the ONE good and satisfying episode.. but for Supernatural, every episode is at least 8/10 – 10/10. There are no boring bits. Can’t wait for the new episodes and Season 4.

  • Katie

    I had no idea this show even existed until half way through the first season. I have to, seriously, actually struggle to watch and promote this show because it plays so late here on Thursday. I have classes and work the next day but I still manage to toon in and do what I can to keep it going. This show has no advertisements and the network is really not doing anything to cut it any slack.

    However, I have come to the conclusion that even though this show has so little promotion and help from the networks, it is because of this that fans seek more on the net and in forums, fanfiction and such, to fufill themselves in what the network is incapable to accomplish. Cause to effect.

    Promote Supernatural! Promote Jensen and Jared! Promote Singer and Kripke! The whole crew and cast!

  • Adrian C

    Big fan of Supernatural from Asia, Singapore. Hate it that they put it at midnite. But I guess it’s not really suitable for some yuonger audiences. Love J & J! They rock as the Winchester brothers.

    For me, the show has everything, drama, horror, tension, thrills, humour.. EVERYTHING!! And I can’t thank my friend, Liz. enough for introducing me to the show. Yeah, she goes for the 2 eye-candy.. plus the nice stories and urban legends and all. For me, it’s the actors on-screen chemistry that makes me follow. How can you not burst out laughing when they play practical jokes on each other, even when on the job!!!

    And to the writer: Ma’am, thank you so much for giving this show the recognition it truly deserves.

    To the people making this great show, “PLEASE CONTINUE!! I WANT MORE!!”


  • Rachel

    Wonderful article. And welcome to the madness. >;D

  • Congratulations! This article has been selected for syndication to Advance.net, which is affiliated with newspapers around the United States.

  • LindsayW

    This is the most insightful article written to date on this wonderfully smart television program. Kudos to you!

  • Anna

    Finally an intelligent and encouraging article about Supernatural! Thank you, this really made me feel better. I live in Finland where Supernatural airs too, and I just hate the way my favorite show is treated both here and in the US. For example, here Supernatural had to air against Desperate Housewives and the weekly Monday film, both of which are pretty popular here. Luckily Supernatural found its viewers… SPN truly is a rare gem. It’s the only horror show I watch, and I could never stop watching it. So, thank you for this article, Supernatural really needs all the support we can give to it!

    Greetings from Finland!

  • Sarah1983

    Thank you for such a great article and welcome to the Supernatural fold. This show has been my favorite from the 1st episode! When the WB and UPN merged I was so afraid that we would not get another season. Thankfully, viewers/fans have remained loyal and continue to watch and support it. I try to do my part and make sure I am home to watch each episode live as much as possible.
    I’ve been trying to get others to watch and appreciate it too, and have succeeded in getting three new people thus far. For whatever reason, when you say CW people think the show will be like some of the other shows on the network that are less creative (IMO). I’m sure all can’t wait for the new episodes in April! Great article!!!

  • Barrybgb

    This was such a wonderful and intelligent article. I was with SN from the first episode, and followed it over to the CW. SN is the CW’s Buffy. It’s the CW’s X-Files. They have a signature series here, and it deserves more recognition and support, especially with another genre/cult show, Smallville, on it’s last legs. This was a wonderful article that said so many things that us SN fans can agree with and stand up and cheer about. Great job!.

  • Garfield

    I’m in Uganda, i watched one episode that a friend had downloaded, and promptly sent abroad for a dvd cos its hard to get originals here. It was money well spent! I love this show. The acting, directing, lighting, even the props are just perfect. Plus i love Jensen and Jared and the Impala. Your review was spot on. I’m going to direct friends over.

  • Marcy

    I love this article.Smart, ironic, true.

    I love supernatural.
    Smart, complex, great acted.
    it’s one of the best shows i’ve ever seen and surely the best right now!
    Me, i got hooked the second minute of season one’s episode 2, which i picked during my usual desperate zapping of a tuesday boring late night (that’s where our also-blind network managers hid supernatural.My Goodness)

    I’m one of the most rabid fans, and i’m very proud of it.

    i’m also a very rabid x-files fan…

    It’s a shame that people in charge don t manage to understand when they got a gem in their hands, but i’m sure that we fans have the real power, and we can make our superwonderful show survive!!

    Come on we made it out alive to the 4th season, let s keep working!!

  • Katie

    That was a very nicely written article. You are totally right Supernatural isn’t promoted very well. So it’s up to the SP fans to keep this awesome show going as long as possible or at least get us through season 4.

  • I am a huge Supernatural fan. I actually schedule my week around the show. It is my one can’t miss show.

    I’ve very glad to hear the show got renewed for a fourth season. Now the big question is will Dean live?

    I’m also hoping that we get to see that spin-off about Sam Colt that Eric Kripke mentioned in a recent interview.

  • veronamay

    The rabid and active online community

    Great post. Well informed, informative and interesting. You’ve got me thinking quite a bit about the business/marketing side of things at the network level, which the online fan community doesn’t often think about … but I’m sorry, you lost me the minute you called me ‘rabid’.

  • Samantha

    What a great article that I think sums up exactly howmost of us Supernatural fans feel about the show and its treatment at the CW network. It’s great to see that more people are becoming fans of SUpernatural and more than anything the the fan loyalty and support is recognised.
    THanks a lot

  • Cookie6

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! At last an article that gets it right and tells it like it is. This is EXACTLY what we want the media and networks to know and understand. Kripke gets it. More of this and surely we won’t have to battle so hard. We are out there in numbers and in force. Welcome to the fold!!!

  • Cookie6

    Welcome to the fold! Great to add another dedicated, loyal fan to our ranks. At last an article that gets it right and tells it like it is.

  • Linda

    I had pretty much the same experience. Wild horses couldn’t drag me over to the CW until a friend insisted I check out Supernatural. Then I wondered how I could have missed it.

  • Christine

    WOW! What a great article. I think this is the best article I’ve ever read about Supernatural. THANKS!!

  • jessica

    hi, great article! I’m from the Philippines and we looooove Supernatural here!!!we’re so happy the show is getting a well- deserved 4th season!!

  • Ixchel

    FROM LATIN AMERICA! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ARTICLE! HERE WE WATCH IT TOO!!!! ( ALSO, TOO? WATHEVER! HAHAHA I REALLY like this article, with this I learnt many thing that I haven been questioned to my self, and now I have an answer thanks!

  • Charlene

    If you guys like the show so much check out supernatural.tv its for the extreme fans i’m a member you get info on shows, up coming events, memorabelia, ( girls: HOTTTTTT!!! photos of jared and jensen) and they are running a campaign supernatural will not get lost just spread the word about the show;)
    P.S. a brand new episode is airing April 24th from 8:00PM-9:00PM

  • Beth

    Thanks for the great article. I also grew up in the Detroit area, and my mom worked for Chevrolet in the late ’60s, so I love the Impala, too!

    Marlana, I feel your pain. I’ve tried to get friends to watch the show, but they tend to snub it, so I got sneaky. I slipped the Season 1-Disc 1 of Supernatural into the LOST DVD season I lent some friends. With few other TV options one evening they gave in and watched it and discovered they, too, like Supernatural!

  • bjxmas

    Always great to welcome another convert into the Winchesters’ Universe. Supernatural is simply the best show people have never heard of and consequently don’t watch. I feel like I have been beating my head against a brick wall for three years, but I think we are finally making a dent! Announcing their renewal for a fourth season was the best thing the CW has done in awhile. Thank you for a terrific examination of what makes this show special.

  • Aeicha

    Thank you for an amazing article about an amazing show! You captured the essence of the show and its appeal beautifully. Welcome to the awesome Supernatural fandom!

  • Marlana

    Thank you for writing this excellent article about Supernatural. I am glad that you have become a fan of the show. I have been a fan since the Pilot. Unfortunately I have tried to get people I know to watch it but they didn’t want to be bothered. Maybe articles like this will change their mind.

  • dj

    This is a great article, and so very true. I would never have ended up watching if not for my college-age daughter who had found the show and kept insisting I would like it. I started watching with her during the second season, then went back and watched the first season, and I’m just as hooked as a catfish on a worm. I think this show is, hands down, the best thing on TV, on any network. I obviously don’t fit the CW’s darling demographic, either. They just can’t seem to figure out that it’s not smart to put all your eggs in one basket, or try to make all their shows full of teenage soap. The viewers are just so much smarter than that.

  • Elisabeth

    Your article is the show in a nutshell. I have seasons one and two on dvd and they’re constantly being pulled out for viewing by my friends. It’s an intelligent show that rewards its viewers with a good story and satisfying conclusions to story arcs.


  • Melanie

    Lovely and insightful article. TV has gotten very complicated, hasn’t it??
    I came to Supernatural the old fashioned way — from advertisements on another show I watched (Smallville). It was actually through Supernatural that I found the on-line community.
    I’m so pleased that the show has already been renewed for season 4 — frees up my spring — no save the show fan campaign needed! LOL 😉

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  • Thanks, AJ, for telling it like it is. Despite its timeslot from Hell, this series has become an amazing phenomenom. And rightly so… You
    can’t beat the dynamic between the two Winchester brothers. And the scares are just an added bonus. It’s all good.

  • Schuyler

    Wow, what a wonderfully written and beautiful article. It’s great to see someone realizing what a great show supernatural is. Everything you said about why it doesn’t have as many viewers as it should is so true. And I happen to be one of those very loyal watchers who never misses an episode. Thank you so much for giving supernatural the recognition is deserves.

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    Great article!

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    Great article. Nice to see my favorite show getting some well-deserved praise. I feel like the writing, acting, AND directing is some of the best on television. For those interested in checking out the show, you will be happy to hear it will be back for a fourth season – so jump on the band wagon. You’ll love the ride!!

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    I discovered Supernatural last december on the web. The first episode I watched was “All Hell Breaks Loose Part Two”. I mean how can you not get interested in the show after this great episode? Since than I bought the dvds for both seasons and managed to pass the Supernatural virus to several of my friends. I think they should air the ITV SN “Sexy just got scary” trailer to attract more people.

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    THANK YOU. This is not only the first truthful assessment I’ve seen in a long while, but you’ve got the demographics right! Most of the viewers are older. Eye candy aside (and yes…the eye candy!) the storyline itself is something I think older viewers can relate to more so than the target-market teens, and the demographics show it. This is intelligent viewing, and when the series starts to stray from that, the fans are quick to let TPTB know that’s not the way to go. It’s a shame that more people don’t know of Supernatural, but I’m delighted that it pulls the numbers, that it’s back for a 4th season, and that the fans are passionate enough to show their love and not shy away from it. And I’m delighted that the network sees the gem for what it is, and is holding on to it.

    Thank you!

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    You just reiterate what us loyal Supernatural fans have felt since day one. Supernatural is The CW’s gem that is caught in the time slot from hell. If it wasn’t for that, I bet the numbers would be a lot more then 3 million.

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    I have persuaded friends at work to sample Supernatural, and most of them have loved it. But when I first told them about it, their usual response ran, “Supernatural? Never heard of it. When’s it on? The CW? I don’t think I get that channel … what is it?” It really is the best show that people aren’t watching, mostly because they simply don’t know it’s out there. I’m happy to find another voice crying out in the wilderness!

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