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Supernatural Holidays: “A Ghostfacers Christmas”

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I got a Christmas present in my inbox last night, courtesy of the folks at Supernatural. Enjoy a very heartwarming “A Ghostfacers Christmas.”

I’ll be back first thing after the New Year, refreshed and ready to get us all excited about the January 15th return of our show. I have a great interview with Sera Gamble to share, plus a look back at season one. I’m ready to start the New Year off right!

My Year End Thoughts

It’s incredible to think what I was doing this time last year. After spending the last two months catching up on 52 episodes of a new show we discovered and fell in love with, the hubby and I followed the holiday tradition of pulling out all the old Christmas videos featuring those hokey specials that we’ve been force fed since the 1970’s. After again questioning why Santa was such a racist after watching Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, we left the kids in front of the holiday shows and snuck downstairs to put on Supernatural season one for a second run through.

I’ve been a huge fan of other TV shows before, but no show even comes close to what I’ve experienced since I started watching Supernatural. I’m still scratching my head, trying to figure out how getting hooked on a TV show inspired to me to write an article that thrust me unexpectedly into the blogosphere. How I have a spot on a great site where I can gush in writing over my favorite show every week. How I’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to communicate with fans from all over the world sharing the same love. How I’ve had the chance to actually talk with behind the scenes folk for the show and meet the two stars, finding that they’ve read my work. This has gone far beyond curling up on a couch for an hour each week to savor in delight the latest episode. Supernatural is far more than a TV show. It’s a total fan experience.

No wonder Supernatural season four so far has been a big success. The premiere went up one million viewers over last year (very amazing for a three million viewer show) and it continues to grow in viewers without any promotion or support from their network. Supernatural recently made a very short list of returning scripted shows that increased in viewers 18-49, improving by a whopping 23%. The ratings go even higher when DVR usage is factored, and Supernatural made the top twenty list of Greatest % Of Overall Viewing By DVR.

I’ve read many comments from TV analysts and critics over Supernatural’s extremely loyal fan base. Some think the fans are nuts, others think the actions are admirable since whatever they’re doing is working. I just think the fans know a great thing when they see it. I certainly wasn’t there from the beginning, and I admire all those that have been there since day one spreading the word and keeping this show going. While nothing is ever official until mid- to late spring, chances of season five happening now are very good, and everyone that got even one friend to watch deserves a huge pat on the back.

Thank you, Supernatural, thank you, fans, and thank you to Blogcritics for making this a most extraordinary year. Let’s hope the next one is even better. Happy holidays!

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  • cassi

    Happy Holidays Alice!!
    I’m looking forward to the interview and the new episodes, season 4 is so amazing, can’t wait until it continues! Your articles are always highly enjoyable to read and very interesting and smart!

    I feel so spoiled this season! We got a special preview of three episodes, we got a really great new character named Castiel and we got a special Ghostfacers webisode! I think this guys really really love us!!!!!

    Since last season I have a new Christmas tradition, watching a very Supernatural Christmas on the 24th!

    I really wish the boys can win the PCA in January, they would totally deserve it!

    PS: To survive the break me and some of my friends have started a little weekly therapy session, choosing an episode and discussing it afterwards! It’s amazing how much SPN has changed from Phantom Traveller to the more recent demon episodes! The only positive thing about no new episodes is the time you can spend on re-runs and discussing old episodes although it happens that I get that funny feeling on Thursdays that there is somehting missing!

  • Tigershire

    And Supernatural brought you to us (the fans). Thanks for all your great articles. Reading your reviews is something I look forward to, just like the episodes.

    And I totally understand what you are saying about this show. I am obsessed over it like no other show. Like a very rare comet passing I feel like I am witness to something very special, the likes of which we won’t see repeated.

    Best wishes to you and your family Alice. I’m looking forward to your posts come the new year.

  • Happy Holidays, Alice! You’ve done a lot for SUPERNATURAL yourself, and I want to thank you profusely for your wonderful articles, reviews and marvelous sense of humor.

    I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted and no Evil Santa brought you nightmares!

    Love, Robin