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Supernatural Fan News: Upcoming Releases and Charity Drives

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It’s been a while since I’ve done some Supernatural fan news, so here’s just a few of the exciting things happening within the fandom lately.

Available on April 16 is Jim Beaver’s memoir, Life’s That Way. As many of you know, Jim plays Bobby Singer on the show. Here is the official description from the book’s website:

In August 2003, Jim and his wife Cecily learned what they thought was the worst news possible – their daughter Maddie was autistic. Then six weeks later the roof fell in – Cecily was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.

Jim immediately began writing a nightly email as a way to keep 125 family and friends up to date about Cecily’s condition. Soon 4,000 people a day, from all around the world, asked to be on the list. Initially a cathartic exercise for Jim, the prose turned into an unforgettable journey for his readers. Life’s That Way is a compilation of those nightly emails; yet what started out as nightly missives makes for an incredibly unique and compelling reading experience.

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon.com. Jim is a fantastic writer for those of us who follow his blogs online and he got started as a writer before he became an actor. I’m looking forward to reading his very personal story.

Also, here’s a snippet from the latest press release from Warner Brothers:

Be sure to check-out the all-new Ghostfacers.com website – watch new Facers videos, find out more about the team, leave the Facers a note on their blog, and much more. See extended versions of Ed & Harry’s training videos from last week’s episode – including an introduction to their latest fighting style, “GMA” (Ghost Martial Arts). This site will continue to evolve over the next few months, so make sure to check back often to see what’s new… Stay Razor!

In addition, the Supernatural feature story in Entertainment Weekly that was postponed because of the death of Natasha Richardson is finally running in this week’s issue (on stands April 3).

As a personal note, I’ve been a subscriber to EW for a good number of years. In that time, I’ve never seen more than a small mention for Supernatural in the magazine (which is likely why I didn’t hear of the show until season three). A feature story would be a first, and this is a very exciting thing for our show. I’m eagerly waiting for it to arrive in my mail.

Charity Drives

A couple of charity projects from within the Supernatural fandom have come to my attention, and since it’s my duty to share, I will!

Nirty is trying to raise donations on her MySpace page for a tribute album she’s making. All proceeds from the album will go to The American Cancer Society in the name of Kim Manners. The goal is to have the album completed and handed out to the cast and crew at the Salute To Supernatural convention in Vancouver this August. Check out her MySpace page for lyrics, updates, and a video explaining the project. Good luck to you, Nirty, and I’ll keep following your progress.

Also, Support Supernatural’s latest fundraising campaign is officially in full swing. They have an official endorsement this time from Jared Padalecki for the charity A Dog’s Life Rescue. The entire staff of the rescue, which is based in Los Angeles, are volunteers. The goal of the fundraiser is $10,000, and it will run until August 14. This is what a donation can do:

  • $20: vaccinate one animal
  • $25: Micro-chip one animal (important in case an animal becomes lost)
  • $48: Fee to bail one animal from a city or county shelter
  • $95: Spay/neuter one animal
  • $125: Six week obedience class
  • $450: One month of boarding for a rescue dog

Lindsay Warren, who runs Support Supernatural along with Heather Vitas, is very passionate about the site’s mission. "Our goal has always been the same – generate higher ratings for Supernatural while helping worthy charities. I’m sure some Supernatural fans think we are a too ambitious for having a large fundraising goal in a recession. But I say, go big or go home. I know we can do this for the animals. And you want to know my truly lofty goal? If we do this right, we hope for more press for Supernatural, which could lead to higher ratings, which could lead to more advertising revenue, which could lead to A BIGGER SEASON FIVE BUDGET for Supernatural!"

Donors will be eligible for drawings and prizes. In April, anyone who donates $10 or more is eligible to win mini-busts courtesy of Cinequest.com and a grand prize — an autographed 8×10 photo of Jared Padalecki, courtesy of Kaye Bauer.

There are also two interactive projects that will coincide with this fundraising campaign. First, a world map of donations will be created. There will be an electronic version at SupportSupernatural.com and hard copies will be created for the show’s two main stars, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Second, in keeping with the spirit of Supernatural, Heather and Lindsay are encouraging every single person who donates to send in the spookiest picture they can find from their hometown! These also will be compiled on the web site and in albums for Ackles and Padalecki.

I’m offering a small contribution to the fundraiser. Go to my fan site, The Winchester Family Business, and on the left hand side under “Advertisements” is a link to Amazon.com. Order anything from that link (like how about “Life’s That Way?”) and any proceeds I receive from the sale will go to Support Supernatural’s fundraiser. This offer is good for the entire length of the campaign.

Also, visit Support Supernatural’s Cafe Press store and make any purchase. One hundred percent of the profits will go to A Dog's Life Rescue.

So far, only $450 in donations have been collected, so there’s plenty of work left to be done. Donations can be made via check or online. Folks who cannot donate online at the First Giving site can also donate via PayPal. Go to  SupportSupernatural for all the links plus more info about the fundraiser and donating. There’s contact information at the site should you have questions.

Coming Episodes

Supernatural goes on a two week hiatus after the April 2 episode, and then comes back for the final episodes of the season. Can you all believe how fast it’s gone? According to supernaturalwiki, this is how the schedule goes (tentative episode titles and descriptions left off for spoilerphobes):

4.19 – April 23
4.20 – April 30
4.21 – May 7
4.22 – May 14 or 21 – reports vary

Nothing is official yet on the date for the finale, but there is a very crowded TV schedule on May 14. Grey’s Anatomy and Bones are airing two hour season finales, and CSI, The Office, and 30 Rock are airing their season finales as well. Moving the Smallville and Supernatural finales to May 21 might be the smartest move, for The CW shows seem to do best when they are out of harm’s way. As a fan though, the extra week would kill me.

Hang on everyone, there’s plenty more season left. Strap in and get ready for some intense stuff. Oh, and a cliffhanger. Since season five is official, you know Kripke is going to leave us twisting all summer. I love this show.

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  • vichi

    Nice to hear those news Alice, it is amazing what the fans of this show can do! We truly are passionate and dedicated and Kudos to all the fans who are so involved in those fundraisers.
    I would like to inform you, that we, here in Romania, we try to obtain more promotion for the show (I know, it’s not in States but still…)and every SPN fan send letters to AXN in order to buy and air the show. We want our season 4 and we want the DVD’s to be released in our country (I already have them ordered from USA). We hope to achieve this goal and maybe next year I am able to go to a SPN con (it will be a dream come true)!
    I must order Jim’s book and hope to have it soon, this man is amazing and has such a sad story 🙁 !
    Can’t wait for the next review, the episode was amazing! God, I love this show!

  • Thank you very much for commenting about the project, you’re seriously GOLDEN!
    Much love and much huggles.
    ATM I’ve been rehearsing a lot, but a bad cold just destroyed my throat, what delayed the first round of recording sessions to “still I dunno when”.
    Still, thanks a bunch, and keep up the awesome job! Lotsa LOVE!!!