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Supernatural: “Family Remains” Preview and Fandom News

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I have new clips, so this can only mean one thing. A new Supernatural episode is coming on this week! This break has seemed especially long, so something new is more than welcome. Up next, "Family Remains." Below is the official description as sent out by Warner Brothers:

A man's mysterious death causes Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to believe that his house may be haunted, but when the home's new owners move in during the investigation, an unexpected and gruesome discovery complicates matters. Guest starring David Newsom and Helen Slater. "Family Remains" was written by Jeremy Carver and was directed by Phil Sgriccia.

From all the buzz I've heard, "Family Remains" is a standalone episode going back to the tradition of creepy horror that has gotten strangely lost because of the show's evolving (yet very welcome) mytharc. Judging by the following clips, I'd say they were going all out.

Even The CW is promoting the show! Yeah, I know, I was shocked too. If you go to the CWTV videos section for Supernatural on their site, there are some great clips in the previews section. There’s a preview clip for “Family Remains” and a new one called “We’re Freaking Out!” It’s an outtake from the hilarious Dean screaming scene in “Yellow Fever”, promoting the fact that Supernatural was listed as “One of TV’s Top Ten” by the Philadelphia Daily News. There’s also another one with Dean hanging (a scene from the upcoming “Criss Angel Is A Douchebag”) with the words “We’re sorry to leave you.” As I’ve mentioned before, if the video doesn’t play for you, use a Firefox browser. IE has issues

Plenty of Fandom News

Oh my, where do I begin? I could tell everyone that Jensen Ackles’ new movie, My Bloody Valentine, comes out in theaters on Friday, but I’m pretty sure that only cave dwellers don’t know that and they wouldn’t be reading this article. The chatter among the fandom over this has been huge and everyone has been pretty excited. I’ll also state the other well known fact, that Jared Padalecki’s new movie, Friday The 13th, comes out next month on, well, Friday the 13th.

Tickets yesterday went on sale for the recently announced “Salute To Supernatural” convention in Vancouver held by Creation Entertainment. Yes, right in the backyard of the show, which opens up many possibilities. I myself have started a campaign pushing for photo ops with the Impala. It will take place August 28-30.

This is on top of the already announced cons March 6-8 in Cherry Hill, NJ and the big one in Los Angeles March 27-29. EyeCon just also announced one March 20-22 in Orlando, FL. Tickets for these events can be purchased on each organization’s website. The remarkable thing is Jared has been announced for all of these events. I admire his ability to do this. March is going to be one insane month for him.

Along with the great clips for this week’s episode, I was also sent an announcement to share from Titan Publishing about the new edition of Supernatural magazine:


The official magazine companion to the smash hit CW show Supernatural returns with an issue that no fan hooked on the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester can afford to miss. Check below to find out what’s inside, including an interview with Jared and Jensen and sensational behind-the-scenes features!


TALES FROM THE KRIPKE. As season four continues, The Official Supernatural Magazine goes straight to the source for all the hottest information about TV’s most thrilling show. In this issue, creator Eric Kripke tells us what to expect from the rest of the latest sensational season, and why he’d like to take Supernatural onto the big screen.

JARED AND JENSEN. What is life really like for the stars of Supernatural? Perhaps playing Sam and Dean Winchester isn’t always as glamorous as you might think! Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles tell all about travel nightmares, prank wars on set, eating on cue, and what Jensen would feel like doing if he saw his face on a plate… The boys are back in town for an exclusive interview in the latest issue of The Official Supernatural Magazine.


LOVE HURTS. We take a look back at the special ladies in the Winchester boys’ lives.
PULL-OUT POSTERS. The Winchester boys and, by popular demand, the Impala!

Support Supernatural

This is something I’ll be following for the next several months. Support Supernatural has kicked off this year’s fundraising campaign. They will be raising funds this year for Make-A-Wish Foundation International in tribute to Jensen Ackles and Best Friends Animal Society in tribute to Jared Padalecki. The goal is $5,000 per charity and donations this year can be given by one easy click on their website. The campaign will run through August. The site also has a link to their campaign page which features any give-a-ways and raffles throughout the event. On top of that, they have two interactive projects going with the fundraiser.

They are going to create a world map with thumbtacks marking where all the donations are from. An electronic version will be available on their website and they will make hard copies for Jensen and Jared. They are also encouraging every single person who donates to send a spooky picture from their hometown. It could be a spooky house, building, hospital, cemetery, or just anything that creeps the heck out of someone (like your sister without makeup). Those also will be compiled on the website and in albums for Jensen and Jared.

Good luck Lindsay and Heather, and I’ll be checking in on your progress frequently throughout the campaign.

For Maddie

I close today with a simple tribute. My good friends at the “Bust Dean Out of Hell Brigade” let me know that they lost one of their soldiers last week to cancer. Maddie became a part of the group after reading my report about them back in August. She was a very active member and made many wonderful friends there just by sharing her love for the show. She eventually revealed to everyone she had cancer, but didn’t harp on it much and constantly told people not to worry about her. In her final posts, she wrote about how she was feeling sick and fighting to stay awake so she could see Jensen Ackles, her favorite actor, on Jimmy Kimmel. She got to see the show, but passed away early the next day at the age of 18.

There is a tribute page up for Maddie right now. It’s done by the members of the brigade who knew her best and reflects on all she gave to them. Her story reminds me of something I saw in last week’s Scrubs. JD told a dying patient that when he eventually dies he hopes his last thought is a good one. From what I’ve heard, Maddie left us with thoughts of Jensen and Supernatural. Those sound like good ones to me. A fan like that will be sorely missed.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back later in the week with my thoughts on “Family Remains.” Happy episode week everyone!

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About Alice Jester

  • Alice, thanks so much for honoring Maddie (Madz) in this blog. She was such a wonderful person and I wish everyone could have known her. I have sent the link to her family and know that in time it will mean as much to them as it does to us over at Bust Dean Outta Hell Brigade.

    I found it ironic that this week’s episode is “Family Remains” and to us in the Brigade Madz was not only a dear friend, but also family and even in death, family remains within the Brigade through our hearts, memories and souls.

    I’ll watch tonight with equal parts joy and sadness, knowing that Madz isn’t here to support her favorite show or cast. And neither will she be here to discuss the episode with us.

    Thanks again for honoring her. You’re a special lady to do this for someone you never knew, but impacted at the same time by unknowingly sending her to us through your first blog.


    Gracen Miller
    aka General VampySix