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Superman Returns Gaming Gear Abounds

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While Hollywood accountants are crying over what they categorize as disappointing receipts for Superman Returns, gaming stores are loading up on franchise-related items to celebrate the movie’s debut.

According to Entertainment Weekly’s online site, the movie had grossed only $84.2 million going into Independence Day. It grossed $21 million alone on its June 28 opening day. The movie is reported to have cost $300 million to make.

While it will take Warner Bros. a few more days to make back its money (makes you almost want to cry), there’s no doubt some serious cash will also be raked in by the franchise on the gaming front, too. As they say, it’s all in the merchandising, baby!

And when it comes to merchandising, this franchise more than takes advantage of it.

Evidence of this abounds at video game stores where everything Superman can be found. Just about every gaming console can be dressed up in Man of Steel style, and then there are the controllers, too.

What’s really amazing is the fact the game isn’t due out until Oct. 31 per EB Games and the shelves are already overflowing with merchandise to help add to the franchise's coffers by what one can only guess will be a tidy bundle.

When released, the Superman title will be available for the Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Advance. More information on the game, which is being put out by EA, can be viewed at their official site.

In the meantime, the “Super” game items are aplenty. Per EB Game’s site, they include:

  • Gamer Graffix Xbox 360 Superman Returns Skin, $14.99
  • Superman Returns Wireless PS2 Controller, $29.99
  • Gamer Graffix PSP Superman Returns Skin, $9.99
  • Gamer Graffix Xbox Superman Returns Skin, $9.99
  • Gamer Graffix PS2 Superman Returns Skin, $9.99
  • Gamer Graffix PS2 Slim Superman Returns Skin, $9.99
  • Superman Returns PS2 Controller, $24.99
  • Superman Returns Minicom PS2 Controller, $19.99

Still to come, of course, are the games themselves, a Gamer Graffix ICON Skin for $19.99 and the official strategy guide.

The game will include a full recreation of the 80-square-mile Metropolis and will allow players to travel “anywhere and do anything in Metropolis as Superman.” It’s set up with missions and mini-games.

It’s sounding pretty cool and the EA site makes it look even better.

If Man of Steel mania is as strong as the video game front makes it out to be, my guess is this franchise will be a major winner even if the box office receipts are cough sluggish.

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