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Superman Returned But What Is With the Suit?!?

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I have a problem with Superman.

The movie, Superman Returns, was good. I enjoyed it quite a bit even though it may have been a good 40 minutes too long.

I thought Brandon Routh was an excellent choice to play the "Man of Steel" even though at times he looked like a mannequin. Kate Bosworth made a believable Lois Lane and Kevin Spacey was at his best as the evil Lex Luthor.

The movie and its cast were not my problem. I had a problem suspending my disbelief at certain points throughout the film, though not when you might think.

I can accept that Superman came from another planet. I can buy that he can fly, has x-ray vision and super strength. I can even believe that nobody can figure out that Superman is Clark Kent. But what is with the suit?!?

How can a man in blue tights, red underoos and a red cape can go around fighting crime and be taken seriously? It bothers me that in all the years that Lois Lane has been covering Superman she never once asked him what the deal was with his uniform.

I'm also troubled by how Superman gets that suit on. Does Clark Kent wear the Superman outfit under his business suit? If so, how does he get his shirt over the cape? And when he quickly changes into Superman, what happens to his business suit? Does it lay in a wrinkled heap on the floor of the phone booth? Does Superman have to retrieve his clothing when he once again disguises himself as a mild mannered reporter?

If this stuff bugs me, then perhaps I'm too old for Superman. And if that's the case, thank goodness for Jack Bauer! No matter how old I get, I like to have a hero.

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  • TV Junkie

    That’s funny! I always had a similar problem with The Incredible Hulk TV show (the one starring Lou Ferigno and Bill Bixby). Ok, scientist Dr. Banner subjects himself to radiation or whatever to get strong, fine. He gets mad and spontaneously hulks out into a big green bodybuilder with a funny wig. Ok, that’s cool, no problem there. And the Hulk manages to never hurt anyone. He just resolves the situation by growling a lot, flexing his muscles, and tossing the antagonist(s) ONCE, (and occasionally turning over a car) That’s cool, no problem. Hell, the turning-over of cars was just an added bonus, the growling, muscle flexing, and much anticipated “antagonist toss” was enough for me.

    But Dr. Banner always tore up his clothes when turning into the Hulk! OMG! Where is he getting all his clothes!? Ok, he finds them, scavenges, whatever, but it’s the same damned outfit every time! (it was a flannel checkered shirt and jeans if I remember correctly). No way! That’s unacceptable! 🙂

    It’s funny the things we notice …

  • As the Simpsons put it when Homer turned into the Hulk: “Thank god his pants stayed on.”

  • As any comic book follower will tell you, Superman has a hidden compartment in his cape where he stashes his Clark Kent clothes when he turns into Superman.

  • Personally I find that if one thinks too hard about some things it detracts from one’s enjoyment of them. Someone once wrote a comic book story that explained why the glasses worked as a disguise – the glasses amplified Superman’s brainwaves so that anyone in his presence while he was wearing them or seeing Clark Kent on TV (he was working as a TV anchor at the time) would be hypnotized into believing that Clark Kent looked like a young skinny Walter Cronkite with glasses. It doesn’t work as well as simply accepting that people just don’t connect Clark with Superman and whether that’s because Superman is a consumate actor who convinces them of it, because the leotards and underoos have them looking at his big red ass, or simpy because people are cosmically stupid doesn’t really matter.

  • I personally didn’t like the suit in this Superman…the “S” looked like it was cut out of diamond tread and the whole thing was too dark…maybe it was the 3-D glasses…

  • Apparently Lois and Super spawned a Love child, interesting how he extracted himself from the suit and yet kept his real identity underwraps, so to speak. Maybe there’s a secret compartment for… that. 😉

  • Doesn’t he move so fast, he just sorta does changes in a flash? Dont you think it would occur to Lois that Clark is never around when Superman shows up? Take off the glasses and Mr. Kent looks remarkably like Superman.

    I really enjoyed the film, but I wonder if it would be ok to reveal to Lois Clark’s idenity. Sorta like Mary Jane found out about Peter Parker in the last Spiderman. The who thing borders on the ridiculous since Lois and Clark have a child together.

  • super observer

    While all these superheroes have these great costumes, one thing the comic industry never explained: do they actually have flies or do they have to take off the whole damn thing when they need to make a pit stop?