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Superbowl? No Doubt!

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So…I’m watching the Tampa Bay dismantle Oakland but I’m worried about the halftime show. Sting is going to perform and I’m thinking “cripes, not again…not another lukewarm middle of the road tune (I actually like Sting, and loved the Police but c’mon, he hasn’t taken a chance in years)…so after Shania Twain’s country dominatrix explosion out comes No Doubt to play “Just A Girl”…which segues into Sting doing “Message In A Bottle” with No Doubt as backup band.

It freakin’ rocked. Pretty decent chemistry between Gwen and Sting too.

(Originally posted on Mark Is Cranky)

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  • The Theory

    gotta love shania twain lip sync-ing…


  • Eric Olsen

    Supposedly she was live, they made a big deal about that.

  • interesting. that was one of the things i didn’t like about it…the fact that it sure looked like she and everyone in her band looked as if they were lip syncing…

    i saw her do a show in boston a few years ago….they didn’t lip sync but they were so spot-on perfect that it sometimes made you wonder.

  • Mike Rice

    My name is Mike Rice. About two months before SuperBowl Sunday 2004 on February
    1st, 2004, I received two still pics of a bare-breasted Shania Twain supposedly baring it all, from one of the email lists I subscribe to.

    When Janet Jackson had her bra pulled off revealing her breast this year, I sent around the Shania bare-breasted shots along with the Janet shots, to my
    friends as attachments.

    Even if the Shanias were fake photos, they were harbingers of what was to come
    this year, and so, interesting, even if
    they are fake.

    A friend of mine challenged their authenticity. So I went googling, looking for reportage on Shania’s 2004
    performance. I ran across a Slate story on the Sound System behind Shania at the Superbowl. The story was about how Shania and other singers often have a trusty technician behind the scenes playing a CD of her song, which can be cranked up should the performer falter
    onstage. The performer has a small hearing aid ($2,100) so she can hear the
    CD or herself.

    The story mentioned that Shania stepped off the stage for a short period into the crowd, and then returned, which may
    indicate she was out of sight of TV
    cameras during her performance, for a time.

    The bare-breasted jpgs I have of Shania
    show her wearing the same outfit shown in a pic from her SuperBowl 2003 performance with the Slate article. She is wearing the same open black top
    with the jeweled choker and the same hairstyle from the half time show. She
    is also wearing a silvery bra under the
    black top with flared french cuffs, rolled up slightly.

    It is that silvery bra that is missing from the two pics sent to me two months
    ago. It is possible the bra could have
    been removed and photos taken while Shania was in the audience. The bra could then have been put back on when Shania returned to the stage. Below is
    the Slate website:

    If you’d like copies of the Shania “Barebreasts,” write me at my
    email address, mrice@elroynet.com and I’ll send them as attachments.

    Meanwhile, I’ve not given up my search for the truth in this matter. Google is endless. I’ll see what else I can
    turn up.

    Mike Rice

  • Eric Olsen

    Good luck with your pursuit of the bare truth, Mike.

  • wino

    she has a really nice set of tits on her and a ass that needs to be fucked every nite

  • Classy, wino!

  • You must be so proud of the caliber of commenter your site attracts.